A charcoal sweater is a versatile purchase for transitional seasons and all winter long.

Maybe it’s the influence of the best-selling Fifty Shades of Gray phenomenon, or maybe it’s the mood of a country slowly coming out of recession, but gray is among the favored neutrals for Fall-Winter.

Today’s engineered fibers produce blends that will hold their shape through repeated washings and take away the scratchy feel of wool you may remember from your childhoods.

A wool knitted cardigan sweater will stay in style for many years. Look for unique stitches and a fit that flatters your figure.

How Many Hues Can You Name?

You’ll find gray is a popular color in many shades and many names, such as:

  • Heather – darker is better.
  • Titanium.
  • Aluminum.
  • Charcoal.
  • Steel.
  • Asphalt.
  • Granite.
  • Graphite.
  • Cement.
  • Putty.
  • Pewter.

There is no consistency in the way various designers and manufacturers will name their gray shades of choice.

Versatile Charcoal Coordinates with Many Colors

A charcoal sweater will give your sweater an adaptable new look whether you choose a pullover crew neck, a tunic, a flyaway front cardigan, or a more traditional cable wool knitted cardigan.

Charcoal is an ideal color to team up with the color coral and today’s hot shades of vivid pink.

If you’ve had yellow fever this spring, you’ll be able to wear your yellow handbag, shoes, belt, and other accessories with your gray sweater, titanium suit jacket, or a leather skirt.

Traditional Color Mates for Shades of Gray

Gray looks good with most jewel colors, such as emerald green or sapphire blue. Red is a classic color coordinate with all shades of gray, especially the dark hues.

Try wearing your top with a crisp white blouse and a vertical pin-striped skirt for a figure-flattering style.

Cashmere Sweater Is Luxe That Lasts Almost Forever

If you crave the luxury of cashmere, look for a good price but don’t be afraid to pay a bit more than you usually do.

This is something you will love to wear, and you will always feel your best when you do.

Blufashion has found a charcoal sweater to suit almost every budget and wardrobe need.

Another great look is the long sweater coat.

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