8 Ways to Look Cool in T-shirts

T-shirts would go somewhere pretty close to the informal end of your closet if you were to organize it from casual to ultra-fancy. The ability to dress up a T-shirt is something that everyone should learn, though. The basic T-shirt was developed as a comfy, adaptable item that can be readily incorporated into numerous ensembles.

An everyday top with short sleeves is a t-shirt. Custom t-shirts can have variable necklines, sleeve lengths, colors, patterns, and materials. One of the most prevalent types of tees is the cotton T-shirt.

T-shirts are a mainstay of casual clothing, but you can add style by layering one underneath a leather jacket or draping a loose one over slacks. This article discusses the several ways to look cool in t-shirts

8 Interesting Ways to Wear T-shirts

To look cool in t-shirts you can add some additional clothing accessories while wearing a t-shirt. Also, some tips can be followed. The following points discuss how to look exceptionally good in a t-shirt.

  1. Use It on a Suit Blazer
Suit Blazer
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A high-quality T-shirt may appear rather fashionable in a suit blazer. Tuck the shirt inside your suit blazer and put on a beautiful pair of business-appropriate shoes.

When you’re standing up, tuck your shirt in and fasten the top button of your jacket to make it seem the best.

  1. Get Your T-shirt Tailored for a Better Fit

A T-shirt is offered for sale in any store that carries clothing for guys. Every man’s body will be a little bit different and necessitate a different fit. Find the best-fitting item in the best fabric that suits you the best.

You can create a great custom t-shirt that fits you and has cool designs. Here is where a skilled tailor can help. You will look exceptionally good in a fitted t-shirt.

  1. Tuck In and wear a button-down

Tuck your shirt into your shorts in either a full or half-tuck to boost your look while revealing your belt, which may be worn as a fashion accessory.

Tuck a white T-shirt into your trousers and top it with a button-down for a sophisticated casual appearance while out with friends or shopping.

  1. Wear a Colorful Jacket
Colorful Jacket
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Clothing with a lot of denim, such as jeans and a denim jacket, looks great with a simple white t-shirt. By pairing a bright T-shirt with beige khakis, you may generate contrast.

With a high-quality sports jacket, you may give your appearance more cool appeal. The arm patches, pleats, and ticket pockets are just a few of a jacket’s fashionable characteristics. They emphasize masculinity, and their history as gentleman’s sports apparel explains why.

The first thing you should look at when pairing a jacket with a shirt is the collar. The contour of the collar on the jacket and the neckline of the shirt ought to be somewhat identical.

  1. Pick a v or Crew Neck

Fitter men look better in V-necks. A built-up chest is highlighted and displayed by the deep cut. A V-neck balances out a short neck or narrow face and gives the appearance of height.

For males with a leaner build, crew necks are a preferable choice. This style is fantastic if you haven’t gone to the gym in a while because it doesn’t expose your neck as much and draws less attention to your upper torso.

Whatever style you select, just keep in mind not to show your chest too much. Avoid “scoop necks,” extra-wide “boat necks,” and deep V-neck styles.

Also, consider not wearing a T-shirt with pockets. They complicate the appearance, and the fabric of the pocket may expand with time, resulting in saggy pockets

  1. Go for Solid and Neutral Colors

A t-shirt with the right color can give you an exceptional look. Typically, men can never go wrong with dark, neutral hues. The largest spectrum of complexions will be complemented by these tones. You can buy custom design t-shirts in different colors. When in doubt, limit your choices to the selection of colors below.

  • Gray: Gray, especially “heather gray,” seems to go nicely with the majority of outfits. When it comes to your entire ensemble, gray allows you the flexibility to go lighter or darker. Being well-built also improves your physical appearance.
  • White: The base of many men’s outfits is a simple white T-shirt. However, because undershirts sometimes take the style of white crew necks, employ particular caution while wearing white.
  • Navy: During the day, navy blue is preferred over black. When worn with dark jeans, this hue works well for monochromatic outfits.
  • Black: For darker clothes, black may be a versatile choice. Just be mindful that black T-shirts could become dingy gray over time.

Though dramatic stripes and other colors can be used, It is advisable to start with the aforementioned hues. Just make sure you look well in it, that it complements the rest of your clothing, and that you feel good wearing it.

  1. Wear a Customized T-shirt With Fitted Jeans 

You can have a custom t-shirt design on a t-shirt to make it look exceptional. This will have a good fit with jeans. Jeans have the strange capacity to make every piece of your clothing look sexier. So look for jeans that fit your body type.

Choose dark blue jeans since it’s the most adaptable color; you may dress up or down with these pants depending on the situation. Make the jeans a pair with a dark wash to up your style ante. Jeans with sunglasses and softly shiny sneakers will also enhance your look.

  1. Keep T-shirts Clean

A sparkling clean white t-shirt will make you look great. The upkeep of your wardrobe is the cornerstone of good fashion. Take care to wash your t-shirts following the instructions on the label. Additionally, it’s crucial to fold and keep your clothing properly. This prevents wrinkles from ruining your look.

Keep in mind that damage is not a guarantee of vintage. It is preferable to discard older shirts in favor of something less distorted if they have holes, stains, or have been stretched out of shape.


Comfort doesn’t have to be sacrificed for style. You may proudly wear your t-shirt to practically any occasion by getting the proper fit. Maintaining the cleanliness of your clothing, and selecting complementing colors makes you look good in t-shirts.

Also you can style your basic t-shirts with cool design, also it is advisable to go for solid and neutral colors such as gray, white, navy and black.

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