What's The Best Men's Clothing Piece All Guys Should Own?
What’s The Best Men’s Clothing Piece All Guys Should Own?

There are some clothing pieces that every man should own. These are the ones that women wish all guys would wear.

Lately, we have been discussing the terrible clothes that many men have a tendency to wear. These clothes do not mean they are inherently bad people, nor that they are even really terrible dressers, but that does not mean we have to support their decision to wear socks with sandals or basketball shorts to any place besides the gym. Now, we are going to talk about all the wonderful clothes they should wear.

There are some pieces that should be in every adult’s wardrobe: nicely polished shoes, a tailored jacket, the perfect jeans, a pair of well-fitting pants in a material besides denim, comfortable and flattering undergarments…lots of staples! But we all have favorites to see on other people.

For example, I personally love to see a guy in a slim black or navy suit, preferably a sans vest. Perhaps this stems from my early crush on Will Smith in Men In Black or my rather unseemly thoughts about Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, but regardless, it is a style I find unreasonably attractive as long as it fits well. Not of that awful “I bought this at Macy’s and left it at that way” shit.

I’m also a big fan of casually preppy looks featuring button-downs, comfortable but tailored pants, and a polished contoured shoe with nice stitching. Second dates that should never have happened were the result of my stupid love of nice shoes on dudes, so clearly, they have some strange effect on my psyche.

What clothing piece or accessory do you wish more guys would wear? Tell us in the comments (so we can pass on the message)!

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