In 2024, will pleated skirts still be popular? If so, what are the best ways to wear a pleated skirt?

Pleated skirts and layered skirts are my spring obsessions. I’m not lying when I say I have a closet full of pleated skirts in a variety of lengths, colors, and even styles. Pleated skirts, in my opinion, look wonderful on all body types. In the spring and summer, I naturally gravitated toward wearing pleated skirts all the time.

This returns us to the initial question: will pleated skirts be fashionable in 2024? Pleated skirts will be fashionable in 2024, according to the brief answer. The pleated skirt is a classic that you’ll reach for again and again. I strongly advise you to include it in your wardrobe.

The spring and summer seasons are my favorite times to wear a pleated skirt. It’s ideal for a picnic in Paris, especially. The pleated skirt, on the other hand, is something I can wear all year. It’s excellent even in the winter with boots and a sweatshirt.

Pleated skirts have become a popular fashion trend amongst celebrities and influencers. According to research, changes in pleat number and skirt length are strongly related to the visual image of pleated skirts. Topshop went out of stock of five key styles within three weeks, indicating that the skirts are selling fast. Bridgette Raes provides figure-flattering ways to wear pleated skirts with tips and looks.

How do you wear a sweater with a pleated skirt?

If you want to go for a more casual/relaxed style, I propose wearing your pleated skirt with a thick sweater and tucking it in at the front or adding a belt. The Parisian tuck is how I refer to it. This design is perfect for the fresh early spring days, as well as the fall and winter months.

To finish the outfit, add a pair of boots or perhaps heels. This is a trend that I am completely enamored with! Don’t forget a black leather jacket or a denim jacket for a chilly night outside!

What’s the best way to wear a pleated skirt with a blazer?

A blazer is one of the more formal ways to wear a pleated skirt. Walking around the streets of Paris, I came across this lady dressed in the most stunning color combination. She was dressed to the nines with a light pink pleated skirt and a darker pink blazer.

“Yup, I’ll have to reproduce that as soon as I get home,” I thought. I should have taken a picture to show you what I’m talking about, but I found one online that is extremely similar, which I placed above. Additionally, this would be a fantastic workplace style!

How do you wear pleated skirts with a bodysuit, camisole, or simple top?

The easiest way to dress in a pleated skirt, in my opinion, is with a body, tees/t-shirts, or a thin cami. This results in a classic casual appearance. This is my favorite way to wear a pleated skirt in the summer. Grab a pair of white sneakers if you really want to seem fashionable!

This is such a classic appearance that it will never go out of style. Don’t forget to bring your favorite jean jacket to keep warm as the weather cools down. This is fantastic casual attire! This dress looks amazing with heels or pumps, but don’t forget about ankle boots!

Where can I get a pleated skirt?

Pleated skirts are available in two lengths: long and short pleated skirts. The good news about pleated skirts is that they are available at a variety of big retailers, including Nordstrom, Shopbop, Revolve, H&M, and others. I adore a pleated skirt in a neutral tone with a trench coat thrown over the shoulders.

Where can I get a pleated skirt?

Are pleated skirts still fashionable in 2024?

Despite the fact that the pleated skirt has been around since the early 1900s, pleated skirts are still fashionable! Pleated skirts are a timeless classic that may be worn year after year. Below are some of the most popular pleated skirts.

Remember to consider silk alternatives, a white blouse, a lace top, a turtleneck, and a belt to highlight the waist when choosing a top to layer! Remember to bring your shades!

If you’re seeking to add a pleated skirt to your wardrobe for the first time, I recommend starting with a simple hue like black, white, or beige. These are three colors that are simple to combine. Pleated skirts aren’t going out of style anytime soon, in my opinion.

Do you think pleated skirts are in trend right now? I’d love to hear your comments, and if you have any more pleated skirt outfit ideas, please share them with me!

