The debate on whether buying expensive kids designer clothing is a good or bad idea has been going on for ages. At first glance, some parents impulsively react that of course, it’s a total waste of money! But some parents argue that it really depends on some important factors like age of the child or purpose for buying those outfits.

One parent in a discussion forum said that buying toddlers and young children expensive clothing was pointless because of the following reasons:

  • Babies don’t care about what they wear.
  • They will just mess them up with food, drinks, poop or drool.
  • They will just outgrow them in lightning speed.

Thus, buying stuff from Old Navy or JC Penny will win as the practical choice. Not only are they reasonably priced, they also last long enough for children to grow out of it. Furthermore, it’s relatively easy to clean without damaging the fabric.

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However, some parents of older kids believe that it’s not such a bad idea because these kids know how much it costs and presumably, are old enough to understand the need to take care of them.

They also feel there’s nothing wrong with buying expensive kids designer clothing if the reason is legitimate- a.k.a. being a reward for a having high grades in school.

Other parents buy it for their kids for special occasions like award ceremonies, family weddings or nice dinners. They believe it’s good, healthy even to treat the kids to something fancy every so often so they will feel they’re worth pampering as long as there’s room in the budget for them.

That being said, here are some smart tips on how you can save money on kids designer clothing.

Watch Out for Flash Sale Sites

Watch Out for Flash Sale Sites
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These sites offer some designer pieces on highly discounted prices. Why? Because these items are shipped in bulk to the flash retailer before being shipped to your home.

This, in turn, saves the designer brand a lot of money that would have been spent on packaging and shipping. These discounts are passed on to you giving you cheaper prices compared to those on the retailer’s website or department store.

Then again, these are for a limited time only so be alert because they sell out super fast!

Buy From Consignment Stores

Buy From Consignment Stores
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It’s hard to believe, but you can actually find designer items for half the original price, even less. You can do this through second-hand shopping. Don’t go to thrift shops, instead, go to consignment stores.

The stuff you see from thrift shops mainly comes from donations. So if you’re lucky, you may find a good piece once in a while. On the other hand, consignment stores are dedicated to designer goods.

Usually, consignment shops buy these items from owners or sell them for a profit, or sell the items for the original owners then cut the profit in half. So oftentimes, you will really find better-quality merchandise in there.

Shop From Closeout Sites

Shop From Closeout Sites
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If you’re already used to hunting great finds from clearance racks in-store, then you won’t have any problem doing this online. Looking out for closeout sites can be compared to going through the racks of a discount store wherein they receive or buy merchandise that’s already out of season, or have already been removed from brand-name stores.

Then they sell it to customers at a big discount. You may be pleasantly surprised at the available discounts of these branded items that are no longer being sold by its original retailer.

So who says buying your children designer outfits require putting a hole in your pocket? As long as you’re a smart and resourceful shopper, anything’s possible. Goodluck!

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