Crop tops aren’t the only thing that t-shirts can be transformed into. There are so many things a regular t-shirt can be turned into if you’re not content with simply modifying your basic tee into an awesome slashed and bedazzled one. If you put your thinking cap on, you’ll realize that there are a bunch of different things you can make out of an old t-shirt. Luckily, you don’t have to strain your brain because these DIY hacks offer plenty of ideas. All you have to do is turn them into reality.

Here are 16 ways to transform your t-shirt:

1. Braided Headband

Not a scrap of fabric is wasted with this hack. After you cut off the pieces for your braided headband, you’re left with a trendy crop top.

2. Tank Top

Don’t bother with rulers, pins, and precise measurements. Grab a tank top that you like from your drawer and trace its shape on an old t-shirt. This is so easy that your dog could almost do it.

3. Tube Dress

If you have an oversized t-shirt that is so large you can wear it as a dress, why not just make it into one? This reminds me of a Juicy Couture (RIP) smocked tube dress, but it costs waaaaaaaay less.

4. Fringed Infinity Scarf

This looks so good, and there’s not a stitch of sewing involved. You would probably pay $30 for a scarf like this from Anthropologie.

5. Multi-Strand Necklace

This gives you the layered necklace look, but unlike traditional multi-strand necklaces, this one doesn’t weigh 5 lbs, so it wouldn’t give you a neck ache.

6. Beaded Necklace

If you liked the previous necklace, then why not make this version too? Follow the above steps, then add some beads on each strand for a bit of bling.

7. Tie Tank

A few quick snips gives this top an entirely new look. Extra points, if you use an oversized tee from Grade 6 that looks like this one.

8. Woven Rug

Okay, so this might take a lot of time, and a lot of t-shirts, but the idea is great. Instead of a rug, it would make a pretty scarf or if you’re really lazy, a bracelet.

9. Rosettes

Once you know how to make a fabric flower, you can stick them on just about anything. Attach them to another top, headband, necklace, scarf, or bag. And remember that it is okay to use more than one.

10. Swirl Headband

If you’re allergic to sewing, you will probably like these swirls more than rosettes. I like a cluster of them on a headband, but you can use them to decorate anything. Heck, go crazy and mix the swirls and rosettes.

11. Workout Tank

This is too cute to just wear to the gym. If you can’t find a tee that has a carrot print on the back, you can always use scissors to make a carrot cutout.

12. Ruffle Scarf

Make sure you have a pair of sharp scissors if you’re going to make this scarf because you don’t want any jagged tiers. I’d like to see this done in a multi-colored version.

13. Looped Headband

Don’t let the fact that this headband is modeled by a toddler put you off. Use your adult-sized t-shirt, and you can make an adult-sized headband.

14. Necklace Tank

This tee necklace tank top is a much better idea than those store-bought necklace tops that always break in the wash and the beads go everywhere. So annoying.

15. Woven Necklace

Wow, this looks like a proper shop-quality necklace. If you know how to do a regular braid, this weave can’t be that much harder. I bet it isn’t even as complicated as a fishtail braid.

16. Braided Bracelet

Braiding two pieces of fabric together creates the prettiest friendship bracelet that I have seen in awhile. I won’t blame you if you don’t want to give one away.

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