Baby T-Shirts are some of the most adorable items you can find for your newborn. Along with little tiny shoes and onesies, baby t-shirts are one of the most perfect elements to complete your baby’s adorable ensemble. Baby t-shirts can be made to say such cute sayings; the sky is the limit when it comes to these cute little pieces.

Custom Kids T-Shirts

The best thing about Baby’s First Birthday t-shirts is that they are never hard to find, and they are usually very well priced, appropriately so for pieces of baby wardrobe that require so little fabric and assembly. Rhinestone can be bought plain and painted with puffy paints or adorned in rhinestones, but be careful not to use anything that is possibly toxic or can come off and fall into little hands that put things into little mouths. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what baby t-shirts have to offer!

Beautiful First Birthday Outfits For Her Magical Day

Your little girl’s first birthday is a special day to celebrate the first time you saw her pretty little face. Whether it is her first birthday or any other, you are sure to find the perfect Baby’s First Birthday outfit at Her birthday is a great time to create a keepsake both in your memory and photographs. Demi Made’s enchanting first birthday outfits make a great photo prop and an even birthday keepsake that she will treasure for her entire life.

Amazing Embroidered Designs Unlike any Other

Fall in love with an amazing selection of custom-designed baby’s first birthday outfits. Beginning with her 1st birthday all the way thru her tween years, offers a great selection of birthday outfits sure to please her chubby cheeks or shiny lips. The designs vary from simple and elegant first birthday outfits to over-the-top extra fluffy outfits for your princess or prince at heart. Each birthday outfit design is custom-made by a design team and then brought to life with beautiful appliques, gorgeous embroidery, and a color palette sure to match any birthday theme.

High-Quality Materials

Quality is a top priority when bringing to life a fairytale… At, they take pride in the quality of the designs and birthday outfits. Each design starts with a high-quality cotton-blend top, intricate design, and high-quality soft tulle to create an extra soft and luxurious tutu. When designing a set, they are meticulous in creating the perfect birthday outfit for your baby from colors to the finishing touch. After all, her birthday only comes around once a year!

Make it All About Her

Adding a custom touch makes her birthday outfit all about her style, personality, and sense of fashion. All of the first birthday outfits are made when you place your order allowing you to personalize the outfit to suit your daughter’s name, nickname, or birthday theme. By adding custom embroidery to an outfit, you are adding memory to the outfit that will last a lifetime! All baby names are professionally embroidered with the highest quality finishing to ensure they are not only beautiful but comfortable also.

Personalized Kids Clothing and Baby Clothes

Wear it with style. Demi Made personalized kids clothes and baby clothing make the cutest and most unique gifts. Perfect for birthdays, christenings, and Christmas!

Personalized kid’s clothing range includes standard kids t-shirts, girly t-shirts, hoodies, and tops.

Personalized kid’s t-shirts and kids’ clothing are designed to suit all types of children, their personalities, and their interests. All designer kids’ clothing and baby clothes can be personalized to any name, and come with a huge range of really cute designs and colorways.

For quality, originality, and loads of fun, you can’t go wrong with personalized kids’ clothing from Demi Made!

Tee Shirts for Baby

Tee Shirts for Baby

Hands down, the birth of a baby is one of the biggest days in a person’s life. At, they not only recognize and embrace this; they also provide a full line of baby t-shirts to help celebrate and savor this wonderful time. Baby T-shirts are made from the highest quality, 100% combed cotton, and all designs are hand-selected.

In purchasing baby t-shirts, your choices are literally unlimited, especially online. All you have to do is ask to design a baby T-Shirt, and you will get a quote immediately. If you don’t see what you are looking for, they’ll make it for you.

Kids T-Shirts

Kids’ t-shirts are great since kids are so rough on their clothes, and it can be a tough choice between finding something that makes them look like the adorable angels we might wish they were to something that is durable enough and light enough for them to be able to be kids in. Kids tee shirts are an excellent playtime option for kids of all ages, boys or girls.

You can find them at, and kids’ t-shirts can be found in whatever color you want. Many parents like to buy kids’ t-shirts in every color, to match all outfits, and make dressing for school in the morning an easier task. Kids never complain about having to wear t-shirts, as they are comfortable and easy to wear without feeling too restricted. Moms love kids’ tee shirts because they are easy to wash and no big loss when they must finally be tossed into the rag pile.

Youth T-Shirts

We all know that our kids love to stay on top of the latest fashion trends, and the same goes for youth t-shirts. There are some really great youth t-shirts to choose from, available in different sizes and styles, so there is something great for everyone, regardless of their personal style. There are hip, rhinestone embellished youth t-shirts for outgoing kids that like to be more funky, and more basic, plain youth t-shirts for the kids who just want something casual to wear for school or when they are hanging out with their friends.

Then, of course, for the children, there are some adorable youth t-shirts, featuring pictures of everything from teddy bears to princess crowns. You can also get words and phrases written on the shirts, helping to personalize it and make it your own. Whether you want to get your name or a cute saying like “Rockstar” or “Daddy’s Girl,” you can find it all with youth t-shirts.

Personalized Kids Clothing and Baby Clothes

Custom Kids T-Shirts

What could be more cute than custom kids’ rhinestone t-shirts? These shirts for children, toddlers, and tikes of all ages are the perfect thing to make your cute kids even more adorable. If you plan on going clothes shopping for your kids anytime soon, first consider these custom kids t-shirts that they will love.

What are Custom Kids T-Shirts?

Custom kid’s t-shirts incorporate all of the fabulous glamour of rhinestone t-shirts and shirk them down to kids’ size. These custom kids rhinestone t-shirts are adorable little t-shirts for children and toddlers that are decorated with gorgeous rhinestones. If you have older kids, there are even custom kids t-shirts available for teenagers that they will love.

What are the Benefits of Having Custom Kids T-Shirts?

Custom kids t-shirts are great for children of all ages. You can customize your kid’s shirt to make it personal to the things that he or she enjoys. This is the perfect thing for the kids who do not like to get dressed for school in the morning. By picking out custom kids t-shirts, toddler shirts, or children shirts at any age and finding designs that they like, you’ll never have to tell your kids to get dressed in the morning again.

What are the Best Custom Kids T-Shirts?

The best custom kids t-shirts are those that best represent the personality of the person wearing the custom kids t-shirts. With a variety of designs available in addition to the ability to customize any shirt you want, the possibilities are limitless. With so many different ways to customize your custom kids t-shirts, you will undoubtedly find something that your kids like, or be inspired to make your own that they are sure to love.

Where Can you Find Custom Kids T-Shirts?

There is a wide variety of styles, themes, and custom kids t-shirt designs available at that you will love. You also have the option of creating your own custom kids’ t-shirts right here.

For those who own a retail location, there are many benefits to ordering custom kids’ t-shirts for your customers and their children. With the popularity and high demand for these custom kids t-shirts, placing a wholesale order for custom kids shirts has become an invaluable choice for fashion clothing stores everywhere. Place your order for wholesale custom kids t-shirts today in order to receive them as soon as possible. You can find discounts on wholesale custom kids t-shirts.

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