Best Skirts by Body Type

This is the season of the skirt, and the Spring shows were full of them. If you aren’t a skirt wearer, maybe it’s because you just haven’t found the right one for you. Maybe skirts that fit your hips are too big on the waist (pear shape), or the waistband digs in (you may be apple-shaped), or they twist around your body and won’t lay flat. So here are my tips for choosing a skirt to suit your body shape and plenty of options for you to buy.

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Neat Hourglass shape

Best skirts for Hourglass shape

Lucky you, most skirt shapes will work. But don’t hide your great shape; show off your waist with detail or belts.

You can wear pencil, A-line, narrow pleats, and bias-cut skirts.

Full hourglass shape

Best skirt styles for your body shape

Your skirts need to move with your curves. Choose softer fabrics or those with some stretch.

You can wear wrap skirts, bias cut, flip, or soft pencil shapes.

Pear shape

Skirts for pear shaped body

You need shapes that fit your waist but aren’t tight on the hips, so A-line and flared skirts are your best choices. Show off your slim waist and draw the eye upwards to the shoulder line with detail or wide necklines.

You can wear A-line, softly flared, bias, and flip styles.

Column shape

Skirts for a column body shape

Wear straight lines that have some shaping at the waist. Most column shape women have great hips, so don’t be afraid to show them off in a fitted skirt. If a skirt twists around the body, it may be bias cut and won’t work with your straight lines.

You can wear pencil, paneled and pleated skirts.

Apple shape

Skirts for apple shaped women

Choose a skirt without a waistband that just pulls on and lays flat on your tummy like the one above. Choose skirts in softer fabrics, but that hang in a straight line.

You can wear bias and straight skirts without a waistband.

Will you be buying skirts to add to your capsule wardrobe this spring?

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