Daily Sleeper Feather Pajamas
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We often hear the phrase “Make yourself at home!” it indicates the host’s hospitality and his or her intention to make the guest as comfortable as possible.

But is everything at the mercy of the relative or friend you are visiting? Unfortunately, not. One aspect of your comfort depends directly on the clothes you wear. It’s common to wear something stylish to family gatherings or friendly parties, but these outlooks aren’t always comfortable. Beauty and comfort are often seen as mutually exclusive.

Brands like Sleeper shatter this belief without the slightest hesitation. In stylish and comfortable Sleeper feather trim pajamas you can not only relax at home, lying on the sofa and watching your favorite TV series, but also attend various events – both social gatherings and pajama parties.

Sleeper is a brand that knows that style and fashion begin with casualness and genuineness, which is only possible if a person is comfortable in their chosen outfit.

More about feather pajamas

The fashionable and creative feather PJ set is a tribute to stylish flirt and sincere casualness. The feather PJ set will make a woman feel truly free and effortlessly confident.

A great selection of colors will really appeal to the fashionista who appreciates quality and luxury. In Sleeper’s arsenal, customers will find:

  • Red
  • Black
  • White
  • Eggshell Blue with red accents
  • Pink Vichy
  • One-Color Light Pink with red accents
  • Ash Grey.

The detachable feathers are an intriguing feature of the set. If you realize that the feathers might be out of place in a particular situation, such as at a business partner’s birthday party, you can always remove the adornment. However, the pajamas won’t lose their appeal and ensure everyone who sees them that the owner of the set is a lady with a flawless sense of style.

The relative independence of each piece is another undeniable advantage. For example, you can combine the top of a pajama set with a pair of denim, skirts, or classic trousers. The same principle applies to pajama pants. You can complement them with a pullover, a shirt, or a tunic. The limits of your image experiments depend on the creativity of your mind only.

Comfortable wearing can be attributed to the merits of daily Sleeper feather pajamas too. They won’t restrict your movement in any way, which means you can wear them even for occasions involving physical activity like dances, or corporate events with competitions for employees.

The pajama set is made from viscose. So, you can experience all the advantages of this fabric. Among them:

  1. Softness. The pajama set is a real pleasure to touch.
  2. Lightness. Viscose is twice as light as cotton – providing a weightless sensation, which is essential in warm, or even hot, weather.
  3. Excellent heat regulation and breathability. It keeps your skin cool and lets the air flow easily.
  4. Hypoallergenic. This outfit will not cause irritation, and therefore, even people with very sensitive skin can wear it without any harm to their health.
  5. Color stability. No matter what model you choose, viscose pajamas’ colors will not fade even after multiple launderings.

So these pajama sets are a great solution both in terms of style and comfort and with regard to the material. No wonder one of the characters in Emily in Paris has an eggshell blue feather-trimmed set in her wardrobe.

Not only pajama sets for women but more!

daily sleeper pajamas
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Hardly anyone thinks that pajamas with feathers are the only kind of outfits that Sleeper is ready to offer. Of course, you will find many different types of costumes:

  • for a picnic lounging;
  • for a romantic date;
  • for welcoming guests at home and so on.

Let’s take a closer look at the pajama sets for women https://the-sleeper.com/en/attr-type/pajamas-en/.

Do you want a linen set that’s perfect for the hot season? The Summer Market and Vacation Styles collections will delight you with a variety of items made from this natural material. Dresses, suits with shorts or pants, stylish jumpsuits – nothing is impossible for Sleeper. Or maybe you want a lightweight Rumba set with a tie-up top? We’re sure it would make a great addition to your wardrobe.

Looking for clothes that make you feel the same freedom while walking around town and spending your moments at home? We recommend checking out the sizeless pajama sets.

White unisex pajamas will definitely be appreciated by lovers of unconventional solutions. This outfit can be worn to a club, birthday party, or even a wedding celebration. The latter option will prove to be particularly out of the box in a good way.

Getting ready to open the swimming season? A whole range of swimwear at your service!

  • Ariel two-piece and one-piece swimming suits with ruffles;
  • Opera comfortable swimsuits with briefs or shorts for your preference.

Swimming suits from Sleeper will have you conquering any beach this summer season.

What else does Sleeper have in store for you?

Women’s clothing of this brand amazes with its variety. And while the pajama collections are mind-blowing, Sleeper doesn’t stop there.

One of the company’s signature products is dresses for any occasion. For example, Atlanta lovely linen dress, with an adjustable collar, puffy sleeves, and a stretchy bodice will be perfect for the summer season.

For those looking for something totally relaxed and homely, a loose-fitting button-down dress would be a good suggestion. For example, the Lounge dress or the Brigitte dress model.

The Sleeper bridal collection is also gorgeous. It includes a minimalist white silk Paloma dress with lace inset and lace cuffs; Opera and Atlanta wedding variations; a chic slip dress Boheme adorned with feathers; wedding gloves; Mille-Feuille ballet flats and many other interesting items.

In addition to the options listed above, Sleeper outfits can be complemented with

  • practical and stylish handbags;
  • elegant summer sandals;
  • comfortable slippers that help to accentuate the beauty of your feet.

Whether you choose an elegant evening gown, a stylish and comfortable feather PJ set, or a pair of practical summer shoes – you get high-quality, a win-win look, and, of course, comfort. All this will boost your confidence and allow you to see the admiration in the eyes directed at you.

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