Did you know that you don’t need an entire closet loaded with trendy items to look fashionable? All you simply need are a few classic wardrobe essentials that you can infinitely rework.

You see, you can easily make different fashionable looks with a good foundation of classic pieces available in neutral colors. Not just do those pieces look stunning together, but they lend themselves to simple layering as well with more daring accessories and clothes.

Classic Wardrobe Essentials: Top Fashion Must-Haves in 2021

1. An excellent-fitting suit

You could get something cheap and have it tailored. Remember that what matters the most is that it fits your perfection. Always go for neutral colors—either a darker shade such as gray or black or a lighter neutral like cream or beige.

2. A plain white T-shirt

A dependable white tee is no doubt a wardrobe staple, which works with absolutely anything! For instance, you can easily tuck it into a pair of pleated wool pants for your office or layer it under a slip dress for an exciting party look.

3. A statement belt

Keep in mind that a statement belt is not just about function but rather about fashion. Do you need a belt to hold up your pants? Then why don’t you consider buying pants in various sizes or get them tailored?

Every time you buy a statement belt, always opt for something you can wear for many years.

4. A white pair of sneakers

This list won’t be complete with a classic pair of white sneakers. A white leather lace-up sneaker won’t go out of style, as it goes with everything!

5. Button-up shirts

You should have at least one white and black shirt whether you’re dressing for an office setting or not. Remember that there’s always a room to play around with buttons and materials. However, keeping the color neutral makes it simple to mix and match.

A white button-down is an excellent layering piece. Further, you can wear it over a bathing suit for a simple beach cover-up or worn under a cashmere pullover for that casual business look.

6. Dress shoe

You may like to wear something fancier for special or work occasions. They don’t need to be stilettoes—loafers, oxfords, and ballet flats are more comfortable choices that offer that dressy vibe. Always pick a dress shoe in neutral colors like black, brown, or beige.

7. Designer sunglasses

Making sure your glasses suit your personality is key, but it needs to be affordable too. Luckily, one of the top places to buy glasses online is SmartBuyGlasses.co.uk, where they sell a wide range of styles from the biggest designers, all with the best price guarantee. They also stock hundreds of eyewear styles in their cheap glasses collection, with frames for as little as £6.

Designer sunglasses are always right within your reach, especially when we talk about classic wardrobe essentials. After all, you like to safeguard your eyes all year round, right? Undoubtedly, the latest designer eyewear will complete your look and a 100% must-have.

For instance, you would like to pick a style that fits your face’s frame. You can pick from rounded-style sunglasses, vintage cat-eye frames, or oversized frames for that bold look.

8. A classic midi dress

The black dress is always a timeless wardrobe piece. Are you not that into black dresses? You can also pick a cocktail dress in other shades, which makes you feel confident. Don’t forget to opt for a classic shape such as a sleeveless A-line dress.

There you have it! Always remember these top fashion must-haves for that classic wardrobe!

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