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The PEOPLE Magazine Awards – Press Room. (Photo via Getty Images)

Other than the hilarious plot lines, one of the things that have kept my eyes glued to the screen when The Mindy Project comes on is the leading star’s amazing wardrobe. Whether Mindy Kaling’s character is going on a blind date or crying her eyes out over a boy, she’s almost guaranteed to look great doing it. The best thing about her style, on and off-screen, is that she could care less about anybody’s fashion rules. She’s mixed prints, sported unconventional color combinations and has still managed to make people lust over her clothes. Here are ten times that Mindy flouted fashion rules and still looked totally amazing.

1. That time she served a serious attitude while wearing the best red and pink outfit ever.

red and pink mindy lahiri
Red and Pink Mindy Lahiri via Mindyprojectfox Instagram.

Nobody does a pink leather jacket and a red mini skirt better than Mindy Kaling. Nobody.

2. That time she wore multiple rings on one finger and proved that less is definitely not more.

overaccessorized mindy
Overaccessorized Mindy via Mindy Kaling Instagram.

Okay, okay so she might just have been modeling the rings for the camera. I think we can still agree that Mindy does the whole colorful bling thing pretty well.

3. That time she looked so good in a little pink dress she might as well have given a middle finger to the whole “black is more slimming” rule.

PEOPLE Magazine Awards
(Photo via Getty Images)

Everyone knows that LBDs will never go out of style. But this look is making me think I need to add an LPD (little pink dress) to my wardrobe, stat.

4. That time she was so in awe of her ability to look good in both a hounds tooth and floral print that she had to stop and stare at herself.

mixing floral and houndstooth
(Photo via Instagram)

Mindy is literally like the master of mixing prints. If I could, I would sit at her feet and ask her to teach me her print mixing ways.

5. That time she looked great in horizontal stripes and showed off some leg for good measure.

horizontal stripes mindy kaling
(Photo via Instagram)

Whoever said horizontal stripes make you look wide should change that last part to “look damn good.” This outfit makes me want to go out and buy every single horizontal striped shirt I can get my hands on.

6. That time she realized what the rest of us knew all along: nobody looks better in plaid and houndstooth than her.

print mixing two via mindy kaling
(Photo via Instagram)

Only Mindy Kaling could ever make me utter the phrase “orange plaid, and houndstooth go well together.” Her style is so good it’s made the impossible happen.

7. That time she proved that you don’t have to be Taylor Swift to look great in a crop top.

Paley Center For Media
The Paley Center For Media’s PaleyFest 2014 Honoring “The Mindy Project”. (Photo via Getty Image).

This is literally the picture that gave me, a girl who is not 5′ 9 and slim, the confidence to even consider wearing a crop top. Mindy is totally giving Taylor a run for her money in this outfit.

8. That time she continued to spread the gospel of horizontal stripes while rocking what looks like an awesome lob.

horizontal striped dress via mindy kaling instagram
Horizontal striped dress. (Photo via Instagram).

For those of us who thought a horizontal-striped dress couldn’t be done, this photo is Exhibit A. Her hair also looks pretty amazing here.

9. That time she showed us that sequins could totally be an everyday look.

Mindy Kaling sequins via Mindy kaling instagram
Mindy Kaling sequins via Instagram.

If the fashion police ever thought that sequins weren’t appropriate for daytime, they have obviously never seen this photo. Mindy looks so good here she almost makes me want to wear sequins to the office.

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