A Style Guide on How to Wear Cufflinks Properly

When it comes to fashion, small details can make a significant difference. A tiny accessory can elevate your look or downplay your style, so it is important to carefully consider the details of what you are wearing.

Despite their small size, cufflinks are stylish accessories. Not only are they functional, but they also give your attire a unique dash of personality, which can help you leave a lasting impression with your peers. You can also have custom cuff links made to show off something that is in line with your personality. That said, with so many styles, patterns, and sizes of cufflinks available on the market, choosing which cufflinks to wear with which clothes can be a daunting challenge to individuals who aren’t used to wearing them.

If you are new to cufflinks, this article gives a brief rundown on some of the key things you need to know. It gives a short course on what cufflinks are and the various available styles, along with the common do’s and don’ts you need to keep in mind when wearing them.

What Are Cufflinks?

Cufflinks refer to accessories that hold the two ends of shirt cuffs together. Their main purpose is to keep the cuffs in place and make them look neat and snug. However, cufflinks also have an aesthetic use. The two ends of the cufflinks can come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, giving your attire an added appeal.

Some of the cufflinks you can choose from include:

  • T-bar cufflinks
  • Whale cufflinks
  • Double-sided cufflinks
  • Chain cufflinks
  • Snap cufflinks
  • Silk knot cufflinks

These types differ primarily through the clasping mechanism that they have. Depending on your preferred style, design, and ease of use, you can use any of them for various occasions, although some will inevitably look classier than others.

Cufflinks are usually worn on shirts with French cuffs and during more formal settings, but they are not limited to these types of cuffs or settings. You can also wear them on more casual occasions, such as day-to-day office wear with a barrel-cuffed shirt.

How to Wear Cufflinks Properly

With so many cufflink types available on the market, it can be tricky to choose which cufflinks to use in a given event. Fortunately, there are some simple tips you can use as a guide in assembling your attire.

Tip #1 – Consider the Occasion

When it comes to deciding things, context is a significant factor. The same goes for choosing cufflinks. Of course, you have the freedom to wear whichever cufflinks you wish, but it may cause you to commit a fashion faux pas in the process. To remain stylish and classy, you need to pick cufflinks that match the tone and requirements (e.g. dress codes) of an occasion. Consider the following scenarios below:

  • Black Tie. Considered the most formal of occasions, black tie events need you to dress up at your best. As such, stick to cufflinks and accessories that have classy shapes, colors, and finishes instead of novelty designs. After all, less could mean more in this context. Cufflinks that have neutral colors, such as white, smokey gray, or black are good starting points for you to choose from on this particular occasion.
  • Business. Compared to black-tie events, you have a lot more leeway on which kinds of cufflinks to wear for business attire. It is especially the case for day-to-day office wear. That said, avoid trying cufflinks that are a bit too crazy or too different from the rest of your ensemble.

Tip #2 – Match with Other Accessories

Remember, cufflinks are only one part of your attire. They are supposed to complement the rest of your clothes, so if they stand out too much, it may be best to rethink wearing that particular pair.

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your cufflinks supplement your ensemble well is to match them with your other accessories. Match the cufflinks to the color, shape, or finish of your tie pin, buttons, and shirt studs. In this manner, everything looks well-thought-of and cohesive, giving you a more polished look.

Tip #3 – Experiment in Less Formal Events

Celebrations like weddings, parties, and birthdays are great opportunities to experiment with more novel cufflink designs. Cufflinks with bright colors, different textures, and unique shapes are worth trying out. That said, remember to stay tasteful even when you are choosing cufflinks that stand out. You may receive some curious glances if you decide to wear colorful, gem-studded cufflinks to a classy, all-white wedding.

Overall, picking which cufflinks to wear can be tricky, but it does get easier with practice. As you develop your tastes and learn which style and colors fit you best, you can build your cufflink collection and discern faster which cufflink is best to wear for that day.

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