Shopping at the thrift store is one of the most affordable and fun ways to build a fashionable closet. It allows you to rework secondhand pieces and give them new life in your own wardrobe. Many of the most fashion-savvy people in the world find all their cherished clothing and accessories from thrift stores. Here are the top tips for fashion-forward thrifting.

The first tip for fashion-forward thrifting is to play with trends. Knowing when thrifting became popular can help you find the right trend to follow. Before entering the store, have a few ideas in mind of popular trends you want to try.

For example, there’s been an early 2000s trend sweeping the fashion world in the last few years that takes popular Y2K looks and gives them a fresh edge for modern-day wear. Of course, keeping up with the latest trends is part of how thrifting became popular in the first place. It gives you an easy, affordable way to stay ahead of the latest styles and trends.

Find Flattering Silhouettes

The next tip for thrifting in a fashion-forward way is to find flattering silhouettes. Knowing and understanding your body and what shapes and silhouettes look best on you is key to creating the perfect wardrobe. For example, some people look fabulous in high-waisted jeans, while others might look better in low-rise jeans. Every individual will have a different silhouette that suits them best. Once you understand what looks good on your body, you can thrift for the most flattering pieces.

Take Risks

The last fashion-forward thrifting tip is to take risks. For anyone who has followed fashion throughout the years, the one thing you will consistently notice about the most popular brands and designers is that they weren’t afraid to take risks.

For example, one of the most famous women in the fashion world was Kate Moss in the 90s and 2000s. She received so much public attention and set so many of the world’s trends at that time because she took risks that no one else was taking. When it comes to thrifting, taking risks is a lot of fun because you can find some bold and unique clothing that you would never find anywhere else.

The next time you go shopping, use these top tips for fashion-forward thrifting to improve your experience. Play with trends, find flattering silhouettes, and take risks. Applying all these tips will help you feel like a high-fashion mogul in no time.

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