I had no idea embroidery was such a thing for the women here in Morocco. Mainly done on table cloths, napkins, bed pillows, and sheets. The embroidery I am enamored with is the geometric designs originally from Fez. It is also done by machine now, but the mind boggles at how this work is done by hand. The patience…..

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This is a lovely blog written about Moroccan embroidery ZWEEN with delightful images. I have had to include this photograph here so you can see what I am talking about. Imagine every stitch sewn by hand, and this is just a tiny part of the finished table cloth.

Moroccan embroidery cotton pillow case quality cotton decorative

This next image is more understandable in terms of labor, but the simple geometry of it I find very calming.

simple embroidery geometric cotton towels pillow cases

I could happily have this painted above a threshold in my house. The famous tiling in Morocco is all based on geometry too. 100’s of different patterns are learned, taking a lifetime to achieve. When you study Moroccan tiling, you begin to realize its complexity. It was at this point I decided it was something I was never going to achieve, so instead, I let my mind boggle at its genius.

moroccan tiling, geometric, embroidery, towels

I have started working with a Women’s Cooperative in Marrakech. They have made my Tassel Fringed Bath Towels. They are SO efficient like a little army determined to do their best. Feisty and tough, I am enjoying their work ethic and feel glad to be working amongst a team of women. Girl Power, I guess.

batjh towels, fringing, tassels, cotton

I do wonder how long this kind of work is going to be sustainable for. But that’s a whole nother debate…..

In the meantime, my current project is linen table napkins. I am creating a collection that is 45cm square made from Estonian linen embroidered in Morocco. (Eastern Europe produces fabulous quality linen) They are going to be available in lime green and marine blue, finished with white cotton tassels. I cannot wait to see them finished.

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