Wardrobe Staples That You Need To Have In Your Closet
Wardrobe Staples That You Need To Have In Your Closet. (Photo Credit: Instagram via @carlycloses).

These are the wardrobe staples that you need to have in your closet before you turn 30 including the perfect jeans and bra.

These are the pieces you’ll actually want in your wardrobe–there’s no mention of twin sets or beige slacks here. While it’s great to try a few ultra-trendy pieces, like overalls or crop tops, your entire wardrobe can’t be filled with fads that probably won’t be popular by the end of 2022. You may shudder at the word “practical,” but it is important to have staples that you can reach for. Plus, how nice would it be to never utter the phrase “I have nothing to wear” again? It’s not all boring basics; there are some fun pieces too because isn’t fashion all about having fun? And once you have your wardrobe set, you can complete your look with 30 cult beauty products you should try. And maybe 30 skincare products too.

These are the 30 pieces you need to have in your wardrobe before you turn 30:

1. Walk-To-Work Heels: Clarks Dalhart Heels

Don’t you think it would be nice to walk to work without lugging around a second pair of shoes that you have to change into when you get to the office? Look for heels that have a padded footbed for extra comfort, and you could almost run 5K in them.

2. Versatile Blazer: Mango Linen-Blend Blazer

Not all blazers make you look like an extra in Working Girl. Ditch the shoulder pads, and choose a longer, looser shape like this Mango one. Take a cue from Kate Moss and wear it with a t-shirt and jeans on the weekend.

3. Default Little Black Dress: J. Crew Scallop Crepe Dress

A good little black dress will solve almost any last-minute invitation dilemma. This fitted shift can be dressed up or down, and the scallop neckline is an interesting detail.

4. Warm But Stylish Sweater: Tommy Hilfiger Bias Stripe Sweater

Since they haven’t created a pill that makes us immune to the cold, we still need to dress warmly in the colder months. A slim-line sweater keeps you snug and doesn’t look like you’re wearing a blanket with sleeves.

5. Classic Black Pants: Gap True Straight Pants

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones that can wear jeans to work, you need a pair of professional-looking pants. These black Gap straight-leg trousers are equally stylish and pulled together.

6. Perfect T-Shirt: H&M+ V-Neck T-Shirt

Finding the perfect t-shirt can be as challenging as finding a perfect fitting bra. Like with any wardrobe staples, it’s worth persevering until you find the right one. The ideal tee is lightweight but not completely sheer and has a slim shape.

7. Comfortable But Chic Shoes: Steve Madden CityGal Flats

Sneakers are having a major moment right now, but there are other flat shoe options if you’re the type of person who only wears sneakers to the gym. Brogues, espadrilles, or ballet flats work just as well.

8. No VPL Underwear: Hanky Panky Graffiti Thong

Don’t ruin a nice dress with a visible panty line. Go out and buy yourself some seamless underwear/panties/whatever you call them. If you’re a thong girl, you can try this pair. If you prefer underwear with a bit more coverage, try boy shorts.

9. Wear Everywhere Jeans: Hudson Shine Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans

A uniform, medium wash jeans, like these Hudson skinnies, can be paired with 99.99% of things in your wardrobe. If you have a cool boss, you’ll be able to get away with them at work too.

10. Day-to-Evening Dress: Zara Combined Dress

Imagine how easy it would be to just go straight from work to cocktails without changing? You will still probably want to go home first, but if you have a versatile dress, you’ll know that you don’t have to.

11. Not Embarrassing Loungewear: LuluLemon After Class Cardigan

If you’re still hanging on to the sweatpants you’ve had since high school, I think it’s time to get rid of them. Purchase something reasonably stylish, and you can wear it out to pick up milk without the fear of running into someone that you know.

12. Proper T-Shirt Bra: True&Co Understated Bra

To go along with your perfect t-shirt (#6), you need a bra that doesn’t look all lumpy and bumpy under your shirt. This demi bra is seamless, and it is so smooth that it can be worn under the thinnest of tops, in case you haven’t found the right tee yet.

13. Something Fun: Topshop Sequin Jumpsuit

Your wardrobe can be full of staples, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Make sure you always have a fun piece or two in there. And by no means does it have to be practical. You may want a sequin jumpsuit, a spotted coat, or a crazy hat. It’s your choice.

