Have you ever asked about the meaning of biker patches? You’re not alone. Most people don’t know what they mean.

There is actually more than meets the eye with these expressive patches.

Keep reading below to learn about what they mean, what they’re made of, how to attach them to a jacket, and where to find biker patches for sale.

A Guide to Biker Patches: History, Materials, Placement

What Do Biker Patches Mean?

First, you need to understand that there are two types of motorcycle groups: a loosely organized riders club and a more strict motorcycle club. Both may have patches, but getting one has different requirements.

Patches are used for biker identification but they also have a long history and tradition.

Bikers can wear a small square patch on the back, also known as “a cut,” to show their affiliation.

Others wear a three-piece patch with a top rocker (banner across the shoulder), a center patch with the club’s logo, and a bottom rocker.

Fabrics Used for Biker Patches

The fabrics used for biker patches are denim or heavy cotton so they withstand the elements, including the sun, wind, and even rain.

You can pick up patches online or in specialty shops, but there are some designs you should avoid.

Never display a patch for an exclusive club that you don’t belong to. Clubs typically have strict regulations for how their members can wear a patch (for example, where it’s placed on a jacket). The last thing you want is a misunderstanding.

Technology has also made it easier to design your own custom biker patches. You can scan an image into an embroidery program and use it to sew your own. If you don’t know embroidery work, with the help of Vivipins who make custom embroidered patches you can get your own pathes made.

A better option is to reach out to a supplier like Patches4Less to create custom patches for your club. Professional companies will provide you with high-quality patches that will last for a long time.

Tips for Attaching Biker Vest Patches

There are two ways to attach a patch to your leather jacket. One is an iron-on patch, while the other is sewing by hand. Both of these ways are covered at 4incustompatch.com. They have patches that may be applied using heat and manual stitching. the iron-on patch is an easy backing option for applying a patch. It is simple to remove and will not harm your clothing.

This is an excellent method for avoiding pocking holes in your clothes. It is really simple to customize the size, shape, and style as desired.

Start off by positioning the patch where you want it and taping it on the back to keep it in place. Use 100% nylon or polyester thread in the same color as the patch. You’ll also want to pick up a specialized leather needle.

When ready, push the needle from the back through the leather and patch. Keep the needle inside of the border of the patch. You’ll whipstitch across the entire border of the patch and remove the tape before finishing the job. And, most importantly, don’t forget to knot the thread when you’re done.

Get Your First Biker Patch

After reading this article you should understand the meaning behind biker patches. If you’re just starting out, pick some fun designs that won’t be confused with a formal club.

Need more fashion tips? Check out the rest of our site to learn about picking the best jeans to go with your new biker patch, plus the latest in men’s and women’s fashion trends.


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