If you want to bring a new style to your wardrobe for this year’s winter ensemble, browse through Wealpaca.com’s new range of alpaca ponchos. We Alpaca offers one of the finest fabrics in the world for you to wear this winter.

Fashion at Its Best with Alpaca Ponchos for Women
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The fabric is made from baby alpaca wool, and their alpaca ponchos are the perfect combination of style and comfort. The waterfall effect creates a look of luxury that is a must for any person who wishes to upgrade their wardrobe to the next level.

No matter what you decide to wear it over, the alpaca ponchos are the perfect thing to keep you cozy as you maintain your elegance and style with formal winter wear. With its open front and long sleeves, it gives warmth without hiding the look of your ensemble as other sweaters do.

Hand wash or dry-clean your poncho; it will remain the same either way. With very little maintenance, the poncho will become a long-lasting part of your wardrobe, and you will soon come to regard it as your best companion in the winter season.

The alpaca ruanas, ponchos, and capes are available in different sizes, and if you want to add a bit of color to your wardrobe, these alpaca clothing are offered in six colors, i.e., red, beige, blue, ivory, medium gray, and silver-gray.

So you can choose the color that suits you best with the size that is a perfect fit to gain a unique and stylish new addition to your wardrobe for the winter weather. You can also browse through the other new range offered by We Alpaca to discover a variety of sweaters and tunics that might compliment your style even more!

Enjoy the Versatility of Winter Wear with Alpaca Clothing for Women!

Trendy clothes that are not restricted to styles or seasons are a hit all year round! The alpaca ponchos are one such product that is not only a sweater but it is also versatile in its use. You can use it as a tunic or even as a top-layer of clothing! What’s more, as alpaca fabric is quite lightweight and warm, you can wear the alpaca ponchos not only in the winter season but also in the fall, when cold winds are just starting to make their existence felt before the beginning of winter.

Enjoy the Versatility of Winter Wear with Hudson Alpaca Clothing for Women!

Feel the difference each time you touch a garment or accessory crafted from the luxurious alpaca fiber. Experience the beauty and pleasure of wearing alpaca in butter-soft ponchos, silky ruanas, warm yet lightweight gloves, and hats. Wrap yourself in a luxurious alpaca cape or treat yourself to the ethereal softness of a handcrafted alpaca teddy bear, and you will quickly share the love of this exotic fiber and the beautiful and whimsical animal that creates it.

Alpaca fiber comes in an extraordinary variety of natural colors, ranging from pure white to fawns, browns, grays, and a true jet black. It is much stronger and more resilient than sheep wool. And, raised for centuries on the high altiplano of South America, the alpaca has developed more thermal capacity in its fiber than almost any other animal, which creates garments that offer featherweight warmth.

The alpaca clothing has unique thermal properties and is breathable, stronger, and warmer than wool, extremely durable, anti-flammable, resistant to odors, tearing, pilling, staining, moisture, static, and aging. Add a little warmth to your home this winter with extraordinary handmade accents and gifts.

Explore an exclusive collection of women’s alpaca clothing, gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, and any other special occasion! Need assistance finding that perfect gift? Wealpaca.com carries alpaca capes, ponchos, ruanas, gloves, scarves, hats, alpaca blankets, alpaca bears, and many more.

Luxury Strikes Back in Style – Alpaca Ruanas, Ponchos, and Capes in Fashion

Gone are the days when luxurious dressing meant uncomfortable layers of silk, taffeta, and velvet. Today, luxury is more about comfort and style. It is about looking trendy and classy no matter which time of the year it is. Luckily enough, the chilling winds of October bring the perfect match for your elite sense of style – You know it’s Alpaca.

Luxury Strikes Back in Style - Alpaca Ruanas, Ponchos, and Capes in Fashion

It’s nothing new, we know. First discovered by the Incan ancestors, alpacas extremely luxurious feel and unbelievable properties make it one of the finest fibers that exist. We Alpaca brings brilliantly designed alpaca ruanas, ponchos, and capes to compliment your high taste in fashion. Yet, before you make your choice, we want you to understand the difference between various alpaca variety, especially royal alpaca and baby alpaca – two of the hottest choices for this season.

