Expressing faith through fashion has become popular lately. As someone interested in how faith and style intersect, I’ve found some great Christian clothing brands. They offer stylish ways to share faith through clothing. Here are my top 13 Christian clothing brands:

Christian Wardrobe: 13 Best Christian Clothing Brands

As a fellow supporter of clothing that creatively shares the Gospel, I appreciate you highlighting these additional options. There’s a wide variety of faith-based fashion brands available these days. To help you discover new Christian clothing options, here’s an overview of top brands across different styles:

#Brand NameDescription
1KerussoFaith Fashion Pioneer. A leader in Christian clothing with a wide selection of t-shirts, hoodies, accessories, and more, featuring bible verses, faith graphics, and uplifting messages.
2316 TeesContemporary Christian Style. Mixes modern fashion with bold faith messaging, offering t-shirts, tanks, and accessories with messages of inner strength and Jesus’s love.
3Elevated FaithSpreading Faith Through Fashion. Creates trendy, high-quality Christian clothing and accessories, with graphic tees to sleek accessories, for meaningful belief sharing.
4God The Father ApparelStylish Faith. Fuses faith with current fashion trends, offering stylish clothes including on-trend bleached tie-dye tees.
5Fabrics of FaithSpreading the Gospel Through Streetwear. An urban streetwear brand that aims to ignite social and spiritual change, blending faith with fashion.
6Elly & GraceUplifting Christian Fashion for Women. Offers divine Christian clothing for women, with beautifully designed tees, hoodies, and more.
7Shields of StrengthFaithful Accessories. Specializes in faith-inspired accessories like jewelry adorned with scripture and Christian symbols.
8NOTWFashionable Streetwear Meets Faith. Offers contemporary Christian streetwear, blending faith with on-trend style.
9Walk in LoveSpread Faith in Style. Links faith and fashion with trendy Christian clothing for men and women.
10Humble & Faithful Co.Classics to Trends for Stylish Faith. Shares faith through apparel, offering classic designs alongside modern, trendy ones.
11SacrizeFuses Faith and Urban Fashion. A modern Christian brand offering handcrafted apparel that embraces religious devotion and on-trend fashion.
12All Things By FaithSpread Faith in Style. Empowers women to express faith through fashion, offering a wide selection of apparel with uplifting messages.
13NHIM ApparelPremium Streetwear to Glorify God. Offers high-end Christian fashion for the streets, with designs that communicate spiritual truths.

These Christian clothing brands each have a unique style, so there’s something for every believer. Some focus on urban streetwear while others offer more classic or contemporary fashion.

Whether you love graphic tees, accessories, dresses or hoodies, you can find faith-based looks to match your taste. With options from edgy and modern to timeless and vintage, believers can stylishly share their Christian beliefs.

With so many options, you can find faith-based fashion to match your style. Discover new brands to help you confidently combine Christian messages with trendy looks.

It’s wonderful to see companies committed to spreading God’s Word through fashion. Their stylish, meaningful designs uplift believers and create opportunities for spiritual conversations.

For those wanting to boldly and comfortably share their faith, these brands are fantastic choices. They prove you can look great while representing the Good News!

Whether it’s graphic tees, accessories, dresses or more, Christians now have so many ways to let their clothing speak their beliefs. I’m thankful innovative brands are making that easier than ever.

Please feel free to keep the recommendations coming! I love discovering new designers that enable us to be creative ambassadors for Christ. There are always more gems to uncover in faith-based fashion.

Group of young adults in a bustling urban setting sporting trendy Christian-themed t-shirts with inspirational messages and cross symbols.
Express your faith on the go with the best Christian clothing brands for your wardrobe.

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1. Kerusso – Faith Fashion Pioneer

Kerusso stands out as a leader in Christian clothing. They offer a wide selection of products – t-shirts, hoodies, accessories, and more. Their designs prominently feature bible verses, faith graphics, and uplifting messages. This makes Kerusso a favorite for Christians who want to express their beliefs through fashion. Their apparel boldly shares faith in a stylish way.

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No matter your style, these brands help you express your beliefs through fashion! Their clothing is the perfect way to initiate spiritual conversations in a stylish way.

2. 316 Tees: Contemporary Christian Style

316 Tees mixes modern fashion with bold faith messaging. They are known for their contemporary, on-trend designs. 316 Tees offers t-shirts, tanks, and accessories displaying messages of inner strength, Christian faith, and Jesus’s love. Their collection takes religious apparel into today’s fashion era.

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3. Elevated Faith: Spreading Faith Through Fashion

Elevated Faith makes faith fashionable. This unique brand creates trendy, top-quality Christian clothing and accessories. Their wide range spans graphic tees to sleek accessories. Each piece helps wearers share their beliefs meaningfully. The stylish designs and premium materials allow you to elevate your faith through fashion.

4. God The Father Apparel: Stylish Faith

God The Father Apparel fuses faith with fashion. They offer stylish clothes that align with current trends. Their collection includes on-trend bleached tie-dye tees and more. These let you spread God’s name in a fashion-forward way. With God The Father Apparel, you can share your faith while looking fab.

5. Fabrics of Faith: Spreading the Gospel Through Streetwear

Fabrics of Faith takes a unique approach to Christian fashion. Their urban streetwear brand aims to ignite social and spiritual change through Christian culture. The collection spreads Jesus Christ’s message through on-trend garments. By blending faith with fashion, Fabrics of Faith can alter lives. Their edgy and modern clothes share the gospel in a relatable way. This committed brand uses urban style to transform communities for Christ.

6. Elly & Grace: Uplifting Christian Fashion for Women

Elly & Grace illuminates women’s faith through fashion. This brand offers divine Christian clothing for females. Their range includes wonderfully designed tees, hoodies and more. All made for comfort and lasting quality. Uplifting messages adorn each garment. Elly & Grace helps women express beliefs beautifully. Their apparel glows with inspiration.

