It’s tough being one of the most photographed human beings in the world. There’s so much pressure to look perfect all the time, to never have wardrobe malfunctions like everybody else, to wear green lest the Queen pinches you on St. Patrick’s Day…oh, I guess that last one is only applicable to Kate Middleton. Fortunately, the Duchess of Cambridge has been rocking one great look after another lately, including this lovely polka dot dress that just so happens to be a mere $62.

Kate Middleton polka dot maternity dress ASOS

While visiting London’s Brookhill Children’s Centre, Kate met with families being assisted by Home-Start, an organization that offers support and friendship to parents across the UK. Volunteers from Home-Start visit the homes of parents each week to help them get the support, encouragement, and access to resources that they need, so it’s great that Kate is supporting such a wonderful organization.

Kate Middleton polka dot maternity dress

For her visit, Kate picked a lovely polka dot dress from ASOS that was surprisingly inexpensive: just £35, or $62 for American customers. While the ASOS Maternity Exclusive Wrap Skater Dress in Polka Dot with 3/4 Sleeve is totally (and unsurprisingly) sold out, here are other similarly wonderful options near the same price point, including one from ASOS:

From left to right:

Oh, and just check out how radiant her complexion is:

Kate Middleton complexion polka dot maternity dress ASOS 2

Seriously, somebody, please tell me what blush she is using because it is working.

Throughout pregnancy number two, Kate’s been totally killing it at this whole maternity wear game. Whether she’s exuding that pregnancy glow via her gorgeous complexion or proving pregnant ladies should wear leopard print all the time, the Duchess of Cambridge is always on point. And this polka dot frock, with all its sweet, sweet affordability, makes her look even better than ever.

Photos: WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment

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