Christian t-shirts are more than just another fun shirt. They are a great way to start a conversation and share Jesus with those around you. Sharing your Faith is a big part of enriching your Faith. Evangelizing through Christian t-shirts is a great way to not only provide a piece of God to all you encounter but to give yourself those sort of periodic throughout the day reminders as well.

When life gets tough, who do we turn to? We turn to our Lord, and there is no better reminder to give you a bit of empowerment each time you look down and see His word. Jesus’ word in Mark 16:15 states, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” What Christian shirts provide for you is a means to do just that while keeping those little reminders fresh for yourself.

Christian T-Shirts embrace all parts of scripture, and all different styles, so you’ll be able to work your daily reminders into your ensemble seamlessly every day. With the variety of styles available, you’ll also be able to attract the attention of many different types of individuals as you share the word of God with them in an aesthetically pleasing and effective way.

One way to think of Christian t-shirts is as a tool to allow you to become a walking billboard or advertisement for the love of God, and as you go about your day, you’re sharing this love with all who you may encounter.

A Christian T-shirt is much more than a simple statement of fashion, although they work well in this regard. What these Bant Jesus Shirts are able to provide is worthwhile and encouraging messages, and they give you the ability to uplift through what you wear.

Whether you’re uplifting yourself, a loved one, a co-worker, or a friend, your shirt will act as an inspirational piece with the dual ability of providing a bit of style as well!

In 1 Thessalonians 5:11, the scripture states, “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” You can do this by using Christian T-Shirts, as these can be your easy tools to use when encouraging others through the word of God.

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Teaching and preaching are two very important points in various pieces of Bible scripture, and the way it’s spelled out in this Timothy passage is able to break down the message well in terms of simplicity.

God wants all of us to preach his word and to always be ready to teach others of his message, but it can often be difficult to find that ice breaker to allow us to relay these messages.

Christian T-Shirts act as that perfect ice breaker, and as the style or look of the shirt is noticed, the message will be next, giving you a way to consistently spread God’s word while you may not even be realizing it. 

These shirts can also be excellent conversation starters for those in a place representing God, such as on mission trips or volunteering through a church, and others will have a way to come to you to learn more about God’s word.

Christian T-Shirts: Change Your Shirt. Change A Life

Here’s something to ponder. In three seconds or less, a well designed Christian t-shirt or clothing item can attract the attention of anyone on the face of the planet that can see and deliver a message that is life changing.

Christian t-shirts can encourage or engage. They can cause people to think…even to question, and often Christian clothing can open doors of opportunity for believers to witness to individuals who may have never set foot in (or near) a church.

Christian t-shirts cut across all boundaries that age, culture, etc., can build up. Christian shirts can deliver the Gospel with impact and sincerity to individuals that otherwise may never stop to consider its truth. The makers of the quality Christian t-shirts and clothing in store have received stacks of letters over the years from fellow believers that testify that this can be (and is) a daily occurrence.

It is the power of the Word as it is carried on the backs of believers all across the world…it is the reason that 316Tees Christian T-Shirt Shop is here serving you today.

So the next time you go to the mall, or the fair, or even the grocery store…remember to wear Christian t-shirts. You’ll be presenting the Gospel to potentially hundreds of people every time you do. It is the ministry of Christian t-shirts. It’s a three-second witness that can have an eternal effect.

Change Your Shirt. Change A Life

Christian Tees Ideas – Find The Best Christian T-Shirts

Christian t-shirts are a great way to express your beliefs outside of the box. When someone thinks about witnessing, they usually think of a one on one discussion about Christianity and may not know exactly how to start that discussion.

By wearing a Christian t-shirt, you have the opportunity to let your back be your tract, which in turn tells the message of Christ anywhere you go! I encourage you to look through the t-shirts and find one that displays the message that God has given to you and to spread HIS word everywhere you go!

Christian t-shirts are a labor of love, designed to make it fast and fun for you to share the news of God’s love with anyone who crosses your path. They are more than an article of clothing—they are conversation starters and tools to ensure God’s message is heard.

HGA Christian Apparel is designed to be of the utmost quality in terms of both comfort and visual appeal. Their t-shirts are made with the best materials available to ensure a perfect fit, in addition to featuring a great price that won’t strain your wallet. By adding fun, colorful, and insightful Christian shirts, you can share the word of God every day just by getting dressed.

These Christian t-shirts are always modern—never dated—and their message is always relevant in today’s increasingly secular world. By embracing such hugely popular and iconic properties, 316Tees’ maintains current styles and tastes while sharing the timeless truth about God’s love for the world.

T-shirt evangelism is a rapidly growing trend among both young and old Christians as a means to reach out to friends and strangers alike and share the Gospel to all who need it.

Christian t-shirts come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles so that every member of your family can be clothed in attire that is pleasing and glorifying to God. From the variations of the command “fear not” in the Bible line to the contemporary and Sanctify tees and the exciting mainstream designs of patriotic designed tees, there is something that will appeal to everyone.

