With the change of the season, we change the concept of attire that accompanies our daily life. With the gradual disappearance of warm gentle sunshine shorts, strappy sundresses, and light sleeveless shirts are disappearing from our everyday looks. They are replaced by tops with long sleeves, pants and other warmer clothes, preferably not only stylish but also comfortable.

One of the successful examples of elegant clothing that you’ll feel most comfortable in is white feather pajamas from Sleeper, a popular Ukrainian brand. The company, which promotes the cult of self-care and comfort, offers creative sets that are perfect for a relaxing evening at home, and a fun friendly party. You can find out more about fashionable and practical pajamas if you read our article or visit the official website of the brand.

Reveal the potential of Daily Sleeper party pajamas

White Feather Pajamas – Sets That Have Won Thousands of Hearts
(Source: The Daily Sleeper official Instagram).

The distinctive feature of Sleeper as a brand is its focus on the wearer’s comfort and the practicality of the clothes they offer. Of course, the designers do not forget about the aesthetic aspect, but it is not the only dominant, but one of the pillars, on which the concept of the company is based.

All the clothes are made of soft, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable materials. The assortment of clothing offers a variety of styles, colors, wide range of sizes. Thus, every woman can find the option that perfectly suits her phenotype, parameters, preferences, and, of course, the circumstances under which you need a certain image.

Speaking of white PJ sets, you can note that these sets are 100% consistent with the general idea. Made of viscose, they delicately touch the skin, giving the owner of the outfit a pleasant tactile sensation, the ability to breathe at every moment, and not to suffer from annoying sweat drops rolling down the back.

The proposed costume consists of a top and pants that look like classic pajamas. The jacket has two front pockets and a neat collar, which will artfully emphasize the beauty of your neck. The elastic waistband of the pants will support your waist, creating a winning accent on it.

However, the central point of the image is the feathers with which the cuffs of the top and pants are decorated. The peculiarity of these white feather pajamas is the flexibility of the decor. The ability to remove the feathers allows you to radically change the mood of your image – from the flirty flair of a dance party to a laconic office outfit.

The stylish feather Sleeper set is the embodiment of comfort, a unique 1920s atmosphere, beauty, and multi-functionality.

From a cozy housewear to a party star outfit

As mentioned earlier, feathered pajama sets are multidirectional. Sure, the prospect of wearing pajamas for home movie nights with pizza or time with a book under the covers beckons with potential coziness, but that’s not the only time a flirty feather ensemble can be relevant. Many fashionistas know exactly how to mix it up with luxurious Daily Sleeper party pajamas that will make you the queen of the night. Ready to try some bold and exciting experiments with your image? Then the tips below will come in handy.

  1. Complement your stylish pajamas with a jacket or cardigan. The upper element will not only keep you warm in cool weather but also put a very definite message into the image. Thus, a denim or leather jacket will be a great option for a casual look. A blazer or jacket in a kimono shape will create a somewhat festive and surely memorable composition.
  2. Experiment with layering and texture play. To do this, just wear a thick sweater or a voluminous tunic with your pajamas.
  3. Play on ensembles with shoes of different styles. For example, a pair of stiletto shoes will create a winning accent on the legs. If you combine your white PJ set with heavy boots, make sure the image with this stunning twist matches the event.
  4. Use a belt. A belted top or pants will give your pajamas a very specific shape and help complete the look spectacularly.
  5. Don’t ignore the accessories. Even the most neutral look will brighten up if you complement it with a large or vice versa, miniature earrings, a massive necklace or a neat brooch, or a lush shawl. Often it is the accessories that are the key to revealing your individuality.

As you can see, there are endless options to complement white feather pajamas. You can play on contrasts within the same base, make minimal changes to the image, and choose some beautiful shoes. It all depends on your imagination, the desire to experiment, and, of course, the situation.

More versatility and contrasts with the black pajama

More versatility and contrasts with the black pajama
(Image source: The Daily Sleeper official Instagram).

Like the white set, the black one is an irresistible glamour with removable feathers. The elegant look is created by the modest coloring combined with playful feathers at the cuffs. Just imagine a black pajama with feather trim in which you come to your friend’s birthday party, to a nightclub, to a corporate party, or become the main character of your private night! You will definitely get everyone’s attention!

However, if you don’t want to use feathers, the black pajama will prove to be as nicely neutral as possible and will be great for:

  •  a day in the office (even if you’re in a supervisory position);
  • a lunch with a business partner;
  • a social event (exhibition, book presentation, charity event);
  • a visit to various official bodies.

The practicality of the black color allows you to successfully separate elements of black pajamas and combine them with other clothes from your closet. So, a stylish top will make a great ensemble with classic pants, jeans, or a skirt. Pants can be complemented by a shirt of absolutely any color, t-shirts of different styles, turtlenecks, and even warm sweaters and hoodies.

Daily Sleeper party pajamas are a vivid representation of how much importance designers attach to style, practicality, and, importantly, a woman’s comfort. In popular viscose sets, fashionable women feel comfortable and confident. The lush bouquet of images that can be created with the help of stylish and comfortable pajamas becomes another indisputable advantage of them. Want to make sure of the advantages of sets on your own experience? Welcome to the catalog of the brand.

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