Easy Ways To Add Personality to Your Outfits

Does your everyday style reflect who you are as a person, or are you just throwing on what’s clean? Studies have shown that your outfit for the day has a genuine effect on your mood. Plain shirts and pants can make you feel down in the dumps, so why not add something extra? With these easy ways to add personality to your outfits, you’ll feel more creative and upbeat.

Identify Inspirations

Which styles inspire you the most? Do you gaze with envy upon photos of Woodstock, or are you fascinated with the silhouettes of the Jazz Age? While you don’t have to overhaul your wardrobe, you can find elements of those styles that resonate with you.

If you love loose, flowing hippie styles, add a couple of bohemian-inspired pieces to your wardrobe. For a touch of the ’20s without a full flapper dress, you can incorporate beaded or fringed elements into your next evening outfit.

Embrace Thrift

Do your part to slow the tide of fast fashion. Trends come and go with alarming speed these days. Does following each trend to the letter really make you happy?

Instead of buying trendy pieces as they hit shelves, consider the fashion hack of thrifting unique pieces that have a little history. A patterned silk top or funky string tie will add a personal touch to a basic outfit.

Add More Color

While the phrase “a pop of color” may seem trite now, it’s popular advice for a reason. Many people find themselves in a rut of black and gray, whether due to office attire or old gym duds. One or two bright pieces can improve your mood.

Incorporate more pieces of your favorite color into your wardrobe. Whether it’s a yellow pocket square or a pair of cobalt-blue shoes, a colorful element will make your personality shine through.

Raise your mood by elevating your outfits. An ensemble that shows off your personal style will bring a smile to your face and the faces of those around you. These easy ways to add personality to your outfits provide inspiring starting points.

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