Every year we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 to laud the accomplishments of women in various areas like politics, culture, economy, and society. We are in the 21st century, and still, they do not have equal rights in many countries. So, it is a chance to advocate for their rights and equality worldwide. Businesses have a massive role in bridging the gap and bringing awareness. One way is to celebrate the day at work. However, it takes time to change, and custom products are one of the best ways to celebrate and raise awareness. Wearing custom baseball socks with logo will make a big impression on the company field and help you celebrate your favorite female sports team as well!

Businesses play an integral role in forging the path forward but struggle with ideas and involving everyone. No action is too small to get started. Start by creating custom socks to celebrate the day. We will share excellent reasons to use custom sock ideas for gender equality.

Sock Purchase for International Women's Day

International women’s day with customized socks:

Whether you are a business or a seller, celebrating IWD allows you to connect with people. For you, it is not only a token gesture, but you will go the distance, showing your commitment to the cause. Customizing socks takes effort and resources.

  • The day has a long history that goes back to 1910 when Clara Zetkin, a German women’s rights activist, proposed the idea at a conference. They celebrated the first IWD in 1911 in Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, and Germany. In 1977, the United Nations declared it a global event. In the US, it is a big event. Many organizations show their support through various events. Custom socks are a lovely way to display your stand. Receivers/ buyers will talk about it with their family and friends. It will raise more awareness. 
  • Each year explores a theme: Women’s rights are a vast topic, so each year should have a specific subject. Last year it was gender quality today for a sustainable tomorrow, and this year it is embracing equity. Use the theme to customize socks. Your business can be visible with relevant hashtags like #embracequity.
  • Celebrate women’s accomplishments: History has many crucial events that have changed the world for good. Women have played a vital part in those movements like voting, civil, LGBTQ+, labor rights, etc. They have accomplished many things in various fields, including science, literature, politics, medicine, etc. IWD is a lovely opportunity to recognize all these successes with personalized socks dedicated to women.
Celebrate women’s accomplishments
  • Raise funds for women’s issues: while we have come a long way, we have a massive distance to cover to bring equality. Many organizations, nonprofits, charitable trusts, etc., are doing it nonstop. But they require funds to achieve the mission. On IWD, you can customize socks with your logo and raise funds or donate them to such organizations. You can start with a small-scale campaign within your organization or on social media. If you are a seller, you can donate a part of every sale to the cause.
  • Connect with schools and organizations: While gender equality and women’s rights are vital topics to learn, IWD is an opportunity for a more focused effort. By customizing socks, you are concentrating on an influx into education that is lacking in most cases. Schools host events, workshops, etc. Connect and sponsor them with your personalized socks to bring awareness. Speak about how you treat your female workers. 
  • Walk the talk: Many corporations use progressive language and promise gender equality for marketing but do not follow through. IWD is an opportunity to differentiate your company from the rest. You can show with custom socks that you not only talk. But walk the talk. People are intelligent; they notice everything. It helps to connect with like-minded people that will be fruitful for growth.
Connect with people worldwide
  • Connect with people worldwide: IWD is not only a US event but a global one. Novelty news, products, etc., travel fast on social media. People search for the latest thing to share on their accounts. Custom socks for IWD are one of the novel items that can make your organization viral. 
  • Reflect on your values: Sometimes, we forget the mission and values of our company. Custom socks for IWD are an opportunity to reflect on them. When you customize or choose the designs, the message hones in, even for a moment. It helps to be more aware of your products, marketing, etc. 
  • Call to action: Some may use it to promote their rosy view of the world. But it is a reminder that change does not happen without work. Custom socks for IWD are not a symbol but a call to action for everyone. It tells people to fight for justice and equality.
Use female role models for customization


  • Use female role models for customization: We have many inspirational women in history and the present day that broke stereotypes and inspired people. Use their images for customizing socks, like Maggie Stern Stitches. With their inspirational socks, they have carved a niche for themselves.
  • Use relevant colors: Purple, green, and white are official colors to celebrate International Women’s Day. They symbolize equality, dignity, hope, and purity. Use these colors to customize socks.
  • Use empowering texts or motivational quotes from famous personalities in contrasting colors for legibility and impact. 
  • Show your support on social media by posting pictures and videos of the custom socks with relevant topics. Celebrate with people to bring more awareness.
  • Involve men in the customization process: Often, initiatives like the IWD focus on women. But men must be involved. So they can understand the spirit and advocate for gender parity. According to Harvard, when men are engaged in such inclusion activities, 96% of organizations see progress, compared to only 30% where they are not involved.
  • Advocate for gender equality in your workplace: Corporates and businesses can make a difference with workplace equality with custom socks. When everyone celebrates IWD wearing themed custom socks, you are moving in the right direction. 
  • Host events at the workplace, in shops, or online. Use the custom socks as prizes to increase participation. Hear women share their experiences, knowledge, advice, etc.
  • Support businesses that support women: When you search for custom socks, you will come across several manufacturers. However, not every organization supports the cause. It is challenging to find such companies, but looking at their social media, reviews, success stories, etc., will make it clear.
Support businesses that support women

EverLighten is one such manufacturer that has helped several women start their own companies and support women-centric projects. Go through their success story pages to be sure.

One such person is Evelina Edens from England. She wanted to start her own custom sock business but did not have prior experience or product knowledge. They connected with EverLighten after research. The experts helped her understand every detail about materials, printing, branding, etc. Now, she is running her full-fledged business. 

Read her full-story https://everlighten.com/blogs/success-stories/evelina-edens.

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