Choosing clothes storage products can be confusing because there’s a lot of items out there that promise instant organization. Be wary. To help, we rounded up the very best products to help you store your clothing and keep them fresh + organized.

If you’re overwhelmed by the selection of clothes storage products out there, here are twelve that almost anyone – and any closet – will appreciate. Here are the best clothes storage products.

1. Cedar Blocks

These moth-fighting squares are easily tucked among sweaters. Other versions are round or have their own little hangers.

2. Dehumidifier

There are many absorbent products for keeping moisture away from the contents of your closet. Small packets, for example, can be tossed in bags or shoes, and others hang from your closet rod. One easy method is to place a dehumidifier like this Dry Out Dehumidifier on the floor.

3. Canvas Bins

These can be overshadowed by their bigger (and also useful) cousins, plastic bins. But while the larger receptacles are good for storing clothes you don’t need to access every day, small open canvas bins are perfect for lingerie, tank tops, or anything else you don’t want to get lost on a closet shelf.

4. Tissue Paper

Not just for wrapping presents, this is the all-purpose cothing preserver. Use it to keep folded pieces from wrinkling, and stuff it inside purses and shoes to help hold their shape.

5. Belt Hangers

Before I knew these existed, I thought belts were destined to move around the closet, getting in the way and failing to fit on hooks

 before falling to the floor. But putting them all on one small holder designed for the purpose makes storing belts (or scarves) simple.

6. Hat Boxes

Very few people still wear the sort of hat that comes with its own box, but luckily the boxes are still sold on their own. Often in decorative patterns and fun shapes, they’re great for storing just about anything, whether in a closet or not. Hat boxes come in a variety of sizes, and the larger ones will hold all sorts of unwieldy things, from keepsakes to gloves to ice skates.

7. Undershelf Baskets

In a linen closet, small baskets that affix to a high shelf provide both an extra level of storage and an easy place to access small items you use all the time.

8. Shopping Bags

They’re not only good for carrying extra shoes to work. Tall, sturdy shopping bags are also great for storing all sorts of things at the back of a closet, and you probably have a bunch just sitting around. They’re perfect for collecting clothes that need to be dry-cleaned, and having one in the closet also saves time when it comes to getting rid of pieces you no longer want – just put anything questionable in the bag and review again when it gets full. If you want something more attractive and less disposable, you can buy pretty, reusable totes that will serve the same purpose.

9. Hanging Jewelry Bags

Though I personally keep my jewelry in boxes, I have to admit that flat bags on hangers are the easiest way to store the greatest number of small items while taking up the least space. Multiple little pockets keep jewelry separated and safe behind the closet door. These also free up surface space in your bedroom and keep fragile items away from curious children or playful pets.

10. Garment Hook

If you’re short, if your back hurts, or if you just happen to be in possession of a closet with a sky-high shelf, these little hooks on poles will help you use the storage space you already have with minimal annoyance. Some grab with a scissor-like mechanism, while others telescope out for greater reach.

11. Stacking Drawers

Mini drawers that line up along a wall inside your closet can hold shoes, socks, or any other small items you’d like to access inside your closet. What’s nice about these, as opposed to individual boxes, is that the drawers slide out, making retrieving what you need painless. And because they’re not too large, they can be picked up and moved to another location without taking everything out first.

12. Over-the-Door Hooks

My favorite addition to any closet might be hooks that go over the door. They’re inexpensive, and they come in wood, metal, and plastic, and you can find basic or more decorative styles. They can be easily moved around or transferred from one door to another, and they provide storage both inside and out. They also hold heavy items, like winter coats or multiple bags.

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