With the summer season officially here, it means a new season of fashion is arriving as well. Time to dust off your favorite sun dresses and other warm-weather staples. However, during the summer, it can be tough to stay cool, even in some of your favorite outfits. Here are some wardrobe tips to help you stay cool and beat the heat this summer season.

Choose Lightweight Fabrics and Materials

One of the biggest factors that can help you stay cool during the summer is the type of clothing you wear. Certain materials can help you feel cooler, while others can have the opposite effect. For example, denim is a heavy material that doesn’t offer much breathability. Instead of choosing jean shorts or a jean jacket, consider swapping these articles for lighter material options. Look for summer articles made from cotton, linen, or jersey materials, as these options are lightweight and help you sweat less.

Be Strategic With Your Hair Accessories

How you wear your hair during the summer months can significantly contribute to your comfort levels. For those who have long hair, the sizzling summer days can be stifling and uncomfortable, and you can feel like your hair is weighing you down. On hot days, try pulling your hair back. You can use headbands, scrunchies, clips, and other hair accessories to hold back your hair and cool your head, neck, and shoulders. Use these summer accessories to dress up your outfits while keeping you cool.

Don’t Forget About Summer-Friendly Footwear

Choosing your footwear carefully is another way to stay cool this summer. While tennis shoes and boots can match your overall outfit, they don’t provide much breathability for your feet, which can cause you to sweat more. You will often feel much more comfortable in open-toed shoes on hot days. Choose open-toed shoes like flip-flops and sandals for days when you’ll be chilling by the pool, walking on the beach, or attending a summer bonfire. Just note that it’s also important to wear the proper footwear for professional summer events or outdoor excursions such as hikes.

Don’t forget to dress for the weather this sweltering summer season. Remember these essential wardrobe tips to help you stay cool and fashionable for all your summer events.

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