What you wear during your workout markedly affects your exercise performance. If you select the clothing according to the exercise you will perform, it will boost your energy. 

If you wear a fully covered dress to workout in the outdoor environment, you will soon start sweating heavily and get tired. 

Finding the best and most affordable workout clothing is really messy, especially if you do not know the available range of designs. So we decide to cover all types of athletic wear in which you not only look trendy but you will also feel comfortable.

Tank top

Tops are the activewear that suits women a lot. High quality Tank tops from  Iron Savage Apparel increase your confidence and improve your performance.

Tank tops are sleeveless, buttonless, and pocketless shirts of high-quality fabrics that quickly wick moisture. Typically both men and women wore it under dress shirts. 

Most women like to wear tank tops because they allow the skin to breathe. By wearing the tank top, their pose does not get clogged due to over-sweating. 

While working out, women sweat as much as men, so they also want to let their skin breathe and let the moisture evaporate, so the women like to wear it during intense gym sessions.

Long sleeved shirt

Most women like covered arms, we will suggest long-sleeve shirts for those. For warm-up sessions, these covered shirts play a great role in warming your body. These long shirts are manufactured with fabrics that fit tightly to your body but do not hinder your movements. 

Most long sleeve shirts are polyester based because they are super stretchy, flexible, and breathable. 

If you want to look dignified and sophisticated, you should add long-sleeved shirts to your gym wardrobe.

Long sleeve shirts also give you better compression. It compresses your muscles and veins, so blood flow to the muscles improves, and the body gets enough energy to perform the activity. These shirts also help save your muscles from getting fatigued and give you a quick recovery.


Racerback tops are the best workout clothes for women who want to showcase their back muscles. These are sleeveless T-shirts characterized by their T shapes back. These racerback tops allow free movement and are best for weightlifting sessions. 


While choosing pants for the athletic regime, you should look for comfort, flexibility, breathability, and durability. There is a wide range of pants types in women’s gym clothing. You have to choose the one that suits your fitness regime. 


Sports leggings are fully-covered pants that extend all the way to your ankles. They are tightly knitted and give you warmth, so it is best for cold weather. Sports leggings are the best option if you want something like yoga pants. 

Legging and running tights give you added compression. While running, these skin-tight leggings ensure proper blood circulation to your leg and decrease the risk of muscle cramps and fatigue.

These sports leggings are usually made with moisture-wicking, stretchable fabric. This feature helps to prevent overheating and keep the temperature normal. 

Sweatpants and shorts

When athletes are warming up and want to sweat more, they prefer sweatpants. Sweatpants are made of a material like cotton and polyester blend that help your sweat more. Sweatpants retain heat, so it is a good choice for winter.

Sweat shorts are an alternative to sweatpants. These were not common among women as athletic wear, but now women also like to wear these short because it dries quickly. 

Capri pants

Most common among women in the warm season. They are the best option for pants when you are doing intense exercise. Capri pants are short and run all the way to the mid-calf of the leg. 

During high-movement workouts like weightlifting, these pants support your moves. Spandex fabric is used in the manufacturing of these pants. This is why they are super stretchable, lightweight, and comfortable. 

Compression Sock

The most precise yet crucial part of your gym wardrobe is your socks. The socks can make your exercise experience better, or they can spoil the entire fitness session. While purchasing the sock, you should consider all the factors that you look for in your gym cloth. 

For instance, the gym sock should have comfortable heels and arch support, and the fabric should have absorbing abilities. Different types of athletic socks are available for women, and each has a bit of a different effect on your feet. 

Compression socks are medically proven athletic socks that offer a list of benefits to athletes. Compression socks are your second skin that compresses the blood vessels and improves blood circulation. It produces pressure on the veins that minimizes the risk of swelling in feet.

Running socks

When choosing running socks, women should be more cautious about the material. Material with weak or no wicking properties should be avoided because it can cause skin problems. You should avoid running cloth made of cotton because it absorbs moisture quickly but dries slowly. 

Running socks made of a material like polyester and acrylic are best because they protect you from skin disease as it is breathable. 


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