Summertime means fun in the sun, and that can include trips to the beach, park, or pool. But it’s also important to remember that the summer sun can be harsh on delicate skin, so it’s important to dress your toddler appropriately. In this blog post, we will provide tips for dressing your toddler in the summer heat.

Tips for Dressing a Toddler in the Summer

1. Choose Cotton Fabrics

Cotton is a lightweight, breathable fabric that will help keep your toddler cool and comfortable in the summer heat. Cotton’s lightness helps air to flow to the skin and allows perspiration to evaporate, preventing irritation and cooling the skin. Pay attention to loose-fitted toddler clothing from as they are best for high temperatures.

2. Lighten Up

In the summer, it’s all about lightening up. Choose lighter-weight fabrics and clothing in light colors to help reflect the sun’s rays. To cool down, remove the onesie from under your toddler’s shorts and tees. A simple sleeveless knit dress is ideal for little ladies when it comes to getting dressed. In simple pull-on shorts and soft jersey polo tops or tees, little boys appear laid-back and stylish.

3. Layer on the Sunblock

Be sure to apply sunscreen to your toddler before heading outdoors, even on cloudy days. The sun’s rays can penetrate through the clouds, so it’s important to protect your child’s skin from harmful UV rays. Apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and reapply every two hours or more often, if your toddler is swimming or sweating.

4. Go for Sun-blocking Clothes

In addition to sunscreen, consider dressing your toddler in clothing that provides sun protection. UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) is a rating system that measures how well a fabric protects against ultraviolet rays. A UPF of 50+ means the fabric blocks out more than 98% of UV rays.

Some clothing companies now offer UPF-rated clothing for toddlers, so be sure to look for items with a UPF rating when shopping for summer clothes.

how to dress toddler in summer

5. Include a Hat

Hats are also a great way to protect your toddler’s head, face, and neck from the sun. Choose a hat with a wide brim that shades the eyes, nose, and ears. Look for one with an oversized brim and a chin strap made of lightweight cotton with UPF protection.

6. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are another good option for protecting your toddler’s eyes from the sun’s rays. Look for a pair that has 100% UVA and UVB protection and is comfortable to wear. Check the label to make sure the glasses fit snugly on your toddler’s face and don’t allow any light to peek in from the sides.

While sunglasses are a great way to protect your toddler’s eyes, be sure to apply sunscreen to the sensitive skin around the eyes as well.

7. Pick Sandals Smart

When it comes to summer footwear, sandals are a great option for toddlers. They’re easy to put on and take off, and they keep little feet cool and comfortable in the heat. But not all sandals provide the same level of protection from the sun.

To safeguard your toddler’s feet, choose a pair of sandals with a closed toe and heel, and make sure they have a strap that goes around the ankle. This will help keep the sandals on your toddler’s feet, even when they’re running and playing. And be sure to apply sunscreen to the top and bottom of your toddler’s feet before putting the sandals on.

8. Prepare for the Pool

If you’re headed to the pool or beach this summer, be sure to pack a few essential items in your bag. In addition to sunscreen and hats, pack a pair of swim goggles to protect your toddler’s eyes from the chlorine in the water. And don’t forget to pack a cover-up for when it’s time to head indoors. A lightweight cotton dress or baby girl romper is perfect for covering up wet swimsuits.

9. Pick the Perfect Pajamas

When it comes to bedtime, choose lightweight pajamas made from natural fabrics like cotton. This will help your toddler stay cool and comfortable during the warmer months. And be sure to have a few spare sets on hand in case of accidents. With these tips, you’ll be sure to keep your toddler cool and comfortable all summer long!

In Conclusion

And there you have it! These are our tips for dressing your toddler in the summer heat. Be sure to choose light, airy fabrics and apply sunscreen before heading outdoors. And don’t forget a hat and sunglasses to protect your little one from the sun.

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