Both royal alpaca and baby alpaca are premium quality fibers. Both carry all of the general properties of alpaca, which include elasticity, smoothness, strength, durability, luster, and beauty. However, here are a few things that make the difference.

Royal Alpaca

Speaking of difference, when it comes to luxury, even a minor difference of a few microns can make a huge difference. Royal alpaca is the finest alpaca fiber and hence the most luxurious and expensive. Its fineness is usually around 19 microns or less, which makes it even better than cashmere.

Unfortunately, only one percent of all alpaca produced is fine enough to be graded as royal. Yet, Wealpaca.com finds the finest royal alpaca from the best breeders and allows you to delve in a royal class luxury with alpaca ruanas, ponchos, and capes.

Baby Alpaca

Baby alpaca is not as fine as the royal alpaca. However, at 22.5 microns, it is still among the finest fibers in the world. One thing that makes it different from other varieties of alpaca is that it is usually the first shearing of alpaca. It is said that the first shearing is usually of supreme quality due to its fineness.

It is no surprise that royal alpaca, being finer than cashmere, is slightly more expensive than the baby alpaca. If the price is your concern, then baby alpaca might be able to offer almost the same feeling while saving a couple of dollars.

Premium Alpaca Fashion

However, if you are willing to pay any price for fashion, you will find various alpaca ruanas, ponchos, capes, and much more available in both baby alpaca and royal alpaca.

Alpaca ponchos are currently one of the hottest trends on-ramps all over the world. Wealpaca.com doesn’t only bring you the finest quality product but also the most trending styles. This good news is not just for the ladies; the premium alpaca is also available for classy men out there.

We Alpaca is an online luxury boutique offering stylish alpaca goods and clothing. Browse their wide selection of alpaca clothing and fashion for men and women!

You will find incredibly low prices and new markdowns in premium alpaca ruanas, ponchos, and capes as a cozy, colorful addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

Alpaca Wool – The New Luxury

Alpaca Wool – The New Luxury

The alpaca is known as the “Gold of the Andes,” and for a good reason, too – the woven fibers of alpaca are amongst the softest, plushest fabrics available on the market. Popular in Peru for a long time, alpaca wool is quickly becoming a coveted winter fabric in the United States and elsewhere because of its incredible texture, durability, and eco-friendliness!

Why is Alpaca Wool so Soft?

Equally as soft as cashmere, alpaca wool manages to be lighter because it is a hollow fabric. Since sheep’s wool is a dense fiber, it is typically heavier than alpaca. Woolen clothes, especially coats, are extremely heavy and burdensome. Alpaca can typically keep a person around 20 degrees warmer than wool can without adding a substantial amount of weight!

What Makes Alpaca Fiber Superior?

Alpaca wool is rapidly gaining popularity because, in addition to being warm and soft, it is incredibly lightweight. Unlike other furs, fibers, and sheep’s wool, the alpaca fiber is not heavy or bulky but is instead light and breathable while remaining sleek and wonderfully warm. Since alpaca is hollow, it manages to trap heat within fibers without trapping weight!

Why is it so Durable?

Alpaca wool is stronger and warmer than merino wool (of comparable fineness). The fiber is naturally resistant to pilling, wrinkling and staining. Likewise, it doesn’t shrink as much as wool does when washed.

What about Baby Alpaca Wool?

No baby alpacas were harmed in the making of alpaca ruanas, ponchos, or capes! The name “Baby Alpaca” does not mean that the fiber was obtained from baby animals; it could easily come from an adult animal with a very fine coat. Baby Alpaca is actually a quality of alpaca fiber that has a thinner diameter (22.5 microns) and a longer length. These characteristics make Baby Alpaca a true premium luxury fiber, which is soft, smooth, and shiny.

Is it Scratchy like Wool?

In addition to being much softer than traditional wool and spun fibers, alpaca does not contain lanolin, thereby making it less scratchy and irritating to the skin. This also means alpaca fibers are hypo-allergenic! Since it is also free from dander, alpaca will not cause allergic reactions, as it will not retain dust!

How is it Made?

