Kim Kardashian: Wealth and Influence
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Reality star Kim Kardashian is famous for living a luxurious lifestyle. She is not only one of the most famous faces on Earth but also an actress, business tycoon, and socialite. Along with her hit show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim has made millions of dollars through endorsement deals, apps, appearance fees, and more.

Along with all the riches Kim has accumulated throughout her career, the spoils follow. Kim Kardashian lives the luxurious life everyone could strive towards.

Kim Kardashian’s net worth as of 2022 is north of the billion-dollar mark. She is able to enjoy life to the fullest because of her reality television shows and the wealth she generates through her cosmetic and lifestyle brands.

Keeping up with the Kardashian

Despite her previous notoriety, Kim K took off her career through the breakout show Keeping up with the Kardashian. Along with her mother Kris Jenner and sisters Kourtney and Khloe, Kim is also an executive producer for the very successful reality TV series.

After multiple years of success and the fame and fortune attached, Kim has enjoyed the benefits and utilized them further. After the show’s success for such a long time, the famous family decided to end the series in 2020.

Earnings and sponsorship from the show have significantly increased over time. The Kardashian family has regrouped to film a brand-new reality series, The Kardashians, following the end of their previous show.

Fashion and Brand 

Kim Kardashian Skims
Image courtesy: Skims


Throughout the years, Kim’s style has evolved into what it is today, and her fashion brands have adapted to her current style and look. After a constant struggle to find the perfect shapewear that fits, Kim launched her own brand, Skims.

While seeking the perfectly shaped wear and costume for multiple occasions, she knew she was not alone. Thus, Skims was formed with the idea of creating something that works for every body type.

She has also had a collaboration with Fenty, Rihanna’s brand, to make her dream collection. In recent times, Skims has become one of her most well-known products.

KKW Beauty

In spite of her second attempt to enter the beauty industry, Kim had a successful second business venture when she launched KKW Beauty in 2009. After launching a collection of highlighters, foundations, and much more, the venture was almost an instant success for the reality star.

Additionally, KKW Beauty has quickly built a reputation as one of the most popular brands, offering everything from highlight and contour kits to eyeshadow palettes and body products.

After launching her company, in almost three years of time, Kim sold 20% of it to cosmetic giant Coty for $200million. This put the company’s value at $1billion.

Business and social media

Besides juggling KKW beauty and Skims, Kim Kardashian is also trying out a variety of other ventures. Her past accomplishments include Kimoji’s, an app with another 200 emojis, and Giphy’s of her own face. She also had a perfume brand along with her own game, Kim Kardashian Hollywood!

Along with all the brand’s deals and TV shows, Kim K is a massive presence on multiple social media platforms with more than 70 million flowers on Twitter and around 300 million followers on Instagram. The social media influencer is one of the world’s most famous figures.

Kim Kardashian is often requested by brands to work with her due to her massive following on social media. With a reach that big, brands are willing to pay huge bucks for a mention in her posts.

The mother of four has even had earnings of $1 million from just one sponsored post. In addition, Kim has published books, has a children’s fashion company with Kanye, and is on numerous magazines covers to help her earn even more money.

However, the megastar has had some backlash over her diet pills and teas endorsement that didn’t.


With all the riches at her disposal, Kim has enjoyed spending millions on luxurious possessions. She had a lavish wedding ceremony in 2014 with her ex-husband and rapper Kanye West. In addition, Kim is the sole owner of the Hidden Hills mega-mansion that the pair had acquired back in 2014. The mansion alone cost them around $20 million.

She is the proud owner of a $95 million G65OER, a private plane with $150 million worth of customization. With cream interiors and cashmere finishes, Kim had the aircraft customized to look like her mansion.

However, it’s not the only time she’s had her transport customized to match her home. Kim has invested more than $100,000 so that her Lamborghini Urus, Mercedes-Maybach S 580, and Rolls Royce Ghost could match her gorgeous mansion.

The cost of maintaining such appearance and lifestyle can accumulate into a hefty sum. Some estimates show that such cost could total as much as $168,880 per month when including everything from personal trainers and make-up artists to skin-tightening laser treatments.

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