Comfortable sportswear for women
Comfortable sportswear for women. (Credits: Instagram / @vanessa_dickten).

The habit of exercising is one of the best things you can add to your to-do list for this year. Whether you decide to go to the gym and work on toning your muscles, or prefer a more relaxed way of exercising like yoga, or want to stay in shape while exploring the city on a bike, it’s important to choose the right clothes to wear.

Shapewear australia is designed to help you feel as comfortable as possible and support your body during your workouts. However, not all clothing is ideal for every body type. We are all so different, and in order to feel better, it might be worth taking some time to get to know your body shape better and make the right choice of sportswear. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most commonly seen body shapes and suggest suitable fitness suits for each.

Pear shape

What is the most popular association that comes to your mind with this word? Well, the fruit is very popular due to its shape and many comparisons can be made to the everyday world we live in. Women with a pear body type usually have a large lower body compared to the top. The shoulders are usually narrow and the chest relatively small. When comparing hips to shoulders, the size of the hips usually dominates. Pear-shaped women generally have rounded buttocks and a well-defined and curved waist.

How to choose sportswear for exercises on a pear-shaped figure?

Keeping in mind that the upper body of pear-shaped women is usually smaller and denser, most women would prefer to draw attention to this part of the body, rather than below the waist. To draw more attention to your upper body, choose sportswear with a creative and beautiful cut, design and flashy colors. If you like to layer your clothes during your workout, make sure everything underneath is an eye-catching color.

Sports tops and bottoms for pear-shaped women

To properly shape your body and feel better in the gym or while doing yoga, choose tight-fitting tops that accentuate your small waist. Choose a top that doesn’t go past your hips. You can also emphasize your waist even more by choosing a printed top. As for the bottoms, it’s best to stick with darker colors to make your lower body look smaller and more compact. You will most likely also visually stretch your hips and legs. You can do this by choosing a pair of long, straight and wide trousers.

Is there anything you should avoid if you have a pear-shaped body? It might be a good idea to stay away from these things:

  1. Tight leggings that accentuate the hips
  2. Light colored leggings
  3. Oversized tops that end at the hips, which can further visually increase your size

Rectangle shape

There are so many body types that you might be surprised at how many there are when you get to know them all. It is normal that we admire some parts of our body, while others we sometimes prefer to hide or at least not pay attention to. Rectangular body shape is one of the most popular among women. The name of the body shape betrays the silhouette. Women with this type of figure are usually slim and may not always be confident in their forms. The proportions of the waist, shoulders and pelvis are almost the same, and they are located proportionally.

What to wear if you have a rectangular body type?

The most important goal for women with a rectangular body type, as a rule, is to create the illusion of more feminine forms. In this case, clothes with noticeable rounded seams, visually shaping the lush chest and rounded buttocks, can certainly help. Also, when choosing a legging color design, focus on those that have creative details that focus on the hips and buttocks. To add extra curves, experiment with bright colors. Another tip for creating the illusion of curvature is to wear a top and bottom in two different and even contrasting colors. It may seem a little strange at first, but playing with colors is a lot of fun. Alternatively, try different layers to give your figure extra volume.

Choosing a top and bottom for a rectangular body shape

To visually create more curves, you can opt for a pleated or ruched top. To make your waist look slimmer, choose a top with colored inserts at the waist. An open neckline will also give the illusion of curves and help you bring out the best in your body type. If you like to wear sports bras, try wearing a bra with built-in pads for extra volume. When it comes to bottoms, buy straight leggings with a wide waistband, or choose a color wisely to make your thighs look bigger than they really are. If you prefer to train in trousers, choose a pair with a rounded seam at the hips and buttocks.

Hourglass shape

The hourglass shape is considered one of the harmonious body types with balanced proportions. In women with this body type, the chest is usually larger, and the waist is smaller and narrower compared to the shoulders and hips. Like the rectangle and pear body shape, the hourglass body type has its own set of characteristics and properties that require special attention if you want to dress according to your body shape.

How to choose sportswear if you have an hourglass figure?

If you like to wear tight clothes and often buy clothes that are smaller than your real size, you are in for a surprise! Women with an hourglass body shape are encouraged to choose fitness clothing that hugs the body and shows beautiful curves and curves. Highlight your figure and let it unfold before your eyes.

Hourglass Body Fitness Tops & Bottoms

When choosing a workout top, opt for a V-neck or plunging neckline and focus on the bust area. We know that choosing the color of sports equipment is one of the most difficult tasks. For the hourglass figure, experts advise that contrasting color combinations are the ideal choice as they can further accentuate your waistline. Don’t let the bootlegs go below the pelvic bones or above the area as you want your thighs to be as bright as possible. The bottom should be tight-fitting with a fitted waist. Regular and high-waisted leggings are perfect for balanced shapes and curves to achieve total balance. To always stay beautiful, avoid:

  1. Oversized clothing that hides the figure
  2. Showing too much skin around the chest
  3. Too tight clothes
  4. Intense fabrics, too thick and heavy

Here they are! The three most popular body types, their characteristics, and tips on how to make them work for you in the gym or yoga studio. Now that you know what to do, choose your favorite pair of leggings and buy a sports bra that will work wonders to reach your next fitness goal with confidence and pleasure.

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