In your search to find your personal style, you might have come across the term “Avant-garde clothing”. Avant-garde is a well-used term in the fashion world. Avant Garde doesn’t necessarily have a set definition, but what is sure about it is that it requires some knowledge about fashion and some creativity. Some people believe that avant-garde clothing is the same as clothing found on the runway, but this is not always the case. Instead, avant-garde is ahead of its time and does not follow existing trends. Keep reading to find out what avant-garde clothing is, and how you can create your own avant-garde wardrobe.

What is avant garde clothing?

Avant-garde fashion is considered to be forward fashion. The designer often experiments with fashion, putting his or her own thoughts and personal situation into their designs. Avant-garde clothing often explores forward thinking and the thought of endless possibilities. Fashion is not the only media using avant-garde style. Music, painting, sculpting, and other arts also make use of the avant-garde concept.

Avant-garde literally means, “ahead of the guard” which indicates that this fashion is ahead of all other fashion. However, this concept is not always correct. Avant-garde fashion does not just mean that it is ahead of the others. In fact, avant-garde fashion has nothing to do with trends on the fashion market. Instead, it follows its own path and exists outside of existing norms and disciplines. A good example of avant-garde fashion can be found on raw clothing by RAW Looks curates and promotes avant-garde fashion brands.

Where can you find avant garde clothing?

Determining whether something is avant-garde fashion is not always easy. Since avant-garde exists outside of trends and has created its own entire discipline, it cannot be found in your regular shopping street. Avant-garde designers dare to go against the mainstream and their stores are like art galleries. It is not something that is mass produced and therefore you’ll find unique pieces that stand out of. 

To find avant-garde fashion, you should turn to the internet to find the latest avant-garde clothing brands and stores. RAW Looks houses a big collection of personally curated avant-garde brands that offer a wide range of pieces for the avant-garde fashion lover.

How to create an avant garde wardrobe

Creating an avant-garde wardrobe is tricky and easy at the same time. The easy part is that avant-garde does not follow a specific trend, so you don’t have to worry that the clothes you wear are not up to fashion. Instead, see your body as a canvas and build a personal style that only you would wear. Your style should be an expression of who you are, so choose items that fit your style, attitude, and personality. Start with making a mood board and visit some avant-garde style websites and stores, and see what the iconic avant-garde designers do to find inspiration for your look.

Avant-garde clothing principles

One important principle of avant-garde fashion is mixing textures. This is the easiest to do when you choose monochromatic colors. For example, create an outfit that is black, white, or gray and mix different fabrics and textures. However, avant-garde is not all monochromatic. Experiment by adding some contrasting or complementing colors, bold statement pieces, and luxurious details. One thing to keep in mind is to not combine too many colors in one outfit. Experimentation is an important part of avant-garde fashion, so try out different things and find the combination that fits the story that you want to tell with your outfit.

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