Corduroy Skirts – A Smart But Casual Way To Dress

When it comes to skirts, ask any guy, and he will tell you that it is probably the most alluring and feminine outfit that a woman can wear. There is no doubt that when you wear the right kind of skirt, most girls and women can highlight their bodies to the most advantage. Of course, some skirts are more convenient to wear and also more comfortable than others. Like you can see why people give reasons why wraparound skirts are a good choice, and most of the reasons are right.

A corduroy skirt should definitely feature among the beautiful skirts every teen should have in her wardrobe as these are stylish, durable, and lasting. Even if you are an adult lady balancing work and home, a corduroy skirt will be among the must-have skirts in your wardrobe because these do transform from office wear to evening wear with a few simple tweaks.

Corduroy is a durable fabric that has cords that run parallel to each other and is found of different kinds of widths. The corduroy cloth is used more for making pants, jackets, and skirts than for making shirts and tops though these too can be found.

Here Are Some Ways And Styles In Which You Can Wear The Corduroy Skirt For Maximum Advantage

Tight and short

What goes well with a corduroy skirt?

As the corduroy cloth is quite thick, this makes it an ideal material to have shorter and tighter fitting skirts made up. Worn with a nicely fitting top, either loose or tight as per your choice. For a hot and flashy outfit, this can be combined with a tight T-shirt and if you are aiming for a softer look to go on a date, then combine with a nicely fitted top of the cotton. You can either pick out a top short enough to let out or slightly longer to be tucked into the skirt.

Long and fitted

Corduroy skirt outfit for toddlers

The corduroy cloth also comes with a slight stretch effect, and this enables it to be worn longer. This style can work very well for office-like occasions, especially when the skirt in question is of a darker or more sober color. What is more, you can add a flowery or lace top to convert the sober skirt into a party or evening wear when you need to get dressed for such occasions.

Pleated works too

Can you wear a corduroy skirt in the summer?

Corduroy is a very obedient fabric and works well when made into pleats, and this makes for a very comfortable skirt. You need to be a bit careful in the addition of pleats and flounces of the skirt as corduroy is a thick fabric so as not to make the skirt look bulky. However, when you choose the pleating and the fitting of the skirt carefully, along with the careful selection of the color of the skirt, you can ensure that even women with wider hips look shapely in them.

When it comes to color choices in terms of corduroy, you can be assured that there is a wide amount of choice. In many cases, you will find that corduroy fabric tends to have subdued finis. However, you will find that some types of corduroy clothing come with a velvety finish, and these can be used for more festive occasions.

How do you style a corduroy shirt?

Corduroy skirts combined with warm leggings and a nice sweater are a great outfit for winter as the cloth has a warmth and comes with a comfortable feel to it. What is more, corduroy also comes in thicker versions making it ideal for wearing when the weather is colder outside.

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