What comes to mind when you think of Dubai? It may be the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. You may also think about the Burj al Arab, particularly its statuario marble walls and floors and gold-plated interiors. It may also occur to you to try Dubai’s 24-karat cappuccino, gold-covered steak, gold-topped chocolate croissant, and golden kulfi.

Dubai’s extravagant experiences will indeed cross your mind. However, Dubai residents are also likely to think of its gorgeous sunsets, lavish yachts, picture-perfect beaches, warm seawater, and sunny-all-year-round beach weather.

Put on your board shorts, gents, and your beach dresses, ladies! It’s time to hit the beach. Dubai’s beach scene is unlike any other. From posh beach clubs to luxurious hotel staycations, this dazzling city offers relaxation and the perfect backdrop for your unique style.

When it comes to beachwear, take inspiration from the following styling suggestions.

Beachwear Looks for Women

Beachwear Looks for Women
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Women can try these looks.

1.    The Boho Chic

Swimsuit: Opt for earthy and muted tones like olive greens or rustic browns. One-piece swimsuits with cut-out details or fringed bikinis will work wonderfully for this look.

Cover-Up: Throw on a lightweight kaftan with bohemian patterns or embroidery.

Accessories: Finish your look with layered necklaces, anklets and a wide-brimmed hat. Barefoot sandals can also add a touch of boho charm.

2.    The Glam Diva

Swimsuit: Go for something shimmery or metallic, particularly in gold, rose gold or silver.

Cover-Up: A sheer, long robe or wrap skirt can add drama and sophistication to your beach attire.

Accessories: Oversized sunglasses, a statement necklace or earrings and wedge sandals can elevate your glamour quotient.

3.    Classic Elegance

Swimsuit: Think timeless stripes, solid colors, duotones, or color-blocked patterns in white and navy or similarly contrasting, classic colors. A well-fitted one-piece or high-waisted bikini will never go out of style.

Cover-Up: Opt for a simple white shirt dress or linen pants.

Accessories: Pearl earrings, a thin bracelet and espadrille sandals can help create a refined beach look.

Beachwear Looks for Men

Beachwear Looks for Men
Photo: Instagram/@mr.matteocaprio

Men can try the following styles.

1.    The Casual Cool

Swimwear: Wear board shorts in pastel shades or tropical prints.

Top: Pair the shorts with a lightweight, breathable linen shirt in a neutral color.

Accessories: A straw hat, casual flip-flops and sporty sunglasses can complete this relaxed look.

2.    The Refined Gentleman

Swimwear: Go for tailored swim shorts in solid, muted colors like charcoal, navy or olive.

Top: Pair the above with apolo shirt or a short-sleeved button-up.

Accessories: Leather sandals, a leather-banded wristwatch and aviator sunglasses can amp up the sophistication of this look.

3.    The Adventurous Spirit

Swimwear: Brightly colored trunks or bottoms with bold geometric patterns should work well for this look.

Top: Wear a tank top, preferably in a shade that contrasts with the trunks.

Accessories: Rubber sandals, a cap and wraparound sunglasses will make this style ready for any beach activity, from beach volleyball to a seaside stroll.

Pro-Tip: Regardless of the look you choose, you must find beachwear that resonates with your personality and makes you feel the most comfortable. Remember, confidence is the most attractive accessory, so choose a style that will make you ooze confidence from every pore.

This is why you need to be more mindful when shopping for beachwear. Beaches are for swimming, strolling, playing beach games, kayaking, sailing, and socializing. With the right beach attire, you can be at your best and most confident in the water and out of it.

Beachwear Shopping Tips

Finding the right swimwear that marries trendiness with individual personality can be a challenge. Use the following tips to find better beachwear this year.

1.    Stand Out With Unique Brands

Dubai’s beachgoers are known for being chic and stylish. The key to standing out lies not just in picking trendy beachwear but also in going for brands that aren’t available at most places in Dubai.

Find a store that has a selective and exclusive brand selection. This will help you find outfits that don’t resemble all the swimwear you’ll find in other stores.

2.    Look Chic With Personal Styling

Ever wondered how some look so effortlessly chic on the beach? They know what makes them look good, and they use that knowledge to elevate their look.

You can achieve the same effect with a bit of help from a stylist. Next time you shop for beach dresses, find a store offering a complimentary style session.

3.    Try and Decide

Beachwear is personal. What looks good in pictures online may not suit your vibe. This is why it’s best to shop in-store; it ensures everything you buy looks and fits right.

However, it can’t be helped if you have no time to spare for brick-and-mortar shopping or simply prefer shopping online. There’s another way to get clothes that match and fit perfectly.

Find a store that offers a try-and-buy service. Add all the beachwear you wish to try to your cart, pay a minimal try-and-buy service fee, and get all your outfit choices delivered to your doorstep. Once you’re done fitting and trying, you can make your choice and pay only for what you ultimately buy.

Simply genius, right?

4.    Enjoy Same-Day Delivery

Maybe you received a sudden invitation to a yacht party or a beach to-do. Your stress must be through the roof if your closet won’t yield a suitable outfit.

Don’t panic. Some beachwear stores in Dubai offer same-day delivery and can fulfil your order in just three hours. Couple that convenience with the try-and-buy service, and you should be all set for any unplanned shindig.

5.    Return and Forget

What do you do if something doesn’t feel right with the beachwear you bought? Ideally, you should get a replacement or a refund. You must admit, though, that some stores make returning items super hard.

Remember to shop only at a store with easy return rules and efficient return procedures. There are stores in Dubai that will collect returns from your doorstep, and quite quickly, too.

While quick and easy returns don’t directly contribute to how stylish you look, they ensure you can move forward quickly when something doesn’t fit. Instead of dwelling on how you can get a refund for an ill-fitting or uninspired outfit, you can arrange a return pickup, forget about it and shop for a more stylish replacement.

Be Fab at the Beach in Dubai

Dubai has a thriving beach culture, a direct reflection of its vibrant lifestyle. People often flock to the beach for an early evening stroll, for a chat with friends over iced speciality coffee, to catch some sun, or to swim in warm Arabian Gulf waters.

Make your beach days and evenings extra special with beachwear that is stylish but unique and trendy but reflects your personality.

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