Pleats to Make Any Shape Flatter

Pleats, without a doubt, are having a moment… Spring and fall fashion have benefited from their graceful flow. But, in my opinion, this contemporary architectural style isn’t a fad—here it’s to stay! Why? Pleated textiles are extremely attractive when dressed right for your body shape.

Do you remember your school days when you wore loose, ill-fitting pleated khakis? Don’t let that get in the way of your success! Pleats have come a long way since then. Pleats are available in a variety of shapes and sizes at today’s stores.

Pleated fabrics, whether in a flowing skirt or sculptural sleeve, add a lot of interest and femininity. No, you don’t have to be supermodel tall or superslim to wear them.

Sure, an incorrect pleat can increase weight… However, the proper silhouette/style will make you feel oh-so-elegant!

This article will show you how to wear pleats in a number of figure-flattering ways. We’ll also look into pleated styles for different body types.

Pleats: What’s Not to Like?

I’m not sure where to start. To be honest, a closet in 2024 won’t be complete without at least one pleated style. Pleats provide texture to an outfit and can instantly make it more interesting. They’re adaptable and suited for the workplace.

They’re also simple to dress up or down. Do you own a white t-shirt, a black turtleneck, or a pristine button-down? You already have three pleated outfits!

To run errands, for example, wear a pleated midi skirt with a simple t-shirt, shoes, and a denim jacket over your shoulders. Then, for an edgy date night look, add a pair of heels and a turtleneck/leather jacket.

You’re ready for fall by layering a warm sweater over your pleated skirt and wearing ankle booties. Pleated skirts also glide gracefully, adding a touch of class to your stride.

Pleats to Flatter Every Shape – How to Style

While there are pleats to suit every body type, how they are styled makes a difference. Typically, you’ll want to pair your pleated garment with a more fitting design to balance off the volume. A pleated cami with slim-cut jeans, for example.

I like to define my waistline by tucking in my clothes or using a belt when I wear pleated skirts. Pleats, on the other hand, are attractive because of their variety. You can wear these pieces in a variety of ways. Create a Pinterest board and start pinning the clothing you like. Pleats can be used for a variety of purposes…

What to wear with a pleated skirt

What To Wear With A Pleated Midi Skirt

Pleated Cami with Cardigan or Blazer – Oval

Choose pleats that don’t give fullness to your stomach if you have an oval shape type (less separation between breast, waist, and hips, with a somewhat fuller middle). Thinner accordion pleats are a fantastic alternative.

A flowy pleated dress cinched just below the bust, for example, will define your waistline while pulling attention away from your middle. Similar results can be achieved by pairing a colorful pleated camisole with a traditional jacket or long cardigan.

Pleated Tops/Ruffled Dresses – Straight

Pleated styles, especially pleated shirts, may well be your secret weapon for creating a more feminine silhouette. Many have lovely sleeve details and wrap designs that provide the appearance of curves while concealing a tiny bust.

A maxi dress with ruffled details on top or anything with dynamic sleeves, like my red dress, is another pleated choice for straight shapes (pictured below). Curves will be added by the pleated neckline accent. This is evident in the cerulean blue outfit I’m wearing in the cover photo. With its flowy, flowing fabric, it hides my modest bust.

Pleated Shift Dress/High-Waisted Pleated Skirt – Pear

Pleated styles are sometimes avoided by pear shapes (those with hips proportionally larger than their bust), who are concerned that they will add weight. Pleated styles, on the other hand, are flattering on all body types. In fact, a pleated shift dress can dramatically reduce the hip area.

The pleated fabric skims away from the body, generating lovely movement and detracting attention from your hips. Toss a cropped jacket over a pleated midi to play with layering. This stylish and figure-flattering appearance is right on trend. A structured high-waist skirt coupled with a tucked-in and fitting top is another choice for pear shapes.

