A Quick Guide To Dressing Up for A Formal Business Event

If you’re attending a formal business event, it’s essential to dress appropriately. It’ll show your respect for the event and help you make a good impression on your colleagues. The key to success at a formal business event is dressing for the occasion. 

Some basic rules apply to all formal business events, whether it’s a luxurious gala or a casual happy hour. Here’s a quick guide to dressing up for a formal business event.

1. Get Your Best Formal Dress

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to formal wear. For men, a suit and tie are always a safe bet. A dress or skirt and blouse can be a good choice for women. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, consider investing in a formal dress like the dresses from Scanlan Theodore

Formal dresses come in a wide variety of styles and colors, so you’re sure to find one that flatters your figure and fits your taste. Whether you’re attending a conference, meeting, or networking event, dressing the part will help you feel confident and successful.

2. Choose Your Colors Wisely

When choosing what to wear to a formal business event, it’s essential to consider the colors you’ll be wearing. While some colors are more appropriate for certain occasions than others, there are no hard and fast rules for color. 

However, there are a few general tips that can help you choose the right colors for a formal business event. First, avoid wearing overly bright or flashy colors. These can be distracting and make it difficult for others to focus on what you’re saying. 

Second, stick to classic colors that are easy to match with other pieces in your wardrobe. These colors will always be in style and help you create a timeless look. Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades and hues. You can create a unique look that reflects your personality and style by using different colors. 

3. Wear The Right Accessories

When dressing for a formal business event, choosing the right accessories is essential. While your clothing should always be clean and pressed, your accessories can make or break your look. For men, a well-chosen tie can add a touch of style and sophistication. 

Statement jewelry or a stylish clutch can take your outfit from boring to wow for women. Whatever you choose, make sure it complements your overall look and conveys the image you want to project. With the right accessories, you’ll be sure to make a great impression at your next formal business event.

4. Pick Your Business Shoes

No matter what the event, wearing the proper footwear is always important. It not only completes your look but also leaves a lasting first impression. It’s especially true when dressing for a formal business event. Choosing the right shoes can make a difference in projecting confidence and competence. 

While black pumps are always a safe bet, there are many other options to consider. For example, oxfords or loafers can provide a more tailored look while maintaining a professional appearance. When selecting shoes for a business event, it’s also essential to remember that comfort is critical. 

Therefore, it’s worth taking the time to break into your shoes before the big day. With a little bit of planning, you can make sure that your feet are stylish and comfortable, no matter the occasion.

5. Wear Minimal Makeup

It’s essential to strike the right balance between looking polished and professional and looking too overdone. One way to ensure that you look appropriate for the occasion is to wear minimal makeup. It means avoiding dark or smoky eye makeup, opting instead for a more natural look. 

It also means keeping your lipstick neutral or nude rather than a bold color. By taking a less is more approach to your makeup, you can create an elegant and professional look. And, as a bonus, you’ll also avoid the risk of your makeup rubbing off on your clothes or transferring it onto someone else.

Business formal dress code

6. Keep Your Hair Neat

Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you, so it’s essential to make sure that it’s looking its best when dressing for a formal business event. You can follow a few simple guidelines to ensure your hair is neat and stylish.

First, avoid overly complicated hairstyles that take a long time to perfect. Second, make sure your hair is well-groomed and free of flyaway. Finally, consider your outfit and hairstyle to ensure they complement each other. 


Whether this is your first time attending a formal business event or just looking to freshen up your look, we hope this guide has been of some help. Remember to take into account the formality of the occasion, dress appropriately for your body type, and always aim to impress. Dressing well can give you an edge in business and make you feel more confident, which are both critical ingredients for success.

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