Carnival season is all about creativity, expression, and fun! Carnival Monday kicks off the street parades and parties, so your carnival Monday wear is an important part of the experience. This guide will walk you through picking the perfect Carnival Monday outfit, from costumes to accessories, to make sure you start Carnival 2024 off in style.

Carnival Monday Wear refers to the attire worn by participants during the celebrations. This is particularly true in Trinidad and Tobago. This day is part of the larger Carnival festivities. The celebrations culminate on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. The two days are vibrant and joyful.

Carnival Monday Wear history

Carnival dancers in ornate feathered costumes with vibrant sequins and masks.

Historically, the dress code for Carnival Monday was casual. Participants often wore simple shorts and a top. However, a significant shift has occurred in recent years. Masquerade bands and private designers now offer more fashion-forward and even unique Monday wear options.

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Pick Your Carnival Monday Costume

Monday Wear can range from intricate designs for hire. It can be a “base” of a carnival costume, or a simple swimsuit or bikini. It originated from a desire to have more options. People didn’t want to wear the full costume on both carnival days. Today, it has evolved into a staple item for revelers on and off the road. Many bands and designers offer Monday wear options.

Some of the popular choices for Monday Wear include glamorous bikinis, cut-out swimwear, and metallic pieces. There are also options for personalized, made-to-order items available from various sellers.

Carnival costumes allow you to fully transform into a different character. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Feather and sequin costumes – These flashy, skimpy costumes sparkle with feathers, beads, and sequins. Choose from gorgeous peacock, parrot, ostrich, and pheasant designs.
  • Masquerade costumes – Intricate masks and opulent capes and gowns evoke mystery and intrigue. Pick ornate Venetian designs or Mardi Gras-inspired masks.
  • Swimwear costumes – Deck yourself out in embellished bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, and cover ups. Add statement heels, wings, headpieces.
  • Couples costumes – Coordinate with friends or significant others. Classic pairings include cops and robbers, pirates and mermaids, kings and queens.

Some tips for Carnival costumes:

  • Buy early online for the best selection and pricing. Sites like Etsy offer handmade options.
  • Make DIY costumes using sequins, feathers, lace, fabrics from craft stores. Add embellishments to existing clothes.
  • Look for costumes with strategic cut outs and designs to show off your assets!
  • Incorporate masks, headdresses, wings, capes, crowns, scepters to take your look up a notch.

In addition to the pre-made options, some revelers choose to create their own Monday Wear. They often repurpose old carnival costumes or swimsuits. This DIY approach allows for a high degree of personalization and creativity. It adds another layer of excitement to the Carnival Monday celebrations.

Coordinate Your Carnival Monday Outfit

Joyful Carnival participant with blue feather headdress and bejeweled makeup smiling.

You don’t have to wear a full costume to embrace the Carnival spirit. Coordinate a colorful outfit using fabrics with sequins, feathers, prints, lace, and embroidery.

Recommended styles:

  • Crop tops, bralettes, bustiers paired with shorts or a skirt
  • Maxi dresses or rompers with bold prints
  • High-waisted flared pants or skirts with crop tops
  • Jumpsuits with cut outs and lace up details
  • Matching two-piece set with a crop top and shorts/skirt

Fabrics and colors:

  • Sequins, velvet, lace, mesh for texture and shine
  • Feathers and fringe to add dramatic flair
  • Neon brights, jewel tones, metallic – go bold!
  • Traditional Carnival colors like yellow, green, blue, gold
  • Wear one vibrant color from head to toe or mix patterns and colors

Add statement jewelry, glasses, and shoes to amp up your outfit. Style your hair big with braids, glossy curls, or a decorative wrap.

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Consider Footwear for Carnival Monday

Your shoes need to look good but also let you dance and jump around all day comfortably.

  • Sneakers – Opt for high top, platform, or wedge sneakers in bright colors and prints. Decorate with ribbons, bows, flowers.
  • Boots – Knee or thigh high boots make a dramatic statement. Try with heels or chunky platforms.
  • Flats – Add sparkle with delicate flats encrusted in rhinestones, gems, or metallics.
  • Heels – Block heels, wedges, or platforms are comfortable for all-day wear. Go for ankle straps for security.

More tips:

  • Break shoes in before Carnival to avoid blisters
  • Add cushioned insoles for comfort and support
  • Wear shoes that buckle or lace up – avoid slipping off
  • Bring backup shoes in case your feet hurt or shoes break

Decorate shoes with feathers, ribbons, bows, glitters, gems to coordinate with your outfit.

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Accessorize Your Carnival Look

Smiling woman in golden feathered headdress and jewel makeup at Carnival.

Accessories let you show off your personal flair:


  • Layer long beaded necklaces, chokers, amulets
  • Stack bangle bracelets; add armbands
  • Dangling earrings, bold cuffs


  • Flowers, vines, feathers
  • Bejeweled clips and headbands
  • Wraps, scarves, hats


  • Bold masquerade masks
  • Metallic and jewel-toned makeup
  • Face jewels, gems around eyes
  • Glitter, tattoos


  • Lights, glow sticks, EL wire to light up
  • Wings, tails, capes, sashes
  • Decorative body harnesses
  • Arm cuffs, garters

Give outSmall glow sticks, hats with feathers, sunglasses, etc. make great inexpensive gifts for fellow revelers.

Hair and Makeup for Carnival

You want showstopping hair and makeup that makes a statement but also lasts hours of dancing in the sun and heat.


  • Braids – fishtail, boxer, goddess, cornrows
  • Buns – top knot, ballerina, bubble ponytails
  • Wavy or curly texture – soft glam curls, beachy waves
  • Add accessories – flowers, vines, jeweled clips


  • Waterproof everything – use primers, setting sprays, waterproof products
  • Bold lips – metallics, neons, dark vamps, ombres
  • Statement eyes – color, graphic shapes, rhinestones, gems
  • Blush and highlighter to glow even with sweat
  • Body makeup – opt for non-transfer body paints, glitters

Hair Tip: Protect colored hair from fading by coating with leave-in conditioner before Carnival.

Packing Essentials for Carnival Monday

Aside from your perfect Carnival Monday outfit, be prepared with:

  • Sun protection – sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, umbrella
  • Comfy shoes, backup outfit and makeup in case of issues
  • Water, snacks – stay hydrated and fueled for dancing
  • Phone charger, portable charger, waterproof phone case
  • Cash, ID, essentials in a bag that zips closed
  • Write emergency phone numbers on your body with eyeliner or marker
  • Hand sanitizer, wipes, tissues, lip balm
  • Condoms – be smart and safe!

With so many options for creating an incredible look, you’re sure to have an unforgettable Carnival Monday in Trinidad 2024! What will your outfit be? Start planning now and you’ll be ready to play mas with no stress!

In conclusion, Carnival Monday Wear has become an integral part of the Carnival Monday celebrations. Participants have a chance to express their personal style and creativity. They join this vibrant cultural event.

Did this guide get you excited to plan your Carnival Monday wear? Share your outfit ideas and past Carnival stories below!

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