Monochromatic Column – Petite

Do you want to appear taller? Pleated styles will not gobble up your little frame, believe me. Pleats are available in a variety of shapes. As a small woman, the key is to keep proportionality and a distinct waistline. Another thing to remember is to keep your pleated appearance monotone.

When you pair your skirt with a similar (or identical) colored top, you’ll achieve a long, uninterrupted silhouette. Monochrome dressing, in contrast to fashions that cut you off in the middle, elongates your frame. Look for pleated dresses and skirts that strike you in the perfect spots.

Even better, look for a store that sells tiny lengths. One example is Chicwish. It has petite sizes of this mustard pleated gown and this Ombre stunner (which I own).

Have you ever attempted a pleated style? What is your preferred method of wearing them? Let me know what you think, and if you have any queries in the comments section below… I’ll leave you with a couple more pleated styles that you might enjoy…

Are you ready to locate pleats that fit your body type?

Pleats for the Spring

Pleats for 2022 Spring

Pleated details are a must-have for a playful yet classy style.

Pleats are making a comeback in the fashion world, adding fluidity to the season’s most exquisite ensembles. From flowing skirts to sculptural sleeves, the trend is showing up in a wide range of styles.

Cult Gaia, a favorite of celebrities, is cashing in on the trend with architectural designs that turn the items into true showstoppers. The style is seen in midi and long skirts in Off-Spring/Summer White’s 2024 collections, making them ideal for a working day.

Summary variations are much more popular on the street. A pleated and light blouse looks excellent with jeans, while fluid dresses become the perfect option for an easy and elegant day appearance. See how to wear the pleated look this season in the finest ways.

Tips for Wearing Pleated Skirts

Fashion author Meadhbh McGrath writes that autumn’s wardrobe hero comes in a variety of colors, textures, and prints.

Throughout 2015, 2016, 2017, and now again this year, the pleated midi skirt has been the must-have item. During the summer, it looks cool and breezy with a T-shirt and sandals; in the winter, it looks polished with a jumper and boots.

There have been many pleats on the catwalks recently, particularly at Givenchy, where Clare Waight Keller’s pleated evening gowns have become a red carpet hit, with celebrities like Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, Emma Stone, and Keira Knightley has seen wearing them.

On a daily basis, however, the pleated skirt is a very wearable option, maintaining an interesting look while still being both muted and appropriate for every occasion.

The cobalt jumper and skirt that Meghan Markle wore on the final day of her Australian tour are among her best looks so far. Givenchy has been her go-to brand since she joined the Royal Family.

Despite its simplicity and sophistication, this outfit is sure to be copied on the high street over the next few months, though at a much lower cost. A version from Samsoe & Samsoe, available at Arnotts, includes black and blue stripes nodding to the gradient effect.

Is there anything special about pleated skirts? Well, to start with, they look great on all body types. Elegant pleats add length to your silhouette, while your narrowest point is enhanced by the waistband.

If you have a pear shape, opt for a style that rests at the waist with a slight flare in the skirt to give your lower half a good fit. Those with hourglass shapes will feel more at ease wearing skirts that sit higher on the waist, and wearing your top tucked in will help you to show off your figure.

You should choose an accordion-pleated style if you have a large stomach to avoid adding bulk. When choosing your size, be sure to choose one that drapes elegantly and does not pull the pleats flat across your stomach.

In addition to accordions (which fold in a narrow mountain and valley, just like instruments), knife pleats (which fold in a single direction) are common and easily accessible. Even though full-length skirts with inverted or box pleats tend to look dated, they can be glamorous as evening wear in metallics and jacquards.

Depending on your height, the hemline should range from below the knee to mid-calf – no higher, or else you’ll be straying into school kilt territory.

Getting the styling right is the key to this trend now that pleated skirts are so popular. There’s no doubt that it will become one of the hardest pieces in your wardrobe due to its versatility. You can add a slim-fitting knit top or chunky jumper tucked in, paired with sneakers or knee-high boots to tone down the look.

