Your fashion sense is a way to express who you are without having to speak. It can be seen in different clothing, makeup, footwear, hairstyle, or lifestyle. Nowadays, it’s becoming a popular aesthetic expression that’s vogue. Even music and movie stars have strongly influenced fashion choices among fashionistas around the globe. Fashion can be seen almost everywhere, not just in your wardrobes, but also in your homes.

Tips For Updating Your Wardrobe And Home Design

Who would’ve thought that you can draw inspiration from your own home when it comes to updating your wardrobe? The decorations and details of your home can be as impeccable and dazzling as your fashion taste. If you visit the homes of many fashion-industry icons, you can see how they creatively styled their own homes.

If you plan to update your wardrobe and your home, you can make inspiration out of your unique fashion sense. You can browse stunning pieces that suit your fashion sense and make these your inspiration as to how you decorate your home. You can start off by updating your shoes into comfortable and distinctive designs from your favorite shoe stores like Ara shoes online.

If you still have no clue which designs to choose, here are tips for updating your wardrobe and home designs.

1. Update Your Layers Based On Your Style

Layering is the step to achieve a home and wardrobe that’s warm, personal and welcoming. The secret is to layer in texture and meaning. It doesn’t really add clutter as you can actually layer your space and still feel comfortable without too much stuff.

To incorporate layers at home, you can add a fuzzy rug to keep your feet warm, good lighting to make your space functional and multidimensional, or a painting that keeps you in awe whenever you look at it. You may also layer your wardrobe according to the patterns and colors of your clothing. The layers you add shall be personal to you and reflect your values and personality. In that way, you’re expressing your own fashion sense.

2. Match Your Pieces To Your Formal Spaces

If you pair high heels with stylish jeans or tough boots with a colorful floral dress, you can match these pieces to your home décor. Think about a stately wallpaper in your living room coordinated with a faded oriental rug beneath it– or you can also add fancy chandeliers in the most unexpected space in your home. These types of uniqueness can surprise you in many ways, so be creative and keep things interesting.

3. Buy For Looks, Comfort, and Style

Match Your Pieces To Your Formal Spaces

Some of you may have visited a house where you felt like you couldn’t touch any objects displayed inside. It could be because the decorations or items are too valuable or antique. This isn’t how your visitors are supposed to feel whenever they visit your house because your home is not a museum. That’s almost like buying a pair of uncomfortable footwear only for display purposes. Your home can be in style, but must also bring comfort and a welcoming vibe at the same time. While it’s good to consider how your clothing or decorations look, you should also consider the comfort it brings.

4. Go For Quality

There’ll always be aspects to spend and save on in updating your wardrobe and home décor. It’s fine to spend less on your accessories such as hand towels, decors, picture frames, and others. However, you must not be cheap when it comes to buying large furniture such as tables, sofas, or cabinets if you intend to keep them for a long time. This is to ensure you won’t have to replace them earlier than you think. The better the quality, the longer they can be used.

5. Finish Up With Glamour

You can balance your style with glitz and bling through a red matte lipstick or thick fur coats and girly high heels. The same goes for home décor. You can easily add glamour by making use of rich-looking fabrics and trims such as silk and velvet. You can also take the old Hollywood glamour as an inspiration for a classy interior design. With just the right combination of colors, you can most likely achieve a glamorous update in your wardrobe and home.

Wrapping Up

The key to updating your wardrobe and your home is to take it easy. Guided by the tips mentioned above, be careful in making your choices. Each design you pick is a mirror of your personality and values. It will go a long way.

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