Miami, FL – Release date December 2, 2020 – While most teens spent the pandemic online and streaming their favorite shows, Liah Santiago was pursuing her passion for fashion and handbags. The 16-year-old high school student designed a line of four handbags and a convenient key

wallet and a leather hooded jacket. What makes her journey unique is that Santiago didn’t stop there. The teen took her portfolio of unique designs and contracted an Italian atelier to turn her designs into reality. Not interested in fast-fashion trends and disposable here today, gone tomorrow accessories, Santiago insisted her handbags be made of the highest quality Nappa leathers. Far from being staid, Santiago’s handbags come in fashion-forward shapes and designs and include a hand-stamped rhinestone embellished logo.

AICI Handbags

“Fashion has taken a back seat during the pandemic, but as every woman knows, a fabulous new handbag and a bit of lipstick can make a huge difference to your confidence and mood,” explains Liah Santiago, designer, and CEO of AICI. “I wanted to create luxury handbags that were unique, functional, and versatile. From my patent-pending Bianca Leather Trouser Clutch to my Portia Peeking Bag, you’ll definitely make a statement when walking into a room.”

AICI fashion handbags

AICI’s line of luxury leather handbags is designed to last. From their craftsmanship in specialized leather ateliers in Italy, which see the quality of the handbags checked between eight to 10 times prior to being shipped to clients, to their signature triangle design meant to draw attention, while still being fashionable for years to come.

The premier line of AICI luxury leather handbags launched on December 3, 2020. To see the full line of handcrafted Italian handbags, please visit

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