With their natural, sophisticated aesthetics and iconic elegant designs, your Hermès Birkin, Chanel Diana, Chloé Paddington, Fendi Baguette, and other designer bags usually don’t need any changes or additions to look stylish.

However, you can always add your personal touches to your pre-owned designer bags to show off your personality and creative side.

You can do this without altering and ruining your precious designer bags by using the right accessories.

Stylish Accessories for Your Pre-Loved Luxury Bags

Adding one or two well-chosen accessories to your pre-owned designer bag can elevate its look and style.

You also get the chance to personalize your bag, allowing you to have an accessory that shows off your personality and eye for style.

Below are the eight best accessories you can use to glam up your pre-owned designer bags:

1.    Scarf

Whether you use scarves frequently or not and have plenty of them hanging in your closet, you can get more out of these accessories by adding them to your bags.

Silk, chiffon, and net scarves can instantly elevate your leather, nylon, polyester, or straw designer bags. Simply tie the scarf in a bow along the strap or wrap the handle to add flair to your handbag.

You can choose a scarf in a color and design that complements your bag. You can also pick something that clashes with your handbag if you are aiming for an avant-garde look.

If you have scarves for different seasons, you can use them to accessorize your bag based on the time for a year. For instance, a bright floral scarf on your handbag gives it a summer-ready look.

A plain red or green scarf or their combination can give your bag a festive touch perfect for the holidays.

2.    Ribbon

Ribbons are excellent alternatives to scarves if you want something smaller or subtler to accessorize your bag.

Tie or wrap your choice of ribbon around one or both handles of your bag. You can tie it around any hardware as well.

If you want a formal-looking put-together bow, cut the ends of the ribbon.

For a whimsical, more eye-catching look, keep the ribbon long.

Regardless of where you put the ribbon, you’ll be adding a feminine color, texture, and accent to your handbag, making it look more interesting.

Accessorizing your bag with a ribbon is also an excellent way to show your support for certain causes, such as breast cancer or autism awareness.

3.    Bag charm

Bag charms are pieces of jewelry that you can use to effortlessly glam up your handbag.

These cute, small, and whimsical charms are must-have accessories for designer bags. They are easy to attach since you can simply clip one on the zipper or any hardware.

Even though the charm is small, it adds a unique flair to your bag design and look. 

Nearly all luxury handbag brands have their own unique charms. Prada uses bears while Fendi features monsters. 

Meanwhile, Hermès charms comprise horses and Louis Vuitton’s are fleur-de-lis monograms.

Each brand’s official charms come in different designs, colors, textures, and finishes, so you can have fun choosing the right one for your handbag.

There are also plenty of charms you can buy from other brands. With the numerous options, you won’t have difficulty finding one that complements your bag and embodies your style and personality.

4.    Keychain

Putting custom acrylic keychains on your designer bag is another simple and easy way of accessorizing it.

These accessories can bring out accent colors or add sparkle to a monochromatic bag.

Keychains come in different styles, designs, and sizes. Whether you want something swanky or simple, you have plenty of options to choose from that can let you show off your personal style.

A fashion trend ‌you can try is hooking long chains between the handles so they can look like a necklace for your bag.

5.    Hair accessory

Another quick way to accessorize your designer bags is to use hair clips.

Placing a plastic tortoiseshell hair claw you’re not using on the handle is an easy way to add flair to your handbag. 

For more eye-catching accents, attach hair clips with flowers, faux jewels, or feathers to the handles or hardware. 

If you still wear these hair accessories, you can have easier access to them when you need to put them on.

If you’re no longer using these hair accessories, placing one or more of these on your handbag allows you to make the most out of them and show your personal style.

6.    Jewelry

If you have some jewelry pieces you don’t wear, use them to accessorize your handbags as well.

Fasten your old and unused clip-on earrings on your bag handles.

Another option is to pin piercing earrings or brooches on your fabric purses. However, be careful with sticking them in your bags to avoid ruining them.

Also, remove these accessories when you’re not using the bag or don’t like them as embellishments anymore.

Lastly, if you have long beaded or faux pearl necklaces, you can tie them to the handles.

Whether your jewelry pieces are small, big, or long, they can transform your handbag aesthetics effortlessly.

7.    Statement bag strap

If your luxury bags have detachable straps, you can amp up their look and style by replacing them with statement ones.

Well-designed, pretty statement straps can make a small but powerful change to your handbags.

Statement straps are typically wider than leather ones, making them more comfortable to wear on your shoulders. These accessories come with clasps so you can attach them easily to the bag.

These statement straps are often made of cotton, polyester, and other soft fabrics and come in different colors. You can find one that complements your bag and switches up its look without difficulty. 

8.    Bag chain

Aside from statement straps, you can switch your luxury handbags’ removable bands with bag chains.

Bag chains work like additional embellishments for your handbag and allow you to add an appealing, eye-catching metallic element to it.

You can attach a strap chain to your bag in various ways, depending on the loops or rings on your bag. 

These accessories also come in silver or gold and different designs, giving you several options to elevate the look and style of your luxury handbags.

With these accessories, you can easily personalize your bags to match your outfits and make them suitable for work, a ladies’ night out with your friends, or a visit to the Caribbean.

You get to show off your personality and creative style, too.

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