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Where To Buy The Best Underwear And Bras, According To Women.

Your underwear is one of the most personal things you can buy. Generally speaking, unless you are a celebrity who often opts out of wearing undergarments, you probably have a whole drawer devoted to underthings, from bras to undies to straight-up sexy lingerie. Each item fits a unique need or wants on those very special parts of your body that deserve just a little more consideration than the rest.

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In honor of last night’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, we asked our readers to tell us about their favorite places to buy underwear, bras, and the like. Try one of these if you are searching for a new spot to get your unmentionables!

1. Target

Yep, Target. Like I said in my original post, these suckers get me every single time.

2. Aerie

Our reader Katie explained why she loves this brand from American Eagle:

I’ve been buying them at Aerie recently because they are comfy and because they call them undies, but mostly, they aren’t photoshopping their models, and they have models of different kinds. And they are cute!!! I got a pair with penguins wearing top hats.

Penguins wearing hats? Girl, we are in. Alanna, too, named it as one of the best:

Aerie, for the most part, because their undies are affordable and cute, and the lace is way softer than VS!

Gotta love soft underwear that won’t break the bank, right?

3. Elomi Lingerie

This is a new retailer we hadn’t yet heard of but are now hooked. Commenter bitterorange shared why she loves its bras with us:

I like Elomi for fancy lingerie and gorgeous, functional bras for those up us over a D cup.

And just look at how cute those.

4. Hanky Panky

This cult fave is beloved for a reason: it boasts “the world’s most comfortable thong,” which, as we all know, is no small feat. Well, technically, it’s a tiny object, but it’s a tough one to make comfortable. Commenter aliwos notes that they’re “so incredibly nice,” so if you’re looking for solid quality, this is a great option.

5. H&M

Your favorite fast fashion store also has awesome lingerie, as Olivia notes. Why not grab your new favorite undies while getting those three $10 tanks, comfy pajama pants, and $15 skinny jeans?

6. Le Mystere

This was our other personal pick–who doesn’t love a nice, durable bra that actually looks cute?

7. Costco

Yup. That place you can get a 72-pack of toilet paper is the same place you can get inexpensive underwear! Reader Kirsten explains: “I get my time of the month underwear from Costco (my coworker had the most horrified look on her face when I told her that).” We say screw ’em–inexpensive for that time of the month is absolutely the way to go.

8. Victoria’s Secret

This list certainly wouldn’t be complete without everyone’s favorite 5/$25 underwear store! Alicia715 told us why she’s a devotee: “Victoria’s Secret. I’d love to find somewhere else, but frankly, bras at a lot of other stores don’t hold up as long as bras from VS do.”

9. Kohl’s

If you live near a Kohl’s, you are a lucky, lucky person. E.B. agrees:

Kohl’s Maidenform underwear, which I think is sold at department stores as well. Love them.

Comfortable and low cost? Sign us up.

10. Eberjey

For when you’re feeling a little luxe, Alanna cited this as a good pick:

Eberjey, when I feel fancy (or my boyfriend feels spontaneous and nice), I have 2 bralettes and a bra from them, and they’re super high-quality and sexy-comfy.

Perhaps you’ve been extra good this holiday season and deserve a treat, eh?

11. American Apparel

We’re loving AA’s choices of models lately and have been into their lingerie for quite a while. Commenter Grace says:

American Apparel. Their underwear fits like a dream, is super comfortable, and holds up with time. The baby rib thongs are probably the best things I’ve ever purchased.

Plus, there are few things that feel sexier than wearing comfortable, well-fitting lace!

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