Simplicity is beauty, especially in this marketing world crowded with complex ad campaigns and creative designs. A simple, well-designed marketing material will always bring clarity to brand messages instead of confusion. When customers receive clear, easy-to-understand marketing messages, making purchase decisions is easier.

That’s why most consumers state that they appreciate brands that are easier to engage with. Many are even willing to pay premiums for simplicity. What makes a marketing material simple? Marketing flags, one of the most popularly used marketing materials in the world, come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. They’re one of the oldest print marketing tools.

There have been many successful, unsuccessful, complicated, and simple flag designs over the years. Now, with the help of online design tools, companies can customize their marketing flags in numerous ways. But, if your custom flags don’t feature simple, easy-to-understand designs – they may not yield the desired results.

A simple but well-designed custom flag will –

  • Advertise your company’s core offerings in a simple manner
  • Promote your main brand elements (logo or offer)
  • Draw attention to your brand and your company’s offerings at crowded locations (e.g., at marketing events)

To stand out from other marketing flags you must make some key design considerations while customizing your flag.

Key Design Elements to Consider

To keep your custom flag’s design simple: pick some basic design elements and stick to them. Pick one brand logo or symbol and make it the central focus of your custom flag’s design. Make sure the proportions of your logo are in line with the size of the flag. Here’s how smart flag designers make their key design elements stand out –

  • Use Contrast Colors: A good contrast will always make the core subjects pop out. So, pick background colors and designs that directly contrast your brand colors. For example, if you have a yellow-colored logo, using a black background makes sense. White backgrounds always make brand logos and messages stand out. But, if you’re planning to use your custom-printed marketing flags for multiple campaigns, white isn’t the perfect background color option. That’s because the white background may get dirty after repeated use.
  • Focus on Central Design Elements: There are three central design elements in custom-printed marketing flags. First is the corporate logo. This logo must be proportionately sized as per the flag. It must also feature thick, well-defined borders so that it’s easily visible from far away distances. The second design element in custom-printed marketing flags is the text. Keep all text in your custom-printed marketing flags short and simple. Thirdly, pick a good combination of colors for your flag.
  • Consider Size: The bigger your custom-printed marketing flag, the more it’s visible. But, never pick custom-printed marketing flags that are too big or too small in relation to their installation spot. Your flag’s size should be in line with the size of the pole and the installation space available. The flag’s design elements should also be appropriately sized.

A simple, well-designed marketing flag can be used in many locations to drive brand awareness. Use this guide to create simple custom-printed marketing flags for your brand.

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