11 Affordable Straight-Size And Plus-Size Fringed Skirts
11 Affordable Straight-Size And Plus-Size Fringed Skirts. (Credits: Instagram / @gabybolanos_imagen).

If you had asked me yesterday morning if I would ever wear a fringed skirt, I would have looked at you and said, “Eh, probably not. I’m not really into the whole cowgirl aesthetic.” But last night, while I was watching The Bachelorette with my sister, my entire world-shattered outlook on fringe skirts changed. Kaitlyn Bristowe and her gaggle of eligible men jetted off to San Antonio, Texas, where the law states that everyone must dress like cast members in a Spaghetti Western. On one of her dates in San Antonio, Kaitlyn stepped out wearing a fringed, asymmetrical suede skirt that made my jaw drop. My sister and I both said, at the exact same time, “Oh my God, I love that skirt!”

My sister grabbed her cellphone and began a frantic search for The Skirt. A few minutes later, she was triumphant: “I found it!”

And then she was devastated: “It’s $525.”

Kaitlyn’s skirt was both a blessing and a curse–a curse because, well, duh, I could never afford it, but a blessing because it made me realize that fringe is actually hot as hell.

Fortunately, not all fringed skirts are priced the same, and I was able to find a bunch of super cute and affordable ones that I’ve rounded up here. We’ve got straight-size skirts and plus-size skirts ranging from $12 to $69, so there’s something here for everyone.

ASOS Curve miniskirt with maxi fringing, $39.99 (sizes 14-24)

ASOS Curve miniskirt with maxi fringing

We’re off to a crazy good start with this plus-size piece from ASOS Curve. This is the skirt I’ll be reaching for post-weekend at the cottage when I arrive back in the city with my legs covered in mosquito bites. (#SummerProblems.)

YesStyle denim fringed miniskirt, $21.30

Fringed Washed A-Line Denim Skirt

A lovely fringed denim skirt to feed the cowgirl in you.

Zara fringed skirt, $69.90

Zara fringed skirt

Caution: this skirt should be worn by serious fringe fans only. There’s fringe happening around the waist and fringe happening at the hem. Style at your own risk.

ASOS miniskirt in tye dye with ombre fringe, $57

ASOS miniskirt in tye dye with ombre fringe

Are you suffering from severe Coachella withdrawals? Are you feverishly planning trips to every music festival within a 500-mile radius? Are you a cool-ass hippie chick? Yes, yes, and yes? This is the skirt for you.

ASOS fringe skirt in leather look, $15

ASOS DESIGN leather look midi skirt

I love the look of this super-short mini hidden under an extra-long fringe.

River Island fringed miniskirt, $64

River Island faux leather fringed mini skirt

Why, hello there, asymmetrical leather fringe skirt of my dreams!

ASOS miniskirt in fringe tie dye, $39.87

This skirt is so cool that it actually manages to pull the attention away from those insane jelly sandals. Kudos for that, ASOS. I’m obsessed with that shade of purple, too.

H&M skirt with tiered fringe, $12

Skirt with Fringe

This skirt was made for the girl who spends her Friday nights shaking it at the country bar (or any bar, really). Swap the sweater for a tucked-in tank top, and you’re good to go.

ASOS Curve tie dye skirt with fringe, $40 (sizes 14-24)

I love this plus-size skirt from ASOS Curve (but then again, I love everything from ASOS Curve). The shorter fringe is a nice balance for the kooky tie dye pattern.

G Stage fringe skirt, $16.99 (sizes 1x-3x)

This plus-size skirt is similar to the first one in the roundup, except it’s a lot cheaper, and the fringe falls to the calves instead of the feet. Go for this skirt if you want to get crazy and show off them ankles, you wild thing, you.

Missguided faux suede skirt, $56

And last but certainly not least, my favorite skirt in the bunch. That color is to die for, and the cut is flawless. That model is smiling because she knows she’s #blessed.

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