Different Ways to style your hand for a complete outfit

Welcome everyone, before we begin, I would like to say how with the pandemic, many of us have been practicing our arts and craft skills or maybe looking to begin in our journey of creativity. This article focuses and channels creativity on ways to style your hands and look immaculate and pristine for any occasion. Rather than look at designs or the latest colors, we look at ways to style your hand beauty – focusing on everyday items like Nail polish but also more complex forms of cosmetics like henna and even jewelry. So let’s now begin.

1. Nail polish – The obvious choice: 

The easiest and by far the most accessible way to brighten and style your hands is of course nail polish. So before we go into the other lesser-known methods let’s go through this primary tool in the hand care arsenal.

Nail polish – The obvious choice

Nail polish can be bought from nearly any market/mall out there. It comes in a variety of colors and now people have found ways to craft creative designs using shapes and multi-colors. See the images attached for a good look at what you can create. Although common, we girls will always find inventive ways to use nail polish and keep our fingers looking beautiful each time.

2. Henna – Black, brown, and white Henna

Henna – Black, brown and white Henna
Black, brown and white Henna

Henna art, a common form of decorative art in Asia, particularly India, can look wonderful when looking to style your hands. Patterns range from basic circles and dots to complex intricate patterns that require artistic insight for use. Furthermore, different colors of henna exist such as Black and brown, green, and even icy white.

You check out how icy white Henna looks via this mehndi design article by Asiana which contains a more in-depth perspective on henna.

A word of warning, make sure you buy safe quality henna when thinking of using this. Poor quality products or those who are allergic to henna can suffer burns and/or reactions to this chemical.

3. Tattoos – Although proceed with caution

 For those who know what they want, a tattoo can bring about amazing designs on the hand. However, I state this with much caution, Tattoos are not for most people. Even many of those who have tattoos are regretful to this day on getting one. They wish to get them removed, and although possible, is reportedly a very painful procedure – So again proceed with caution when reading this brief piece on tattoos.

4. Jewelry

Get your Jewel On Various Occasions

Finally, another way to dress up and style your hands for any occasion is to use a wide range of jewelry available.

We’re talking rings and bracelets in any shape material or color. More specifically you can use precious materials like gold and diamonds or keep it more casual with sterling silver bracelets and brass rings.

Either way, jewelry has the ability to complete most outfits so I strongly recommend you to accessorize.

As you can see in this brief but informative piece, there are many different methods of styling your hands to create unique beautiful artwork and complete your outfits to the max. Whilst we advise you to steer clear of tattoos unless you 100% know what you want, the other methods offer unlimited customizations and options for you. Ultimately, we hope that from this piece, you open your mind to the fact that the beauty options for your hands are not limited to just nail polish.

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