Autumn Outfit Ideas From Famous Celebrity Stylists
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Have you ever wondered why your favorite celebrities look fashionable whenever they step out during autumn? Simple. Experienced stylists dress them. A celebrity stylist chooses a celebrity’s wardrobe and provides pieces of advice on what accessories and shoes to wear to events. They’re also responsible for ordering clothes and following current fashion trends. 

If you have the resources, go ahead and contact celebrity stylists to dress you up for autumn. But if your budget is still tight, follow our fashion tips below. We guarantee you, the results will make you look like you were dressed by the best stylists in the industry!

  1. Belted Jacket + Skinny Jeans

Belted jackets are a lifesaver during autumn because they’re comfortable, stylish, and make you look thinner. Cinch them up to keep the heat in, and complete the look with a pair of skinny jeans. For footwear, a pair of rubberized boots is an excellent option.

Depending on your preferences, you can wear the belted jacket over your dress or a turtle neck top. To make the look sexier, leave some buttons on top open to show off some skin. 

  1. Check Shacket + Lace-Up Boots

Did you invest in too many shackets last winter? Fret not because these pieces are still in-trend during autumn. You can pair it with shorts and lace-up boots to create a laid back, yet autumn-appropriate look. Instead of shorts, you can also complete the look with a pair of jeans.

You can make the look more feminine by wearing a dress under your check shacket and pair it with knee-high boots. You can also opt to pair your check shacket with a skirt and a turtle neck top. 

  1. Quilted Jacket + Straight-Leg Jeans
Quilted Jacket + Straight-Leg Jeans

Thanks to their colorful prints and chill-preventing materials, quilted jackets will be in-season this autumn. Quilted jackets with patchwork iterations are expected to make waves, but plainer styles will forever have a place this season. 

One of the easiest ways to style your quilted jacket is to pair it with straight-leg jeans and flat sandals. Don’t go overboard with the colors and prints, and wear a plain-colored shirt underneath your quilted jacket.

  1. Preppy Blazer + Loafers

Celebrity stylists predict the comeback of preppy ensembles in autumn. This is one of the reasons why influencers all over TikTok® and Instagram® are wearing chunky loafers with colorful socks in their posts. 

Stay on top of the trend by pairing your loafers with a side-split mini skirt and oversized blazer. To make the look more cohesive, wear one piece in prints and have the others plain-colored. For example, if your blazer has a tweed print, pair it with pieces in the same plain color (black shirt, black top, black loafers – you get the idea).  

  1. Midi Dress + Boots
Midi Dress + Boots

While some have the time and interest to mix and match different clothing pieces, others want to wear something that’s easy to put on. If you belong to the latter, this autumn outfit idea is perfect!

In the same way you seek floral, flowy dresses in the summer, a knitted midi dress is much appreciated during autumn. Pair the dress with a pair of knee-high boots, and you’re good to go. This outfit takes just a few minutes to put on!

  1. Jeans + Jacket

Jeans and jackets are staple pieces in everyone’s closet. This combination is versatile as you can wear it any time of the year — including autumn! Grab your favorite pair of jeans, wear it with a white top, and a cool jacket for a foolproof autumn moment. 

This autumn outfit idea is comfortable, meaning you can wear it anywhere: from meetings at the office to spending brunch with friends and family!

  1. Leather Midi Skirt

Wearing clothes from lightweight fabrics to heavier ones is a great way to adapt to autumn. And when it comes to heavier fabrics, leather is a crowd favorite because it’s durable, keeps you warm, and comes in a variety of colors. 

Make the most out of leather during autumn by pairing a leather mini skirt with a roll-neck jumper and heeled boots. Since a leather midi skirt already makes a statement, avoid wearing any other leather piece in your outfit. 

  1. Dark Coordinates

Two-piece sets and coordinates were popular during spring and summer, so why leave the trend behind during autumn? Two-piece and co-ords require minimal effort in styling — put on the pair, and you’re ready to strut in style!

For cloudy but warm days, like autumn, celebrity stylists highly recommend dark coordinates. For example, you can wear an all-black linen shirt and pants and pair it with black flat sandals. You can add a pop of color by accessorizing with a bright-colored scarf or clutch.   

  1. Whites

White is usually worn during winter, but it’s never a crime to experiment with the same color during autumn. In fact, wearing pieces in white is an excellent way of upgrading your autumn wardrobe, especially if you’re fond of wearing beige, brown, and black. 

Look good in white during autumn by putting together all of your white-colored pieces: a white cardigan, white pants, a pair of white trainers, and a white bag. This combination is sure to make you look more polished and draw the attention of the people around you!

  1. Maxi Dress + Base Layer

Who says you can only wear a maxi dress during summer? By pairing it with a base layer, you can still look fashionable and feel comfortable during autumn. 

To copy this look, simply slip on a thin base layer underneath your favorite maxi dress. You can take the outfit up a notch by pairing it with an oversized puffer. This piece adds warmth and keeps you dry in case of a sudden rain. For your footwear, you can never go wrong with clogs. 

Look Good in Autumn

Try out all of the outfit ideas mentioned in this article and surprise your friends and family in autumn. With all the fashion tips presented here, you can turn the autumn season into your own fashion show! 

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