Christian T-Shirts: How Your Clothing Can Spread God’s Word

Christian t-shirts and clothing make everyday evangelism an easy part of your life. Sharing the Gospel is as simple as dressing for the day. T-shirt evangelism allows you to keep the tools to change the world close at all times, ready to be used to strike up a conversation that could ultimately save someone’s life.

How Your Clothing Can Spread God's Word

T-shirt evangelism is not a fad. It is a way of life and a way to lead others TO life. It is a movement that is revolutionizing the way Christians get the message of God’s love out to the rest of the world. By adding exciting, witty, and intelligent Christian clothing to your everyday wardrobe, you are keeping up your part of God’s covenant when you accepted his grace into your life and his gift of eternal life. His divine gift is one that so many individuals in the world, many of who are a prominent part of your life every single day, are tragically unaware of and will remain ignorant of without your loving guidance.

Contemporary Christian t-shirts are attention grabbers. Christian apparel lets you share your Faith with pride. They are not meek articles of clothing, quietly whispering the word of God to deaf ears, but they are not overpowering either.

T-shirt evangelism is about opening up the channels to meaningful and insightful discourse with individuals who are unaware of the message of the one true God. It is an inclusive movement meant to educate, enlighten, and ultimately, enlist more followers.

Christian t-shirts get you halfway there by creating a means to strike up the sometimes difficult conversation about Faith with individuals who may not always be open to such a conversation, but the rest is ultimately up to you and how receptive you yourself are to speaking candidly and welcomingly of the evangelical Christian movement.

Christian apparel allows you to literally wear your Faith on your sleeve, which means that you are always representing God in everything that you do. Every interaction with every stranger on the street, in the lunch line at work, at the park, or on the bus, train, or even an airplane is an opportunity to share the Gospel.

Clever Christian t-shirts can also create conversation among friends and family who may be floundering in their own Faith. Sometimes, approaching those people closest to you is harder than trying to talk to strangers even though personal knowledge and shared interests are already there to provide ample opportunity for honest discussion.

Christian apparel essentially lets the other individual come to you by catching their attention and refusing to let go. Confidence comes much easier when someone comes to you for guidance first because you know that they are interested in what you have to say. Few things so imperatively need to be sad as the word of God.

Men’s Christian Shirts – Men Can Express Their Faith With Christian T-Shirts

For men of all styles or men with all different types of interests, there are Christian T-Shirts that act as excellent evangelism pieces as well as fashion statements.

Men Can Express Their Faith With Christian T-Shirts

These men’s Christian T-Shirts are designed with particular scriptures in mind to provide all of the men in your life with the particular inspiration they need to remember that they are forever a part of God’s Kingdom. Whether you want something big, bold, and in your face, or a message that comes across more subtlety, all types of desired Christian T-shirt designs can be found in men’s Christian shirts.

316Tees’ men’s Christian t-shirts are the perfect blend of smart, practical, comfortable, and clever. They are designed with absolute attention to material and size so that they always fit well and maintain their appearance through numerous wears and washes. Armed with the knowledge that your t-shirt is always looking, it’s best gives you the chance to put your best foot forward in sharing the word of God with the world.

These new Christian t-shirts offer a fresh take on an old trope. They are edgy and exciting and enable the wearer to thrive as a testament to the Lord in everything he does—every day of his life. 316Tees’ men’s t-shirts feature The Message prominently and appeal to traditionally male tastes. They feature bold fonts, vivid colors, and an aggressively energetic invitation to engage in the most important conversation a man will have in his life: the importance of Christian faith and living each day as a man of God.

Men’s Christian t-shirts are an invaluable tool in the t-shirt evangelism revolution, and 316Tees’ designs are as diverse as the men who wear them. The rock star, the military man, the zombie aficionado, and the tech geek, as well as many others, will find the perfect t-shirt testament by browsing their extensive catalog of designs.

And because their men’s Christian apparel is created from the most durable of materials, you’ll find that these t-shirts hold up to any adventures today’s men of God may find themselves in. Whether those adventures include a round of touch football that quickly turned into a round of tackle football or a day spent in the hot sun, sharing the word of God, or perhaps taking the leap to volunteer for a mission trip in a far off land, 316Tees‘ men’s t-shirts are made to last.

Share God’s Love With Women’s Christian Clothing

Share God's Love With Women's Christian Clothing
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God instructs women to dress modestly and pleasingly, and now honoring His word has never been easier or more stylish than with women’s Christian clothing line.

For many women, style and fashion is something that is a big part of their everyday lives. And they don’t need to skip out on their personal style when they spread the word of God through what they wear. The passages and pieces of scripture chosen for these shirts are not only made to empower the wearer but all other women she may encounter throughout her day as well, giving all women a way to embrace and encourage their fellow ladies of God.