With oversized pleats, & Other Stories’ oversized style provides a contrast between the soft and polished look of the boots, or pair them with a fitted rollneck or a crisp white shirt tucked in.

We recommend that you steer clear of wearing underwear as outerwear at work. Instead, try an asymmetric hem on M&S – it gives them a contemporary twist that avoids the uniform look. Or channel Charlize Theron by wearing a blazer over top (but avoid underwear as outerwear).

In addition to the leather Dior skirt that Charlesie wore, Warehouse offers a faux version of the same pleated midi that is particularly suitable for winter.

For the holiday season, a rich satin skirt, such as the rich red skirt from H&M, or a glamorous metallic, such as Karen Millen’s glossy green number, will be wonderful. Make sure they are super-glam by dressing them up with neat bodysuits, slightly sheer shirts, sparkling knitwear, and silk blouses, and finishing them with sparkling party shoes.

Here are 9 outfits to wear with pleated skirts right now

Tips for Wearing Pleated Skirts

There’s a style for everyone, whether you prefer a small, itty-bitty look or a long, flowing look.

Plaid skirts are at the top of the list when it comes to trends that can last. There have been countless examples over the past few months, from the viral Miu Miu mini to longer maxi styles that are becoming celebrity favorites.

However, despite all of the variety and adaptability, sometimes we just can’t figure out how to style. Although a structured shirt or simple sweater can easily be added to the mix, we also love wearing pleated-skirt looks that are a little more daring and trendy.

Whether it’s straight from the runway or street style, we have plenty of inspiration to choose from. Here, we’ve gathered some surprising ways to wear pleated skirts. Hopefully, they will inspire you to jazz up this staple and wear it all year round.

In Spring, pleated skirts will be big

This skirt is everywhere at the moment, so it’s no mystery why it seems familiar to you. This ”00s-inspired bottom has been worn by nearly every major celebrity, from Zendaya to Nicole Kidman. Many knock-offs and similar designs have followed.

The runways have featured a multitude of pleated skirts, whether it be neutral maxis, like at Altuzarra (above), or short, vibrant options, like Kim Shui and Dauphinette.

Styling doesn’t have to be stressful

Adding prints and color to your outfit will make it more interesting, but sticking with solid colors will always be a classic.

Getting it right for winter

Despite their tendency to seem more appropriate for warmer weather, pleated miniskirts can be worn all year round when paired with a chunky knit, a puffer coat, tights, and even snow boots.

Don’t be afraid to layer

Are you ready to take things to the next level? Go casual with your skirt, and keep it somewhat quirky! Wear it over a pair of pants, and you’re good to go!

Do the Preppy Thing

The pleated skirt may evoke school core associations for you, and we understand. Wear a short version with crew socks, a button-down shirt, and a structured jacket to stay on top of the trend. If you want to rock a Gossip Girl look, tuck in a scarf or tie.

Create a statement piece with it

Make your printed, pleated skirt the star of your outfit when the weather heats up. Put on a simple top – like a bralette, tank, or T-shirt – and pair it with neutral sneakers or sandals to let this fun bottom take center stage.

Let Loose

If you want something that’s comfy and easy to wear, embrace a looser fit. Make the look complete with a long pleated skirt and an oversized shirt, then add classic shoes and a bold purse.

Try experimenting with extras

If you want to really make your pleated-skirt outfit pop, start with a basic T-shirt before dressing it up with accessories. Add a baseball cap, layer necklaces, and opt for edgier ankle boots instead of sneakers.

Color schemes are a great way to express your personality

You can create a non-fuss uniform look by pairing your pleated skirt with a sweater or tee in the same color family. Make your look stand out further with a bright handbag or playful footwear, adding an element of originality to this classic look.

There are a lot of trending aesthetics that fit nicely with pleated skirts. While opera gloves add a regency core twist to the outfit, an all-black theme goes perfectly with both cores.

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