14. Life Of The Party Dress: Modcloth Twinkling At Twilight Dress

It’s good to have a pile of grab-and-go black dresses, but you also need an extra special evening dress too. A sparkly, embellished, or metallic one is great for when you want to stand out among the sea of dark dresses.

15. Nice And Functional Spring Coat: Silence + Noise Drapey Trench Coat

Spring is a strange and unpredictable season, but you can’t get away with wearing your winter coat when the temperature warms up to comfortably above freezing. Look for a spring jacket that works for both rain and shine that isn’t a plastic raincoat.

16. Cute Gym Clothes: Nike Dri-Fit Lux Printed Running Tights

If you’ve actually started using the gym on a fairly consistent basis, it’s worthwhile to get some nice-looking workout clothes. Who knows, they might even motivate you to go running more?

17. Wear Everyday Jewelry: Jennifer Meyer Gold Mini Clover Studs

You’ve probably attempted to find jewelry that you could wear before. Remember that horrible ring you wanted for your 16th birthday or those earrings from your 21st that you lost one of them? Don’t give up; you’ll find something that you can wear every day–even if it’s only for a few years.

18. Confidence-Boosting Swimsuit: Billabong Floral Print Bikini

It may seem like a waste of time to look for a good swimsuit that you only wear on a few trips to the beach and rare holidays, but you’ll actually be able to enjoy your time at the beach if you find a swimsuit that you like.

19. Layering White Tank: American Apparel Baby Rib Tank Top

Similar to finding the right t-shirt, you can never go wrong with spending time searching for the perfect tank top. When you find one that doesn’t feel like a spandex sausage casing, buy it in multiples.

20. Lust-worthy Shoes: Christian Louboutin Iriza Heels

You’ve salivated over them long enough. You deserve to treat yourself. Think of it as a birthday gift to yourself. Your shoes don’t have to be designer–though I’m sure they probably will be.

21. Pretty Cold Weather Coat: ASOS Collarless Button Front Coat

As much as you swear by that puffy Michelin Man jacket, there are other coats that are equally warm but look a bit more stylish.

22. Good-Sized Evening Bag: Nasty Gal Virtual Reality Clutch

There are only so many times you can shove your iPhone and house keys into a too-small bag before the clutch explodes–or you do in frustration for not carrying all of your necessities. Buy a bag and test it out to make sure you can fit your lipstick, phone, and all of your other essentials.

23. Chic Waterproof Boots: Sorel Medina II Boots

Rain boots are fine at a festival but don’t work for every day unless you are a five-year-old who is jumping in puddles. Move beyond the plastic boots, and you’ll realize there are other grown-up options that will keep your toes dry.

24. Multi-Functional Convertible Bra: Victoria’s Secret Fabulous Multi-Way Bra

With all of the things that you have in your closet, they are bound to have a variety of necklines. Having one bra that works with multiple tops is what I would call a smart purchase.

25. Splurge Bag: Marc By Marc Jacobs Washed Up Tote

You probably use a purse every single day, so why not get one that you really, really like? Plus, having only one treat in your wardrobe (#20) isn’t very fun.

26. Sophisticated Sandals: Aldo Pratoretto Sandals

Flip flops are great for the beach, but you need something a bit more pulled together for walking the streets. Pick the right ones, and you can even wear them to work.

27. Work-And-Party Pencil Skirt: H&M Floral Pencil Skirt

A versatile pencil skirt has even more options than a for-every-occasion dress. Let’s not forget that the right skirt can give you Kim Kardashian-like curves too.

28. Grown-Up PJs: Anthropologie Garden Sketch Robe

I’m not denying that your Hello Kitty-printed pajamas aren’t cute and warm, but if the fire alarm went off in the middle of the night in your building, would you really want people to know that is what you sleep in?

29. Signature Piece: Torrid Polka Dot Dress

You’ve crafted a signature style and have your go-to stores, but why stop there? Why not have a signature piece? Anna Wintour has her sunglasses, Karl Lagerfeld has his gloves (and sunglasses, and tie); what are you going to choose?

30. Cool Jacket: ASOS CURVE Exclusive Leather Biker Jacket

Owning at least one badass jacket is as important as having a work-appropriate blazer. It could be a jean jacket, a studded one, leather (or faux), whatever makes you feel cool.

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