Christian t-shirts are designed to fit well and flatter every woman of every shape and size while appealing to their diverse tastes in style and color. They feature elegant designs that share God’s word and come in soft, beautiful colors that are eye-catching and sure to earn compliments.

Love, hope, music, and beauty—these are the things that the modern, contemporary Christian woman holds dear, and feminine designs reflect those interests and desires.

The flattering cuts and colors make it easy to sing His praises and share His word as an active force to change the world for the better. Today’s women’s Christian clothing has the sort of mass appeal that is essential to successful t-shirt evangelism.

Becoming an agent of hope and change to your unsaved peers is as painless as donning your favorite Christian t-shirt and sharing your most treasured praise—which very well could be on that beloved piece of clothing.

Women’s Christian attire is non-confrontational, positive, hopeful, loving, and appealing to mothers and daughters alike. Women’s Christian T-Shirts featuring powerful message designs are all available to assist you in your quest to reach out and share God’s word of love and the gift of eternal life with those you care most about.

Made from high-quality materials, Christian t-shirts maintain their shape and size through numerous washings and always look their best to ensure that you are always ready to share the Gospel when you are out and about.

Whether your day includes shopping, taking care of the family, volunteering both locally and abroad, or simply meeting some friends for lunch, the shirt for every occasion and situation can be found in 316Tees’ stunning selection.

Kid’s Christian Shirts

It is important to learn to share the word of God willingly and freely, even at a young age—perhaps especially at a young age. Kids Christian t-shirts offer a huge range of styles that appeal to both boys and girls to give children one of the best tools he or she will wield as he or she grows as an evangelical Christian in the world today.

Children are inherently friendly and will often willingly talk to anyone at length when posed a question. Dressing your child in a fun Christian t-shirt is a positive way to share the Gospel with the rest of the world.

Kids Christian t-shirts are durable and will hold up well during periods of heavy play and the required repeated washes. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, which makes them ideal apparel for either school or play.

Boys’ t-shirts appeal to the young sports fanatic, hunter, race car driver, future army man, and someday rock star, all while promoting a positive and inclusive message from God.

Girls’ Christian shirts come in a wide array of pastels, pinks, blues, and neutral colors. The designs feature the pretty things that little girls love: butterflies, kittens, horses, and hearts. Your young cowgirl or princess will be delighted by the fun and fashionable apparel available to her, which, like the boys’ designs, feature the Gospel prominently so that she may be prompted to enlighten her peers to the message of God.

Kids Christian t-shirts are an invaluable resource in raising future men and women of God. They encourage children to embrace their Faith, take pride in it, wear it on their sleeve to show to the world, and ultimately share freely and quickly with those they meet who need it the most.

Favorite Christian T-Shirt Brand: We Love 316Tees, and You Will Too

Favorite Christian T-Shirt Brand

If you’ve never heard of 316Tees, now’s the time to jump on the bandwagon.

There are plenty of reasons to love the brand, and we’ve put a spotlight on all those reasons, along with our favorite items from the brand for you to shop. By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll love 316Tees just as much as we do.

316Tees is an online retailer offering trendy, unique, special Christian T-shirts. 316Tees Shop understands that Christian clothing changes regularly and is always adding beautiful designs to their product range at truly affordable prices. Their t-shirts are designed to remind you that there is more to life than the problems of the day around you.

Sometimes their messages are as simple as a smile. Others are meant to keep you up at night thinking about eternity. All of their messages are designed above all to bring glory to the one who made us.

T-shirts alone cannot change the world or save a soul. Each one will eventually be discarded or used to wash a car. But do not underestimate the power of the message. These designs will be read thousands of times. Some will pass by and not think twice. But maybe, just maybe, in the perfect timing of a certain situation, someone will take notice and ask you just what that means.

  • 316Tees are the most comfortable premium Christian tees ever! The fabric is a combed cotton providing its popular soft feel. Teens and adults all over have been excited about the fit and comfort. The T-shirt industry has completely dominated the fashion world with its endless pursuit of trend and comfort. 316Tees brings you those trends.
  • Tees are designed to appeal to a traditional Christian t-shirt wearer—loose-fitting, 100% cotton tees. These are mainstream, contemporary designs with catchy or powerful gospel messages sure to fit your Faith and fashion.
  • Wear a Christian T-Shirt, make a statement–about how you feel, what you believe in, and who you put your faith and trust in.

Wearing Christian t-shirts is a great way to share Faith with everyone around you. 316Tees offers hundreds of Christian shirts for women and men, making it possible for everyone to find a message that fits your Faith, and that fits you. Whether you’re searching for cool Christian shirts or faith tees that send a very specific message, you’ll find everything you need at

316Tees Shop offers some of the most current Christian T-Shirts online, so you can witness by what you wear in style! A Christian t-shirt is a great way to express your deeply held beliefs in a non-threatening way.

Christian apparel has opened up a whole new way of Spreading the Gospel by Christian T-Shirt Evangelism.

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