Baby Clothes

Baby Clothes Basics

Baby clothes basics including pajamas, layettes, socks, slippers, hats, and outerwear, also what to buy when you are expecting for the first time.

Baby Clothes Basics

  • Baby Clothes Recalls: Baby clothes recall can be a scary thing; stay up-to-date on what baby clothes, and baby products, are deemed unsafe by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Global Moms Magazine: To learn about the modern parenting lifestyle, visit on
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Clothing: New parents navigate unfamiliar territory when it comes to buying baby clothes. It’s an easier trek if they know what all these new items really are.
  • Dressing Baby – Tips for Dressing Baby: Dressing your baby can be tricky to say the very least. But with a little patience and practice, you’ll be a pro in no time.
  • Organize Baby Clothes: Tips and tricks for getting those baby clothes organized.
  • Infant and Baby Clothes Glossary: A glossary of terms to help define the terminology used when talking about baby clothes. All the lingo can get overwhelming for new parents and those that are buying baby clothes for gifts; find out what it all means.
  • Baby Size and Age Charts: US and International baby size and age charts for clothing and shoes.
  • Baby Laundry: The proper care of your baby’s laundry is very important. Baby’s skin is sensitive so often times extra steps are required to make sure that their laundry is in the best possible shape it can be.’s Baby Clothes site explores the proper care and keeping of baby laundry.
    • Baby Food Stains – How to Remove Common Baby Food Stains: Baby food stains can quickly turn even the most adorable baby clothes wardrobe into a pile full of play clothes.
      As the Guide to Baby Clothes, I get questions from readers every day asking how to get out pesky baby food stains like berries and formula.
    • Baby Laundry Detergent Reviews: Full reviews of the most common baby laundry detergents as well as parent-submitted reviews, cost comparisons, and more.
    • Other Baby Stain FAQ’s: Baby food stains are not the only thing that can get your baby’s clothes dirty. Let’s take a look at how to get other common baby stains out such as stains from leaky diapers, petroleum jelly, and mud.
    • Baby Stain Remover Reviews: Which stain removers work best for baby laundry? Are they all safe? Are there certain ones you should avoid? Read these comprehensive stain remover reviews and decide which is best for your baby laundry needs.
  • Bargain Baby Clothes: Buying baby clothes is an expensive business. Check out these simple ways to stay on budget and find bargain baby clothes.
  • Travel with Baby: Traveling with a baby can be tough work; find out what baby clothes you need to pack when you travel with a baby.

Shopping for Baby Clothes

Shopping for baby clothes can be a lot of fun. And it seems that there are a million places to make your purchase. Let’s take a look at online baby clothes stores, popular traditional stores, handmade sellers, and the ever-popular Baby Clothes of the Day and Deal of the Day features, right here.

  • Baby Clothes on a Budget: Practical advice on how to buy baby clothes on a budget. Consignment shopping and hunting down bargains on used baby clothes are often discussed, as well as what to look for when shopping for the best deals.
    • Tips and Tricks for Shopping on a Budget: Keeping growing babies in clothes that fit can prove challenging to say the least. Find out what other moms do to shop on a budget and stay up-to-date on sales.
    • Shop Online for Baby Clothes: Links to the best baby clothing stores online. These are stores that offer discounts frequently, and also have some of the most unique offerings or best values.
    • Baby Clothes Weekly Sales: Every Friday, I’ll post a list of the best baby clothes to be found on the Internet. Remember, baby clothes sales are usually limited in quantity and don’t always last forever; be sure to grab it quickly if it catches your eye.
  • Organic Baby Clothes: Organic baby clothes for your newborns through toddlers. Organic baby clothes designers and shopping links.
  • Holiday Outfits and Costumes: Formal wear for boys and girls size newborn to 2T.
    • Halloween: Baby costumes are so much fun! Check out baby Halloween costumes and a reader gallery with pictures of their very own spooky Halloween babies.
    • St. Patrick’s Day Baby Clothes: St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday; why not dress your baby up for the celebration?
  • Handmade Baby Clothes: Handmade baby clothes can be fun to make, give, and buy.
    • Make Your Own Baby Clothes: If you’re crafty, making your own baby clothes can be an excellent way to uniquely dress your baby, as well as save money. Here you’ll find links to a variety of resources that can help you get started on making a very cool baby wardrobe.
  • Great Baby Clothes Gifts: Baby clothes make great baby shower gifts. Maybe you’re crafty and can make a more personalized clothing gift, or maybe you just need a few key pieces of baby clothing to pull your whole gift together. Whatever your predicament, we’ve got some suggestions to help get you ready for the shower.

Newborn Baby Clothes

Newborn baby clothes are abundant, and once you find out you’re pregnant, it’s hard not to run out and buy every cute thing you find hanging on the rack. However, newborn babies have very specific needs and they don’t need as much as you may think.

  • Newborn Baby Clothes Gifts: Newborn baby clothes are abundant and it’s easy to go overboard when buying them. Here you’ll find recommendations for the best newborn baby clothes gifts.

Infant and Baby Clothes for Boys

Fashionable and hip baby clothes for your boy. From socks and shoes, jeans and t-shirts, and everyday wear to formal attire and costumes, we’ve got it covered in sizes newborn to 2T.

  • Accessories for Baby Boys: Baby boys might seem to be unlikely candidates for accessories, but quite the opposite is true. Think hats, sunglasses, and mittens – your baby boy will wear them, right? Filled with reviews, suggestions, and guide picks, accessories for baby boys will keep you well informed.
  • Shoes, Sneakers, Sandals, and Boots: As a baby boy, you need a great pair of shoes. Regardless of the season, your baby boy will have the best looking feet on the block.

Infant and Baby Clothes for Girls

Baby clothes and accessories for your infant and baby girl. Dress your little girl to the nine’s with our comprehensive guide to the most fashionable baby clothes around!

  • Hair Accessories for the Baby Girl: It’s all about the accessories. Complete your precious girl’s outfit with come the most adorable bows, barrettes, and headbands you can find.

Infant and Baby Sleepwear

Baby sleepwear for boys and girls. Footie pajamas, slippers, sleepwear separates, and luxury sleepwear to pamper your new baby. Plus, all the information on where to buy these great items!

Infant and Baby Outerwear

Infant and baby outerwear for warm and cold weather. Highlighting snowsuits, swimwear, jackets, hats, mittens, boots, and sunglasses, while pointing you in the right direction for where to buy these necessary baby clothing items.

  • Infant and Baby Outerwear FAQs: Infant and outerwear questions asked and answered. Always wondered about the difference between SPF and UPF when it comes to baby swimwear? Questioning just how many layers your baby needs in the colder weather? You’ll find all that and more in the infant and baby outerwear FAQ.
  • Winter Outerwear for Infants and Babies: Infant and baby outerwear is a must when the temperatures get cold. Snowsuits, jackets, hats, mittens, boots, and anything else they might need will be located here.