Things Guys Need To Wear More, According To Women

These are the best clothing for men to wear, according to women.

After discussing the clothing that women hate men wearing most, from baggy basketball shorts in public places to black socks with flip flops, we figured now is a good time to talk about the clothing women would love to see more men wear.

As I said in our open thread on the topic, I absolutely love seeing guys in slim, well-tailored suits. I love it. I also thoroughly enjoy a nice pair of shoes, and I am almost certain that if a semi-handsome stranger with a nice haircut approached me right at this moment and said, “Hello Samantha, would you like to go get coffee with me?” I might say yes, depending on what kind of shoes he was wearing. I wouldn’t even question the fact that he knew my name and was in my bedroom. If he were wearing a suit, then it’s all over, screw it, we’re getting married this afternoon. You’re all invited.

So, what are the clothing pieces and accessories that women want to see men wear more? Let’s check out your answers!

1. emilykwells2188: “I get weak in the knees when my fiance has to wear his dress blues (he’s an Air Force captain) OR a black suit with suspenders :-).”

I love this answer! Dress blues are gorgeous (and always seem to fit so nicely, so that’s some extra points).

2. Sara: “I love it when guys wear vests over button-downs. Not sweater vests, but the ones from three-piece suits.”

YES. A nice vest goes a long way, provided there is a shirt underneath—none of that weird Jersey Shore crap with the pecs sticking out.

3. Jen Pires: “Pinstripe suits make me weak in the knees… I also love those plaid flannel hunter-type jackets and work boots; I’m all about lumberjacks.”

Yes! Gotta love that plaid.

4. Alexis: “Elbow patches make my panties drop.”

Yup. I recently went to a pool party in Atlantic City, and the only guy I wound up hanging out with was wearing a sweater with elbow patches. At a pool party.

5. Kayla: “All the flannels, all the time. Also, beards.”

First of all, nice beards make dudes about 50% more hot to me. In fact, sometimes I wonder if men without beards feel inadequate because beard transplant is, indeed, a thing.

Second, the best thing about flannels is that when they are not wearing them, you can.

Third, I’m so happy this GIF exists because it’s perfect for this answer.

6. Heather: “I agree with the slim, but not skin-tight, suits. It should look like the suit is tailored for the dude, not his bigger uncle.”

I remember many a prom that consisted of dudes in ridiculously tight or hilariously oversized suits. Not a good look.

7. Jenni: “Pocket watches and spectacles. I love me a Monopoly Man.”

Don’t we all?

8. Hayley: “I love a guy in a pair of nice leather (or preferably vegan leather) shoes. He can even wear the same ones for ten years. I don’t care. Just no more freaking gym shoes.”

We love vegan leather around these parts! (And wearing it for ourselves, naturally.) A good pair of shoes goes a long way.

9. Anne Marie Hawkins: “I just appreciate it in general when I see guys dressed in clothes that fit properly. Like, the shoulder seams on his shirt actually match up with his shoulders. He doesn’t have six feet of rumply fabric sitting on top of his shoes. He’s not using his tie to desperately cinch in the collar of his shirt (or hide that he can’t button it.) I don’t want to be able to make a working sail out of the extra fabric in a guy’s shirt, and if I go through the trouble to find shirts that don’t gap over my bust, he can too. Also cufflinks. Or woven bracelets. Just not together.”

Cufflinks! How could I ever forget cufflinks? They’re pretty much the best men’s accessories ever, especially when they’re a little bit quirky and show off something about the guy’s personality.

10. simoneutecht: “Button-down shirt rolled up to the elbows with a vest over-top and really nice shoes.”

Mmph, this sounds like something Ryan Gosling would wear, and that is always a good sign.

11. itpainsme2say: “I’m a loose cardigan girl, or semi-fitted three button shirts with the sleeves pushed up, think early Caleb on PLL. Like soft hipster style, and I also love a good beanie.”

I think we can all agree that Caleb is the most attractive dude on Pretty Little Liars.

12. George Hahn: “A good pair of black wingtip brogues.”

Given that this commenter’s name is George, I’m guessing he is a dude. Given his knowledge of brogues, I’m guessing he is an amazing dresser. George Hahn, you seem awesome.

13. Alexandra Mitchell: “Button-down shirts with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow. Dear Jesus, help me. But also suits! There’s nothing sexier than a well-fitted suit.”

EVERY TIME. Seriously, whenever I go on a date with a guy and he’s wearing a nice button-down with the sleeves rolled up, I have to contain my stupid schoolgirl giggling.

14. Sami Jankins: “Dressed nicely with suspenders. I love suspenders. This may be a carryover from my childhood obsession with Steve Urkel, though. (Vests are great, too.).”

Suspenders are always an excellent choice, but the reasoning behind your love for suspenders might just be my favorite reasoning behind a love for any outfit ever.

There you have it, fellahs! Now let’s all go shopping, shall we?

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