Jewelry Basics: Important Tools Needed To Make Jewelry

Experts rely on a variety of crafting tools for shaping gemstones and cutting metal. This is no different from any other hands-on hobby; tools help you get the job done correctly. If you’re new to the industry, start building your collection with these important tools needed to make jewelry.

Jewelry-Making Basics

Every jeweler needs a few basic tools and materials, such as a ruler for measuring wire and polishing pads to shine each piece. Industry professionals also recommend keeping tweezers and shears readily available for every project. With these items within reach, you’ll create beautiful and unique designs everyone will love!

Hand Tools

No matter what type of jewelry you create, you’ll need a few essential hand tools, including:

  • Flat nose pliers: Needed to open jump rings, close clasps, and more.
  • Round nose pliers: Essential for making hoops and curves.
  • Nylon-tipped pliers: Helpful with grabbing wire to bend and shape it.
  • Wire cutters: Necessary to cut thin wire for metal pieces.
  • Jewelry hammers: Needed to create textures or shape metal.

Think of hand tools as the starter kit; many jewelry-making professionals utilize these items to create more basic pieces before moving on to the heavy-duty tools. It will be difficult to dive in and start shaping gems if you don’t understand the basics.

Heavy-Duty Tools

Professional jewelry makers use much more than hand tools, especially if they craft high-end pieces like those found in a shop. While crucibles serve a variety of purposes, this tool can specifically aid in creating metal items. Crucibles, along with other lapidary tools such as rock tumblers, sanders, and saws, are useful when you’re ready to take your crafting to the next level.

Your heavy-duty tools help shape metal or gemstones more creatively than basic hand tools. However, you cannot use these until you’ve mastered the basics, aiding in the prevention of mistakes and injury.

Safety Gear

When learning about important tools needed to make jewelry, most people overlook safety gear. It’s easy to forget the necessity of safety items until you’re ready to begin a project. Remember always to wear safety goggles and gloves.

If you plan to utilize tools like a crucible, you’ll need a leather apron and appropriate footwear. It’s essential to cover your body anytime you work to prevent the risk of cuts or burns. Keep this hobby fun and simple by having necessary items readily available as you make your creative visions a reality.

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