Much like sheep’s wool, alpaca fibers are created by first shearing the alpaca of its fur. Don’t worry – this is painless to the animal, and it grows back quickly! The fiber is then combed, cleaned, and woven into the luxurious fabric you see on the sites!

Quality, durability, luxury – what more do you need to know? Alpaca is the ultimate fiber for softness, warmth, and long-lasting style!

Women’s Alpaca Clothing

What Makes Alpaca so Unique

Find contemporary and classic styles in ruanas, ponchos, capes, and accessories made from the finest alpaca yarn! All the products are made from the most luxurious alpaca fiber in the world! Browse the exclusive selection of women’s winter clothes, including women’s sweaters, ponchos, ruanas, shawls, and more! All will add a modern twist on women’s winter wear and are a cozy, colorful addition to any woman’s wardrobe! You will be delighted with the styles and quality. From stunning ponchos and ruanas, gorgeous capes and wraps, hats, gloves, and scarves, they have you covered for winter.

Alpaca fleece is warmer than cashmere and wool, so these alpaca apparels are sure to keep you cozy throughout the cold winter months and are classically designed to remain stylish through any season! We Alpaca’s hugely popular alpaca ponchos, capes, and ruanas are timelessly classic and stylish and sure to add a touch of elegance to any ensemble.

Alpaca Ponchos

Alpaca poncho collection includes luxurious styles made of premium baby alpaca yarn. In addition to being incredibly soft and stylish, these alpaca ponchos for women are warm and durable and sure to see you through any chilly winter! Throw one on over a dress for a twist on a classic night out the ensemble, or pair it with jeans and boots for an earthy, comfortably aesthetic. No matter how you wear it, any of these poncho styles will certainly turn heads!

Made from baby alpaca, these gorgeous ponchos can be worn as a sweater, tunic, or top layer. Their asymmetrical designs are trendy and stylish. Their premium quality makes them cozy and comfortable.


Caring for your Alpaca poncho is easy: Knitted garments like ponchos, sweaters, hats, and gloves can be dry cleaned, or hand washed. We recommend dry cleaning for alpaca apparel such as coats, capes, and throws.

If washing by hand:

  • Gently hand wash in cool water with a mild soap.
  • Gently press to remove excess water.
  • Never use chlorine bleach.
  • Handle gently to avoid wrinkles and distortion.
  • Dry flat (layout horizontally for drying).
  • Block to dry (reshape to original dimensions while drying).
  • Smooth by hand while wet to remove wrinkles and straighten the seams and facings.
  • Touch up with a cool iron (lowest temperature setting) if needed.

Alpaca Capes and Ruanas

Browse Wealpaca.com’s stylish ruana collection to find luxurious must-have pieces for your wardrobe. Made with natural fiber, these ruana wraps are warm, comfortable, and timelessly stylish. Envelop yourself in soft, exquisite alpaca on those cold winter days for added warmth and style. These alpaca ruanas are perfect for a formal evening out or wearing casually with jeans. Throw on an alpaca ruana over a mini dress or with jeans and a sweater during a casual day out to add a touch of glamor to any outfit!

These stunning ruanas feature unique paisley patterns in contrasting colors. They are made from baby alpaca, resulting in an incredibly rich and soft texture. These artistic garments will keep you warm and cozy for many years to come.

Very light and airy knitted alpaca ruanas. Perfect for the cooler evenings or air-conditioned events. Wrap it around you to warm up, or leave it draped over your shoulders.

Alpaca Capes

Luxurious baby alpaca capes with a stunning ruffled edge. Elegance and glamour define these supersoft capes. A timeless piece that will make any outfit look fabulous.

Luxurious ruana woven in baby alpaca is soft, warm, and lightweight—the most stylish garment of the season.

Protect yourself from the cold with a cozy ruana! Want a fashionable ruana that will be durable and worth the expense? Do you want additional comfort and style for your fall and winter wear clothes? These alpaca ruanas are the answer to your problems. Made with baby alpaca fiber, they are lightweight, trendy, soft, and warm. Alpaca fiber is one of the strongest in the world, making it a long-lasting investment, and with its natural thermal properties, it can be used as a cover with every outfit.


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