The fashion world is an industry that is in constant flux. Some trends fade into the rich history, only to return a few seasons or even generations later. Some trends are conquering the fashion Olympus at the moment. Either way, the impetus for constant change comes from seasons passing, social change, and even technological change.

A Lavish Array of Images With Feather Trim Pajamas
(Source: Daily Sleeper’s official Instagram).

Fashionistas who actively follow the changing trends are unlikely to argue that 2022 was a really productive year for the fashion industry. And one of the obvious favorites is the Sleeper feather pajamas.

Sure, some people might find the stereotypically ‘homely’ outfit too frivolous for going out. But who says you can’t wear your favorite feather PJ set to work, a party, or a casual outing with friends? Fashion is not restricted by stereotypes, so any style experiments in which an elegant pajama with removable feather décor will help you are only welcome. The main thing is that these experiments will bring you external comfort and moral satisfaction.

If you still have no idea how to integrate a feather set into your look and diversify it, read this article. Perhaps the suggestions offered will inspire you to create a unique look that emphasizes your individuality.

Sleeper feather pajamas: a bit of backstory

Even if you’re not a fashion industry expert, you may have heard of the popular Ukrainian clothing brand founded in 2014 by two fashion magazine editors.

Asya Varetsa and Kate Zubarieva have created a truly original concept. The brand Sleeper literally popularizes the cult of taking care of not only the appearance but also the comfort of a woman. That is why the first brand production was comfortable striped Daily Sleeper PJs, which became widely known only two months after its release.

The rapid growth in popularity allowed the brand to expand and present numerous collections of dresses, promising shoe ranges, and interesting swimwear options. But multifunctionality has not forced designers to give up on stylish suits and cozy fashionable pajamas. And feather trim pajamas are one successful example of practical and stylish clothing for all occasions.

Read more about the feather pajama set

If you scroll through fashion blogs and celebrity social media, you’ll see how popular soft viscose pajamas with feather trim are. And their popularity is no surprise and quite understandable.

Feather trim pajamas consist of trousers and an oversize top with small pockets, a neat collar, and long sleeves. The cuffs are decorated with detachable feathers according to the fashionista’s wish. The trousers of the set feature 3/4 length, a comfortable elastic band, and the option to fix the feather cuffs around the ankles.

Feathers are both a highlight and an optional item of attire. By adorning the Daily Sleeper PJs with flirty feathers, you can wear them to a birthday party, on a date, or for a night out. If you choose not to decorate the set with feathers, it can be a great outfit for your daily routine and even office hours.

The versatility is also supported by the variety of colors available. In the brand’s range you’ll find:

  • Blue
  • Ash grey
  • Red
  • Pink with red feathers
  • Pink Vichy
  • White
  • And black pajama.

Of course, color is important when creating an image. But just as important is what a stylish pajama set will be teamed up with.

A few words on possible stylistic combinations

Feather Trim Pajamas: A few words on possible stylistic combinations
(Source: Daily Sleeper’s official Instagram).

When it comes to fashion, aficionados of trendy clothing come up with thousands of possible combinations:

  1. Accentuate your sex appeal. To unleash your potential as a stunning hottie, just complement your feather pajamas set with stiletto heels or miniskirts.
  2. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors. In the brand Sleeper catalog you can easily find, for example, a red set or pink pajamas, but with red trimming. Combine that glamour with a monochrome designer bag and you’ll be the star of the event in no time. Another option is an understated look, like black or white pajamas, but with a scarf in lime or hot pink.
  3. “Yay!” to layering. Pajamas with feathers are great worn over a long-sleeved shirt or turtleneck sweater. For more warmth and coziness you can also add a scarf or a stole to the outfit.
  4. Try splitting the set. Wearing trousers with a blouse or blazer will give you a stylish office look. And by complementing a jacket-style top with classic trousers, a skirt, or a dress, you’ll create a unique holiday outfit.
  5. Always remember the extra details. If you add an accessory or jewel to your feather pajama set, the look will resonate in a whole new way. It could be a belt that accentuates the waist or a tiny pendant that enhances the grace of the neck.

The advice listed above is not strictly dogma, which limits the available combinations. The Daily Sleeper PJs from the Sleeper brand say a resounding “yes” to adventurers who playfully experiment with their style.

Feather pajamas in the personal fashion tops of global celebrities

Celebrities are often the ones who set the trend. On their social networks and at social events, they popularize certain clothes, the fashion for which spreads like wildfire.

The daily Sleeper PJs have also become “viral” in a good way, attracting the attention of Dakota Fanning, Leona Lewis, Lena Dunham, and Vanessa Hudgens.

How exactly do celebrities set new fashion trends? It’s very simple. Fascinated by the work or personality of a star, fans often want to be like them and begin to copy their manners, habits, and, of course, style of dress. This unspoken law also works without fail on feather pajamas. Seeing this stylish ensemble on their idols, thousands of women rushed to buy a set and spread their love for the brand and its collections to thousands of fashionistas. Want to be one of them? Feather PJs with their wearing comfort and rich color palette will easily steal your heart and take their rightful place in your wardrobe.

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