A black and white shacket outfit can be achieved by pairing a black and white plaid shacket with a solid white top, black denim, and booties for a stylish and professional look for the office.

As someone who loves fashion, I’m kind of obsessed with shackets lately – they’re such a fun way to add style to any outfit! I especially adore black and white plaid shackets for their classic, chic look.

When I want to look polished for the office, I’ll pair a black and white buffalo check shacket with a crisp white tee or blouse and black jeans. Throw on some ankle booties and I’m ready for business! The shacket adds just enough flair while still keeping things professional.

But black and white shackets can also be styled in a more casual, everyday way. I’ll wear mine over leggings and a tank with sneakers for running errands. There are so many cute options – like the Lisel shacket with its classy glen plaid print.

The best part is you can find these timeless black and white shackets almost anywhere now. I just got an affordable one on Amazon that looks so stylish.

I hope these tips get you inspired to add a black and white plaid shacket into your fall and winter wardrobe rotation! They instantly elevate any outfit with a touch of classic sophistication.

7 Chic Ways to Rock a Black and White Shacket Outfit

Nail the monochrome look with a classic black and white checked shacket and a crisp white blouse.
Sleek and stylish: a black and white shacket with a crisp blouse for a smart, modern look.

I just got the cutest black and white shacket! The plaid pattern is so versatile – I’ve been having fun styling it for both work and weekends. There are so many options, whether I’m going for professional chic or casual cool. Let me know if you need any outfit ideas, I’d love to share my tips! Shackets are such a great staple to have.

1. Professional Outfit

Master the art of professional attire with a sleek black and white plaid shacket over a tailored white shirt.
Power dressing: Nail the look with a black and white checked shacket and a sharp white blouse.

I just figured out the perfect professional outfit formula with my black and white shacket! The other day for work, I wore it over a crisp solid white blouse and sleek black jeans. I added some black booties to finish the look. It instantly elevated my normal work clothes into something stylish and polished but still office-appropriate.

The shacket made me feel confident and put-together, much more so than a regular blazer. And it was so easy to throw on over my typical black and white separates. I got so many compliments!

If you’re looking to spice up your professional attire, try layering a black and white plaid shacket over a white top and black bottoms.

Add booties or loafers and you’ve got an effortlessly chic work outfit. Shackets are such a fun way to shake up an otherwise basic work look.

2. Casual Outfit

Fashion-forward casual look with distressed jeans and a chic black and white shacket
City chic: A trendy black and white shacket paired with distressed denim for a perfect day-out attire.

On the weekends, I love styling my black and white shacket in a more casual, relaxed way. My new favorite off-duty look is to pair it with some distressed denim, a flowing white blouse, and cute kitten heels.

It makes even my most laidback pieces suddenly look chic and a little dressy, perfect for going out with friends or a casual date. The shacket adds that extra something – a bit more polish than just a flannel, but still totally comfortable.

And it transitions so smoothly from day to night! I can even throw on some booties instead of heels if I want to keep things extra low-key.

A black and white shacket over distressed jeans and a white top makes the perfect weekend outfit when you want to look stylish but not overdone. It’s my new go-to for looking casually cool!

3. Neutral Plaid Shacket with Denim

Autumn style perfection with a neutral plaid shacket, turtleneck, and light denim.
Fall fashion sorted with a cozy plaid shacket, classic turtleneck, and denim in an autumnal backdrop.

I just styled the cutest fall outfit with my new neutral plaid shacket! The other day I paired it with some high-waisted light wash jeans, a black belt bag, and beige ankle boots.

The shacket’s greys and tans complemented the blue denim so nicely. And topping it off with the belt bag and boots made the look feel straight off a street style blog – chic but totally wearable! I love how shackets can make even basic pieces like jeans feel fashionable.

The plaid print added that extra flair while still being neutral enough to pair with anything. And the outfit was so comfy while looking put-together.

If you’re looking to amp up your denim game, try layering on a neutral plaid shacket with a belt bag and boots. It’s my new go-to for instant fall style! So much cuter than just jeans and a top.

4. Black and White Plaid Shacket

Edgy urban fall fashion with a black and white checked shacket and combat boots.
Edgy street style: Black & white shacket, graphic tee, leggings, and combat boots for a fierce urban look.

I recently put together such a fun Halloween-inspired outfit with my black and white buffalo check shacket! Since I’m obsessed with Hocus Pocus, I wore the shacket over my favorite Hocus Pocus t-shirt, along with black leggings, boots, and a black beanie.

The black and white plaid shacket tied everything together and gave the casual tee and leggings a bit of an edgy, dressed-up vibe. I felt so cute and cozy channeling my inner Sarah Sanderson!

