Celebrities Wearing Overalls Style Ideas Photos
Celebrities Wearing Overalls Style Ideas Photos. (Image source: Pinterest).

These celebrity styling tips will show you how to wear overalls the right way, so you won’t end up looking like a farmer.

Move over, rompers, there’s another onesie in town. If you like anything denim and love a 90s fashion reference, you’ll be pleased to know that overalls are back in fashion. If the last time you wore a pair of overalls was when your Mom had to help you do up the buckles, you’re not too old for them. There are plenty of super-adult ways to style overalls, and hopefully, now that you’re older, you won’t need anyone’s help putting them on.

Here are 15 celebrities who prove that overalls aren’t just for kids playing in sandboxes:

1. Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio not only chose an unconventional pair of striped shortfalls, but she styled them in a different way. She layered her sweater under them. It sounds like a horrible style combination, but it works. She is a supermodel, so are you surprised?

2. Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger went with a more casual look compared to the high fashion I-just-stepped-off-the-pages-of-French-Vogue looks we’re used to seeing her in. Mind you; the bow sandals do dress up the overalls.

3. Gwen Stefani

Never one to follow conventional style rules, Gwen Stefani wore her overalls like a regular pair of pants and paired them with killer heels. Who knew overalls could be so hot?

4. Julianne Hough

After seeing Julianne Hough pull off this layered overall look, every girl thought, “if Julianne can wear overalls, I can too.” Nice leopard shoes.

5. Kylie Jenner

I would have bet money that if Kylie Jenner was going to wore overalls, it would have been a grungy 90s pair. Instead, she surprised me and went for a polished look, complete with shiny gold shoes and a crop top. (She had to get the 90s inspiration in there somewhere.)

6. Alexa Chung

I don’t know much about Alexa Chung other than the fact that she really likes overalls. Here she is test-driving baggy shortalls. The scraped knees with overalls combination pushes her into a five-year-old territory, but the snakeskin bag keeps her from looking like she belongs on the playground.

7. Miley Cyrus

Is that a leather pair of overalls that Miley Cyrus is wearing? That would make sense since they would match the baseball cap.

8. Olivia Palermo

Are you surprised that the girl who wore shorts to her wedding jumped on the overalls bandwagon? I bow down to Olivia Palermo for making these black overalls look Audrey Hepburn chic.

9. Rihanna

Of course, Rihanna was wearing overalls before they started showing up on every other hipster you pass on the street. She styled this light-wash pair with a bag and shoes that had to have been borrowed from Barbie.

10. Sarah Jessica Parker

Based on the hole in the knee, I would have guessed Sarah Jessica Parker borrowed those overalls from her son, but I think this outfit is the clever styling of her daughter. Check out that adorable bunny hat!

11. Zoe Saldana

It looks like Zoe Saldana was inspired by a very stylish fisherman. Even her husband is impressed with this look.

12. Fergie

How could I have not remembered that Fergie had a thing for overalls back in the day? She wore them with only one leg cuffed; that is something you don’t forget easily.

13. Rita Ora

Rita Ora experimented with a cow-print splattered pair of overalls that I guarantee no one else will have. Her styling choices are also one-of-a-kind too. Where can you buy a pair of white fringed cowboy boots outside of Texas nowadays?

14. Hilary Duff

I never would have expected this look from Lizzie McGuire. Pink overalls over a pink shirt, yes, but a tied t-shirt, hair scarf, and bold lipstick? Definitely not.

15. Emma Watson

Emma Watson shows that if you stick with black-and-white, you will always look good.

(Photos: Pacific Coast News, WENN)

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