7. Shields of Strength: Faithful Accessories

Shields of Strength specializes in faith-inspired accessories. They offer jewelry and items adorned with scripture and Christian symbols. These serve as reminders of God’s constant love and protection. Their catalog includes necklaces, bracelets, rings and more. Each piece acts as a shield of spiritual strength. With Shields of Strength, you can carry God’s Word and share your beliefs. Their accessories shield you in faith.

8. NOTW: Fashionable Streetwear Meets Faith

Blending faith with on-trend style, NOTW (Not Of This World) offers contemporary Christian streetwear. Their designs appeal to youth and streetwear fans. NOTW’s range includes graphic tees, hoodies, hats and more. Each piece makes a meaningful statement through stylish aesthetics. By fusing urban fashion with Christian messages, NOTW creates shareable style. Their clothes allow young believers to rep their faith with cool confidence.

9. Walk in Love: Spread Faith in Style

Walk in Love links faith and fashion for modern believers. This brand offers trendy Christian clothing for men and women. Their wide selection includes comfy, fashionable apparel with inspiring messages. Dresses, tops, tees and more that uplift in both word and style. Walk in Love makes it easy to share your faith through clothing. Their designs help you walk in love while making a fashionable statement. With a contemporary collection, this brand brings faith into vogue.

10. Humble & Faithful Co.: Classics to Trends for Stylish Faith

Humble & Faithful Co. shares faith fashionably through quality apparel. This brand offers classic, timeless designs alongside modern, trendy ones. Their range features powerful messages that inspire. Humble & Faithful Co. includes faith-filled clothing from vintage tees to sleek dresses. Believers can sport styles from retro to right now that spread hope. With options for every taste, Humble & Faithful Co. empowers your beliefs through versatile fashion.

11. Sacrize Fuses Faith and Urban Fashion

Sacrize brings faith to the forefront of urban style. This modern Christian clothing brand offers handcrafted apparel for men and women. Their designs fully embrace both religious devotion and on-trend fashion.

With graphic tees, hoodies, sweatshirts and more, Sacrize empowers Christians to boldly rep their beliefs. Their collection takes inspiration straight from the Word to craft Scripture-driven pieces.

Urban cuts, graphics and vibes meet unwavering faith. Sacrize proves you don’t have to compromise either devotion or style. Their clothes allow you to make a bold statement for Christ in total comfort.

For believers who want faith and fashion to align, Sacrize has you covered. Their urban Christian wear fuses both worlds seamlessly.

12. All Things By Faith: Spread Faith in Style

All Things By Faith empowers women to express faith through fashion. This Christian clothing brand offers a wide selection for female believers. Their apparel includes long sleeve tees, graphic shirts, totes and more. Each carries uplifting messages and spiritual designs.

Shoppers love the free shipping and large variety. The casual, comfy clothes make sharing beliefs easy and affordable. Whether it’s a relaxed tee or stylish accessory, All Things By Faith has inspiring options.

For women seeking to spread the Word through clothing, this brand delivers. They provide diverse styles to match your faith. From dresses to sweaters and beyond, you can find pieces to profess your beliefs fashionably.

With All Things By Faith, scripture and spirituality take on a stylish form. Their clothes give modern Christian women new ways to walk in faith every day.

13. NHIM Apparel: Premium Streetwear to Glorify God

NHIM Apparel takes Christian fashion to the streets with premium quality. Standing for “In Him,” this brand offers high-end fabric and construction. Their diverse collections include men’s and women’s tees, hoodies, fleece and hats.

Each design communicates spiritual truths powerfully. NHIM Apparel aims to impact lives through clothing that glorifies Jesus Christ. Their pieces promote the reality of God through bold street style.

From graphic tees to cozy hoodies, believers can rep faith in top-notch threads. NHIM Apparel melds urban fashion with well-crafted inspiration. Their premium streetwear helps spread the Word in savvy style.

Through prayer and urban-inspired looks, NHIM Apparel gives Christians new ways to walk in faith fashionably. Their pieces make a bold statement for Christ.

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How Christian Apparel Brands Are Spreading the Good News Beyond the Threads

It’s the message, not the shirt, that matters most when it comes to Christian apparel. The goal of spreading the Good News far outweighs any business motivations. Even the smallest start-up, printing in a basement, can plant seeds of faith in people’s hearts.

These clothing brands ultimately exist not to compete, but to encourage and uplift believers. To help them proudly share their passion for Jesus through fashion. It’s about starting conversations, not racking up sales.

So whether it’s a big name brand or DIY operation, the impact comes from the inspirational designs and verses. From sparking that connection with someone needing hope. That’s the true purpose.

If anyone knows of more Christian clothing brands out there, please do share below! We’d love to discover new ones to potentially feature.

But most importantly, keep seeking opportunities to spread the Word creatively. It’s not about the shirt – it’s about the Gospel. This truth should guide all we do.

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Final Thoughts: Express Your Faith in Style

These Christian clothing brands each offer something special. Their apparel features scripture verses, uplifting imagery, and inspiring phrases. Wearing these designs spreads Christianity’s message fashionably. It can spark faith conversations subtly through style.

Whether you need a tee for a relaxed event or cozy hoodie for home, these brands fit your faith affordably. Their diverse selections work for any occasion. Dresses, jewelry, shirts – they’ve got stylish ways to match your beliefs.

No matter your budget or style, you can find clothing to fit. As a modern believer, rep your faith with fashion from these thoughtful companies. Let their designs start spiritual dialogues through your personal flair. Any of these brands will empower your beliefs through artful style.

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