I love how shackets can instantly make basic pieces like graphic tees and leggings look more polished and put-together. The black and white pattern matched perfectly with my black accessories too for a coordinated look. It was just the right amount of Halloween flair without going overboard.

If you’re looking for an easy way to add some seasonal style to a casual outfit, try layering a black and white plaid shacket over your favorite tee, leggings, and boots. So much cuter than just wearing loungewear! Happy haunting!

5. Shacket with Leggings

Chic streetwear vibe with plaid shacket, leggings, and white sneakers on city walk.
Chic and comfy: Plaid shacket over a crisp tee with leggings and sneakers for a casual autumn day.

My favorite way to instantly elevate a casual leggings outfit is by adding a shacket! The other day I wore a basic t-shirt and black leggings, then layered on my black and white plaid shacket open and unbuttoned. I finished it off with white sneakers and sunglasses. It made my usual leggings and tee combo look so much more stylish and put-together!

The shacket added the perfect amount of visual interest and polish without sacrificing comfort. I felt like I wasn’t just wearing loungewear but an actual outfit. Plus it dressed up the leggings enough that I could run errands and grab coffee without looking sloppy.

Shackets are such a game changer for making lazy casual outfits look intentional. If you want to feel stylish while still being comfy, try topping leggings and a tee with an open shacket. Throw on sneakers or booties and you’ve instantly elevated the look!

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6. Shacket with Mom Jeans

Winter fashion in the city: Turtleneck, houndstooth shacket, and skinny jeans.
Effortlessly stylish: Turtleneck and shacket paired with sleek mom jeans and ankle boots for city chic.

I recently discovered the cutest way to wear my shacket with mom jeans! I’ll pair high-waisted, loose fitting mom jeans with a body-skimming top or dress underneath – maybe a turtleneck bodysuit or fitted midi sweater dress. Then I’ll layer my favorite black and white buffalo check shacket on top, open and unbuttoned. And to complete the look, I’ll add some black Chelsea boots.

The oversized, flowy shacket balances out the tighter dress perfectly. It keeps the outfit from looking too saggy or boxy. And it adds just the right amount of contrast and visual interest. I feel put together but not stuffy.

I love this combo for weekends and running errands because it’s so comfy but still polished. The shacket makes it feel a little more special than just wearing any old t-shirt with mom jeans. If you’re looking to balance out a slouchy jean fit, try an unbuttoned shacket over a fitted dress or bodysuit – so cute but totally wearable!

7. Shacket with Skinny Jeans

Chic sidewalk style with beige turtleneck, checkered shacket, and light-wash jeans.
Autumn allure: Cozy shacket and turtleneck with form-fitting jeans and boots for a trendy, layered look.

I love the look of mixing loose and fitted pieces, so one of my go-to outfits is pairing a shacket with skinny jeans. I’ll wear my black and white plaid shacket over a fitted cami or silky tank tucked into dark wash skinnies. To balance out the oversized shacket, I’ll add sleek shoes like white sneakers or black pointed flats.

The combination of the relaxed shacket with the skinny jeans and fitted top looks so chic and polished! The shacket makes the outfit feel a bit more fashion forward than just a plain sweater and jeans. I also love how it creates shape and visual contrast.

I’ll wear this shacket and skinnies combo for date nights or anytime I want to look sophisticated but relaxed. It’s dressier than jeans and a tee but still totally comfortable. The shacket elevates the look perfectly. If you’re looking for an easy way to make your skinny jeans more stylish, try layering on an oversized shacket with a fitted top and sleek shoes!

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Final Thoughts

As a fashion lover, I’ve learned some key styling tips for wearing shackets. Since they’re meant to be oversized and roomy, it’s important to balance out the silhouette with more fitted pieces. If I wear my shacket with only baggy items, I look totally drowned and shapeless.

Instead, I’ll pair my black and white plaid shacket with skinny jeans or leggings and a sleek tank or fitted sweater. The contrast of loose and tight makes the outfit look polished and purposeful. I also have fun mixing up textures and colors – a cozy shacket with silky cami and denim is so chic!

And I can totally change up the vibe by accessorizing differently. I’ll dress it up with booties and a crossbody bag for a date night, then switch to sneakers and a baseball cap for Saturday errands. Endless options with a black and white shacket outfit once you learn to balance the proportions! Experiment and have fun styling this versatile piece.

I hope these tips have inspired you to style your black and white shacket! Let me know in the comments – how do you like to wear this versatile piece? Share your favorite shacket outfit ideas and styling tricks. I’d love to see all the amazing ways you incorporate these timeless plaid shirts into your wardrobe!

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