For some time now, baggy pants have been perceived as a traditional and rigid outfit trend, while skinny ones are assumed to be fashionable, classy, and up to today’s trends. Even so, baggy pants have managed to maintain their space. They are fondly favored due to the relaxation and comfy feel they offer. Even now, in 2023, the trend has been widely embraced by celebrities and the general public.

Various fashion influencers and famous personalities have been sporting baggy pants, further solidifying their popularity. When contemplating whether they are on trend, so long as an influential figure wears it and appears fashionable, so will the baggy pants.

Statistics and Trends on Baggy Pants Popularity

Sarah Barnes, from Trendalytics, shows their statistics mapping oversized pants to 166 percent usage and 109% for baggy pants. And so, there is a shift from skinny pants to larger ones, and the trend is estimated to maintain a 50% growth for the following year.

Celebrities are also helping with the trends of baggy pants. Rihanna, for instance, has been spotted numerous times wearing oversized trousers, showcasing her unique and edgy style. Similarly, Zendaya, a prominent actress and fashion icon, has been photographed donning baggy pants on multiple occasions, often paired with chic ensembles.

Baggy pants trends keep on being propelled by the likes of Hailey Bieber and Sam Cruise. Its effects are also felt in Hollywood thanks to Selena Gomez’s recent public appearance in broad-leg black wash jeans. And it seems a routine for Bella Hadid to live in oversized parachute cargo jeans.

Such prevalence amongst celebrities is sure to expand the appeal of baggy jeans. Additionally, we saw them last year at the New York fashion week, which suggested that they are still considered fashionable and in vogue for ladies.

Baggy Pants Recommended for You

High Waisted Wide-Leg Mop Suit Pants

If you are looking for polyester-made pants, these pants will also provide comfort and last a while. Its high waist with two side pockets for functionality and elegance. The zip fly with button closure mechanism ensures a secure fit. The wide-leg design of these pants creates a flattering silhouette, making the waistline appear slimmer. Its color options are Khaki, apricot, and black.

Are Baggy Pants Still in for Ladies?

Pleated Wide Leg Baggy Pants

These baggy pants are soft and breathable. They have slant pockets on both sides for convenient storage for your essentials, while the waist adjustment buckle allows for a customizable fit. The wide-leg design adds a trendy touch to the overall look. It comes in the apricot, white, black, and green.

Street Patchwork Baggy Sweatpants

These pants combine cotton and polyester; they offer a soft and cozy feel. The elastic waistband provides a comfortable fit and allows for easy wearing. The wide-leg design adds a relaxed and casual vibe to the pants.

With their versatile style, these pants can be paired with various shoes, making them suitable for different occasions. They offer a comfortable and fashionable look in a relaxed fit and loose style.

Wrap Up

Baggy pants will be here for a while. Though trends may dictate their wearability, it still comes down to personal preferences. Either way, if you are interested in baggy pants, check out the ones mentioned above from AHA SELECTED.

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