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Let’s admit it, seeing a celebrity getting caught off guard by a pap lens and still looking gorgeous is a bit annoying. But it doesn’t need to be – use the handy hints below to achieve a flawless look, no matter what!

Make Your Hair Happy

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If your hair appears healthy, shiny and is full of bounce, then you’re automatically going to look preened and put together. There’s no need to spend hours at the salon or with hair tongs in hand to achieve this either; simply begin a hair pampering routine that’ll have your locks looking luscious!

As well as investing in a high-quality shampoo and conditioner, treat yourself to a hair mask every week. Go for a store-bought option, or make your own: there are plenty of easy hair mask recipes online that can be whipped up using ingredients in your store cupboards. Book yourself in for a trim, regularly, too, even if you’re growing your hair, to keep it in tip-top condition. Before using a hairdryer, tongs, or straighteners, be sure to apply heat protection spray to lavish your hair with extra care and give your hair a break from the heat frequently, too.

Uplevel Your Smile

Make Your Hair Happy

Having white teeth and a gleaming smile make many celebs instantly paparazzi-ready, and now they’re easier to achieve than ever before with home whitening kits. The AuraGlow teeth whitening kit is an example of a home treatment that can give you whiter, brighter teeth when used for just thirty minutes a day for one to two weeks. LED technology is deployed alongside a special serum with active whitening ingredients and a mouthpiece to deliver great results quickly that’ll boost your natural beauty and give you confidence, too.

As well as being a convenient way to get whiter teeth, it’s cost-effective, too, and you’ll see professional-looking results for a fraction of the money you’d likely spend at a dental clinic. When choosing home kits, look for services that come with a money-back guarantee and a warranty on the equipment supplied as part of the package.

Get Sumptuous Skin

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To get that seemingly effortless celeb look, taking care of your skin is paramount. Get a relaxing morning and evening routine in place that incorporates products that are kind to your skin, contain no harsh chemicals, and use natural, nourishing ingredients where possible. Spend some time to find the very best moisturizer for your skin type, and always be sure to remove your make-up before bed to avoid clogged pores and dull-looking skin.

Drinking plenty of water is one of the easiest ways to achieve glowing skin. Staying hydrated will lend your skin elasticity and also keep spots and other imperfections at bay by flushing out toxins within your system. Eating well is vital, too: steering clear of fatty, greasy foods and sugary snacks and drinks is a wise move. Finally: get enough quality sleep. Tiredness shows in our complexions, so start a nurturing bedtime routine and stick to it: getting just an extra hour or two of zzzzs a night could make all the difference.

Quick Makeup Go Tos

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You don’t need to put on a full face of make-up every time you step out of the house to look effortlessly glam – however, a few quick swipes of a couple of key items can help make sure you’re always photo-ready. A tinted moisturizer in a shade that suits your skin tone is an easy way to get a fresh-looking, healthy complexion with a touch of natural-looking glow. A quick coat of brown mascara can widen your eyes while appearing barely there, too. Slick on some lip-gloss or tint in a nude or light pink shade to complete the look. This whole routine should take no more than a couple of minutes.

Alternatively, apply a quick sweep of blush or bronzing powder to the cheekbones, and dust a little across the chin and nose, too, and go for a bolder lip for a more made-up, but equally easy, look.

Have Confidence

How to Build Self-Confidence

And finally, and most importantly of all, have confidence! If you’re confident, this will shine through in the way you hold yourself, the readiness with which you smile, and the manner in which you move. Promote natural confidence by practicing good posture: standing up straighter will have you looking and feeling better instantly. Imagine a string running up your spine and out the top of your head, and picture this string being kept taut; this is a useful way to recognize when your posture is slipping, and you’re starting to stoop or hunch.

The charisma that pap-ready celebs exude is largely down to the confidence with which they step out in public – or the assumed confidence, in any case. Work on yourself to build authentic self-esteem, but until then, adopt the body language and strong posture of a confident person to see an instant improvement in your looks and bearing. Self-belief and comfort in your own skin are truly some of the most important traits to nurture.

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